Thursday, July 16, 2020

In Case You Missed It: Mecklenburg judges asked to recite Beasley statement in promotional video

Crime in Charlotte is out of control, and it is no secret that the cause is a county court house full of liberal "second chance" judges and "no cash bail" magistrates.

Time and time again, violent felons are given a free pass, only to kill someone months, weeks and in some cases just days later. The inability of our courts to protect us from violence is appalling, and has made many native Charlotteans consider leaving the city for the surrounding and considerably safer communities.

No one is a greater cause for concern and the reason for Charlotte's "catch and release" criminal justice system than Chief Judge Elizabeth Trosch. She runs a justice s system that is tragically flawed with the belief that everyone deserves second, third, fourth and more chances. Violent felons are shooting people, committing armed robberies, and car jackings, and yet Judge Trosch is committed to letting these felons walk the streets to continue their reign of terror on the public.

Mecklenburg County chief district court judge Elizabeth Trosch speaks during a press conference. Image via Judge Elizabeth Trosch campaign

Now the chief judge is asking her subordinates to take a pledge promoting her agenda and that of North Carolina's Chief Justice and poster child for liberal ideology Cheri Beasley.

An email dated July 6, 2020 from Mecklenburg County chief district court judge Elizabeth Trosch and district court judge Donald Cureton, Jr. was sent to other judges within Mecklenburg County inviting them to participate in a video project. 

The email was sent from the judges’ official email accounts to what appears to be a list of other district and superior court judges in Mecklenburg County.

In the email, Trosch and Cureton wrote that on June 2, “Chief Justice Cheri Beasley delivered a bold, poignant, and heartfelt message about the protests occurring across the nation. More importantly, she re-enforced the need for the judicial system to not only acknowledge the sources of the pain and frustrations being expressed, but also the role courts play in perpetuating disproportionate outcomes for people of color.”

Trosch and Cureton then asked the judges copied on the email to participate in a video project where each of the judges would state some of the excerpts from the Chief Justice’s statement and the footage would be edited “in a way that we hope will be visually and emotionally moving,” according to the email. The two judges say they hope to have the full engagement of the district and superior court judges.

Later in the email, the judges say they believe the recommitment is more than a mere statement, and, “Despite our collective best efforts to fulfill our oath, people of color are treated differently and experience different outcomes across all divisions of the trial courts.”

Chief Justice Cheri Beasley is running for a full term as Chief Justice against Associate Justice Paul Newby in November’s general election.

Below is the script containing excerpts the judges are asked to recite from the “pledge to recommit to the work of justice” speech:

We must develop a plan for accountability in our courts.

Even the best judges must be trained to recognize our own biases.

We have to be experts not just in the law, but in equity,

equity that recognizes the difficult truths about our shared past.

In our courts, African-Americans are more harshly treated, more severely punished and more likely to be presumed guilty.

The data overwhelmingly bears out the truth of lived experiences.

We must openly acknowledge the disparities that exist

and are too often perpetuated by our justice system.

We must come together to firmly and loudly commit to the declaration

that all people are created equal,

and we must do more than just speak that truth.

We must live it every day in our courtrooms.

Our pledge to you today is that we will.

All: We must do better, we must be better.

Cedar's Take: How many homicides need to happen before the "no cash bail" system's failure is clear? 100? 120? 150? more? This is crazy. The first time you use a weapon to commit a crime should be the last time. What are felons who shoot at people given a second chance. This is nuts!

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This explains it all. Bought and sold for with a few flights and donations. Peek behind the curtains, it ain't pretty, including Hugh McColl's involvement.