Monday, October 14, 2019

Six Shootings Two Fatal - Charlotte's New Normal

CMPD was tasked with 6 shootings over the weekend. Two of those shootings were fatal and as you might expect both victims were teenagers. 

According to CMPD PIO the number of homicides in Charlotte now stands at 85.

The story line from CMPD is the same:

"This is another tragedy where a simple fight, what sounds like a simple fight, turned into a death,” Major Mike Campagna said at a homicide scene on Saturday. 

There were three shootings on Friday. The first happened around 3 p.m. along Eastway Drive, about a block away from Garinger High School. 

The second was just before 6 p.m. in the Washington Heights neighborhood off of Beatties Ford Road. 

The last was on Parkland Circle around 10 p.m. No one has been arrested in any of these cases. 

There were two more shootings on Saturday. 

The first was on Griers Grove Road -- one person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. 

Later that evening, a shooting on Idlewild Road left one man with life-threatening injuries that later turned fatal. Damion Baxter is now behind bars, accused of shooting and killing a man after a fight. 

"The victim was involved in a fight with a couple up people up at the store nearby and walked down here to Idlewild Road where the fight continued and as part of that he was shot by one of the suspects,” Major Campagna said. 

The victim, Deontray Love, died one day before his 20th birthday. 

Deontray Love is typical of Charlotte murder vics, seven prior arrests most for crimes involving weapons. Love was arrested on October 4 on robbery charges released with no bond 96 hours later. Love was a revolving door inmate, in and out of jail after only a few days at time no real punishment and no convictions at least since his 16th birthday.

Arrested twice in 2017, twice in 2018 and three times in 2019. Had he been arrested in York County South Carolina he'd still be in jail, but he'd also be alive today.

A shooting on Sunday morning was also deadly. Fabrizio Davalos, 16, was shot leaving a party on Linda Vista Lane early Sunday morning. 

Police say when they arrived he was lying in the street, and his unoccupied car had been shot into. The woman who lives at the house where the party was held says her son had a birthday party, but she didn't know the victim. 

Of those six shootings, only one arrest has been made. CMPD is asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers. 

Cedar's Take: As much as we would like to prevent the next murder it is impossible. Odd as it may seem there is nothing CMPD can do to keep the next body from hitting the floor. 

Numbers 86, 87 and 88 are out there taking in the last few days of their lives they just don't know it. 

Much of Charlotte's homicide rate is due to "rage" and "anger". In so many cases over nothing. Stolen guns give rise to a ponderable number of homicides as do drugs. The thinking has always been if you get the drugs off the streets the number of murders will decline as they would if you reduced the number of stolen guns.

But now a new theory has emerged, that of the repeat offender. In Charlotte a huge number of perps and vics are repeat offenders of violent crimes.  They seldom see jail time and there is zero attempt to "re-direct" their lives. Nearly 70% of this year's homicides involved people who should have been in prison. Either the victim or the killer and in many case both. 

The bottom line if we would have just locked up the violent offenders the 2019 murder count would be only 26. 

59 lives lost because our DA and our courts have failed to protect us. 59 lives could have been saved without doing anything other than enforcing the law and prosecuting criminals.  


Anonymous said...

The DA's dept knows what it is doing when they release these repeat offenders with no bond. They correctly assume these thugs will continue finding trouble until they are eliminated by street justice. Thank you DA for cleaning up our city!

Anonymous said...

And in other news.... Get out your umbrellas this week! Rain is on the way....

Anonymous said...

Let the purge continue. One less thug on the streets and I'm ok with that good riddance Mr. Love.

Anonymous said...

Cedar those are only his arrests in Mecklenburg County check Gaston and Union. One less "N" on the streets so the only issue I have is what took so long?

Anonymous said...

And the Holidays are coming. They have to make money to buy Christmas gifts. Charlotte will break 100 easy.

Anonymous said...

How many of the 85 case ae still open?

Anonymous said...

Get ready boys that Trump rally in Minnesota last week was just a hint of what we are going to see in Charlotte next year.

Anonymous said...

Deontray Love was someone's child show some respect. He was never convicted of any of those crimes all were fake charges created by the CMPD-KKK. You white fuckers gonna see the day when your sorry CMPD ass is under my boot! Then we will see how much you enjoy being the oppressed.

Anonymous said...

Deontray great name for social failure outside of the hood. Great name for another obituary that doesn't need to be read. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

The hood rats are doing an excellent job of snuffing themselves out. Let's all show them a little appreciation for a job well done instead of constantly criticizing them. After all, they are doing an important job that cant be accomplished by any other means these days....

Anonymous said...

Love got off easy only hit twice. Fabrizio Davalos got hit 9 times someone really wanted that little Mexican dead. Looks like he was some sort of transgender freak so maybe that has something to do with the over kill?

Anonymous said...

Cedar what's up with your twitter feed?

BlogDestroyer said...

@ Chip Starr or who ever you really are. KKK, Alt Right, Neo Nazi? all the above or that and law enforcement maybe? Once again another racist site with a person who hides behind a blog. I know Deontray and for one he was never arrested in South Carolina and has never been there so you are wrong. He was not in an out of jail and there are no excuses for committing petty stupid stuff but he was no hardcore criminal, he graduated HS, and was set to come to Raleigh to attend Wake Tech that Monday after his death to start school and leave that mess in Charlotte behind. He did not get killed for starting anything more like in the way of the person the wanted to actually kill his girlfriend who was the person that actually caused all the mess. You wouldn't know that but do you care?, no so your opining on the subject is far from welcome. I'm sure you will probably spout something stupid about me too but you don't know me but know this civilian your right to speak was because of people like me keeping people currently banned from coming here doing more damage to the country. You now know your target audience here so choose your words carefully or it invalidates the high horse platform you set out to judge from and unless I'm enlightened otherwise you are out and out racist. If you'r like to see me I'm sure we could arrange a meeting in the governors office or better still my lawyer since I'm contacting this ISP to find out who you are. That's the power of IT, some are consumers and other are IT professionals who do this for a living.