Monday, October 14, 2019

JB Was Just Racially Profiled By CMPD

This tweet rolls up around 4 am:

"I Capture my words. I was just racially profiled by #cmpd at AMElie which is a known place, I’ve visit before. Been in Clt for 10! Know the area well! COP! Pull the tapes....#shutdownalmelies"

CP has no idea who JB is or what he's trying to say, but lets see if we can translate and make sense out of the Ebonics style tweets.

Seems JB, and let's assume some friends went to Amelie's around 4 am. He's been there before, since he's lived in Charlotte for the past ten years. Apparently the staff at Amelie's felt uncomforable and called 911.

Officers arrived and now he feels he was racially profiled. 

As a result JB is calling for Amelie's French Bakery to be shut down via the hash tag #shutdownalmelies. 

In a follow up tweet JB adds a local or television station to the mix:

"@wcnc amelie needs to go! They not diverse, sure to the out of country but locals...kicked us out! #amelies suck! Late night bull".

At this point its clear JB was kicked out of Amelie's, but the reason why is unclear. JB goes on to say Amelie's is not diverse, except to people from neighboring high income areas but not to the real locals (black folk) who have lived in the area for decades.Then he adds "Late night bull" which must mean he needs a red bull to stay awake?

At 5:04 AM JB is still upset:


"I HATE CHARLOTTE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS/ POLICE! If i don’t bother you, why bother me! Excessive force from the police is real! I had to look at this guy twice the way he grab me and i was just following his lead. #fuckcmpd"

Seems one of the responding CMPD Officers had to go hands on with JB to get his attention. In doing so the Officer promts JB to come up with the universal "excessive force" claim. 

At 5:11 JB is still tweeting:

"I got believe towards the end of the night; that guy got upset. More postage about his name how irate he got and shoved me, Let’s be clear...pull the tape from beginning to their bi^^^^ a^^ @wncb #misconduct @CMPD" 

JB says he has the names of the responding Officers and he plans on tweeting the names and more about what happened later.

JB also wants the body cam video and/or security camera video to be released. He also adds not a local or real television station but a country radio station in Raleigh (@wncb).

Because JB has included @CMPD in his tweets the CMPD PIO responds:

"I have located the call that I believe you are referring to and have contacted the supervisors in that Division who will look into this matter. To file a complaint and/or speak to a supervisor--the contact #'s for the Eastway Division can be found here"

Then the CMPD PIO adds:

"You can also either call Internal Affairs or speak to them in person at Police HQ at 601 E. Trade Street."

JB: Crickets Then later in the day JB goes on lock down mode making his tweets private. Guess we won't be seeing any names?

Cedar's Take: I get JB's point and frankly I can't imagine being a black man in America. But also you have to figure something made the staff at Amelie's uncomfortable. 

And if you give Officers the "y'all slaving me" attitude it is going to go nowhere good in a hurry.

I'm a child of the South and it is complex, but for the better part of 100 years Charlotte has avoided the racial conflict experienced in of the most places north and west of here. 

The sort of gun violence we are now seeing weekly is new to Charlotte. The fear, discounted by so many liberal politicians is real. In the past when Charlotte had violent crimes they were isolated to public housing and the westside. Today it is everywhere, yet sadly the suspects and the victims for the most part are all African Americans. 

In the 60's Dr. King visited Charlotte gave a speech to a handful of people and nothing happened, it is but a tiny footnote in history. The reason nothing happened, no marches or protests occurred in Charlotte is that we all have gotten along quite well, even in the 60's. City leaders, who had names like Belk, Ivey and Duke saw a nation divided and made it clear they didn't see Charlotte that way. 

That was until the recent and vast influx of African American transplants from places with a history of racial strife. For whatever reason people like JB have brought that preconceived notion of racial disparity to Charlotte. 

Maybe JB should take a breath and look at it from Amelie's perspective? No telling what he and his friends were doing or how they were acting. 

Chances are JB is right he was pre-judged based on the color of his skin, and that's unfortunate but when he tweets out #FuckCMPD he just confirms the stereotype.


Anonymous said...

I'm think JB needs to stay in his lane. That boy don't know his place or how to act. Back in the day CMPD would have given him a solid beat down. Nothing like having your head split open to get you to rethink your attitude.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure when this BS started but playing the race card has become standard for these mofos.

The inability to accept responsibility for their own actions with the AA is now so common that the rare traffic stop were someone actually says "I'm sorry you're right I was speeding" is going to earn them a free pass. I swear this is going to be my SOP from now on.

Anonymous said...

What the F is wrong with his right hand? Is that some new gang sign?

Anonymous said...

Hold on, hold on, there’s a huge misunderstanding here. Seems “JB and friends” were just on their way to work when 911 was called. There is no way he was under the influence at 4 AM. “JB and friends” voiced discontent that the staff wanted to brew them a fresh pot of coffee. That has to be the racist angle and why the staff called 911.

Like every other BS racial allegation, Amelie’s should post their video to refute this ignorant guy’s account. “JB’s” behavior is so old which society should not tolerate anymore. A civil slander lawsuit would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I guess JB decided it was better to not show his ass anymore. CMPD guys are pretty regular there during the night. Such a great place and you'll notice many of the places that used to stay open 24/7 don't. Krispy Kream on Independence used to but no more.

Athens (Closed), San Remo (Closed), Knife and Fork (Now Closes at 10)

Anonymous said...

If you've ever been to the Midnight Diner after Midnight you understand why late night eats are no more.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of why condoms are so very important...

Anonymous said...

WFT Cedar "I can't imagine being a black man in America" what the hell is that about? You racist sack of shit!

Anonymous said...

If you would actually take the time to scroll through all of the posts on this site you would realize that cedar is merely highlighting the oxygen theives in our society. This isn't a "racial" issue. This is a "stupid" issue. There are plenty of decent, hard working, and honorable people of color in this world.
Then you have....
That's yet another post to come..

Anonymous said...

I think Cedar is just being honest, he can't imagine life as a black man. And I think he's also being straight up when he says "Chances are JB is right he was pre-judged based on the color of his skin, and that's unfortunate." I don't see how you can say he's racist.

If you think about it and AA community has be using the you _______ because I'm black for so long its just become a bad habit.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how JB is now radio silence? CMPD needs to do a "welfare check" just to be sure the brother is ok.