Friday, May 18, 2018

Why LaWana Mayfield is a Total Nut Bird

Mayfield's agenda is spewing lies and directing hate at Police Officers.

She and the Black Lives Matter crowd continue to spread the false narrative that the Police are terrorizing and murdering unarmed black youth across our nation.

So lets start with the big number:

987 that's the number of people shot and killed by law enforcement in 2017.

If you ask me that's a lot.

But only 68 of the 987 were unarmed or 6.8%

457 of the 987 were white and 223 black or 22.5%

Only 28 were under the age of 18 and only 298 under 30 so 326 or 33%

So we can interpolate that in simple terms

Of the 223 African American killed by police only 33% or 73 where really youth.

of the 73 only 6.8% where unarmed.

So in reality only 5 met the mythical standard of being:

Black Unarmed Young and Shot Dead by Police.


And we can name them all.

You can argue that my method is flawed. But the percentages don't lie, and even if you double the numbers or even triple them it is far from the false narrative that LaWana Mayfield is spewing via Social Media during Charlotte City Council meetings.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the FOP should apply for a noise permit and people should show up in front of her house in plain clothes and protest legally.

Anonymous said...

I dont know this woman and dont care too but Im just guessing that she is one of those types that doesnt care about facts or numbers. After all, 9-11 was just a big farce. Its all about the 15 seconds of blowing hot gas to incite her constituents. If she keeps the BLM crowd happy then her seat on council is secure. What a piss poor example of leadership for Charlotte....

Anonymous said...

The City of Charlotte and CMPD motto....

"If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck....its a tiger"

This fat black chick is a representation of the cancer that has infected local government across all agencies.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, what do you think is going to happen after Putney retires? Who will be the new fall guy? I bet they bring someone in from California.

I think the FEDS are going to come in to Charlotte soon, just like Oakland and Baltimore. The massive cover ups are unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

She's a stupid black bitch.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of Lawana Mayfield and the City Council's budget proposal, I hope all those talking heads realize that if the RNC comes to town, the rank and file of CMPD will have an opportunity to respond on a national stage. Nothing but rookies with less than 5 years on the job will be showing up to work. Press conferences will be happening everyday. We veteran officers have very long memories.