Monday, March 29, 2021

Danielle Holmes Update Ten Years Later

Danielle Alexandra Holmes was 17 when on Sunday August 22, 2010 she stabbed to death a Mexican drug dealer in broad daylight off Charlotte's Central Avenue.

Photo North Carolina Department of Corrections

Today the 28 year old blond looks decidedly heavier than her mugshot from the Cabarrus country sheriff's website back in 2011.

Cabarrus County Sheriff Department 

Her sentence on 2nd degree murder was a minimum of 13 years 1 month with a projected release date of April 2024, less than three years away. 

But Holmes did what many druggies do while out on bail, they just keep doing what they were doing before.

On July 15, 2011 while out on bail she again robbed a drug dealer.

On September 1, 2011 after pleading guilty Holmes was sentenced to prison first on the murder charge  to a minimum of 13 years 1 month, then the robbery with a dangerous weapon 5 years 4 months, then the armed robbery charge 2 years 1  month.  Then the judge did what everyone except Holmes saw coming, he box car'd the sentences.

Each sentence would run consecutively, so that her total time behind bars would exceed 26 years without any mercy from the parole board it could be more than 35 years.

As of March 20, 2021 her projected release date is September 3, 2033.

At the age of 17 she killed a man and traded her soul and her youth for a heroin high. 



Anonymous said...

Oh well.....
If she were only black she would have received a pretty hefty probationary sentence.

Anonymous said...

What a total waste of talent.

Anonymous said..., she killed a guy.... who was also a drug dealer... I would call that a win?? Thank you????

Anonymous said...

She'll look about right in another ten years. 250 pounds and gray hair bad teeth.

Anonymous said...

NYPD officers are no longer protected from civil lawsuits after city council passes police reform legislation

Here we go. I guess you'll need to get your own insurance to be a cop. Bonded? You do not want to get sued folks, it sucks. Cedar did a story on this issue.

Anonymous said...

White? Black? Where's the get out of jail free option?

Anonymous said...

Prison eyebrows looking good for that there hotty. said...

Oh wow. She was punished for being out on Bill and robbing another drug dealer because that showed that she was not trying to do anything to better her condition and I don't care attitude about the justice system so you get with your hand calls for in life

Unknown said...

Someone made the comment that she would have gotten a probationary sentence if she were black. That is bull. She was given a good sentence and would have been out in 2024 but she didn't learn her lesson and did the same thing again. And just because it was a drug dealer that died don't mean he wasn't human. His family loved him. Hopefully she never gets out. She will do it again. By the way, I'm a white man. So she deserves just like the black woman would have gotten. Murder don't choose which race shall die. The murderer decides it. Everyone deserves to live.