Thursday, July 16, 2020

Jorge Millares an Unsolicited Expose'

Cedar Posts Editors see a lot of information. Mainly it comes in little drips, drabs and puddles. This is how things are often leaked to the press. But this "data dump" is unprecedented (a wildly over used word these days) in its detail and scope. The subject is the rather 'sketchy' Jorge "George" Millares.

Defendant #1: 

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department: The Plaintiff (Jorge Millares) has accused Defendant #1 of having "a long history of...the murdering unarmed and cooperative people of color". (an utterly absurd & wholly unsupported statement) 

Said accusation was made in this preposterous letter of "demand" from the "Executive Director" of Queen City Unity to Mayor Vi Lyles and the Charlotte City Council

Defendant #2: 

Kenneth Gill CEO and President of CPI Security: The Plaintiff (Jorge Millares) has accused Defendant #2 of being a white supremacist & racist (among other things), and is further accusing him of "supporting oppressive policies and racist politicians" and claims these transgressions are "well documented". (yet no documentation of such is provided) Said accusations are made here:

Why was Ken Gill and CPI targeted and attacked by George Millares? Simply because Ken had the temerity to support the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department and express an alternate viewpoint in his response to a blast email sent by the plaintiff which contained the preposterous letter of demand shown above, which again contained the utterly absurd claim that: "the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has a long history of...the murder of unarmed and cooperative people of color".

Background on Ken Gill and CPI Security

Ken Gill founded CPI Security in Charlotte over 38 years ago. In the interim he has built the company to 800+ employees and $75M+ in revenues. CPI Security remains headquartered in Charlotte and has operations in NC, SC, GA, FL, VA, TN, AL and MD.

The Defendant has an extensive history of charitable giving. The breadth & diversity of organizations supported by Ken Gill & CPI is impressive & includes (among others) programs to benefit children, the mentally ill, physical health (diabetes), the environment, a high school (Olympic, across from CPI), the humane society, the YMCA, and the Police. The list is here:

The CPI also has a long track record of sponsorship in both the collegiate & professional arenas in NC & SC. 

It should be noted every single one of these organizations -- including the YMCA of Charlotte -- have cut ties with Ken Gill and CPI Security: 

Jorge "George" Millares Barkground:

George's bio presents him as "lifelong entrepreneur" who has had "great success", there's zero evidence of such (clearly the definition of "entrepreneur" is lost on George, see Ken Gill for a prime example of an entrepreneur). 

It's interesting to note George's bio makes no mention of residing in South Carolina where apparently he declined to pay his taxes...just skips straight to Charlotte. 

Did he really move to North Carolina in 2010? Voter registration records show George didn't register in NC until October of 2016, this coincident with the "founding" of Queen City Unity....hmm. Seems odd a "steward of the community" would live in NC for 6-years and fail to register to vote (odds are good he didn't have a NC D.L. until 2016 either). 

Bio here:

George did run for Charlotte City Council in 2019 and as a part of that process the Charlotte Observer traditionally commissions a background check on all candidates. 

Said background check showed George has arrests for passing a bad checks (2004) and drug possession (2007). 

The IRS filed separate liens against him for $23,831 (2012) and $16,973 (2014). 

In addition to those liens, the State of SC has filed liens against George for $4,659 (2016), $5,476 and $7,611 (2018). 

All the liens sum to a total of $58,550 (presumably for unpaid taxes). 

It should be noted that in the Observer article (8/23/2019) George did say he is "current and in good standing" on his payment plan with the IRS & the State of SC. 

Keep in mind these debts date to 2012 (or before) and this successful entrepreneur can't seem to get his tax debts paid off. 

The Observer article is here:

George's platform is a nebulous organization called Queen City Unity (QCU) which he claims to have founded with 6 others in 2016 (in the wake of the rioting/burning/looting that took place in Charlotte that year). George appointed himself as "Executive Director" of QCU. The Queen City Unity website can be accessed here:

George/QCU (let's be honest here, they are one in the same) has made a calculated effort to brand & trade on the good name of the City of Charlotte and clearly he is getting away with it. It is a certainty that many local citizens have been duped and who knows how many contributed their hard earned dollars thinking George's sham organization is a legit City of Charlotte entity.

City of Charlotte twitter:

QCU/George twitter (note that George litters all web & other presence w/ the crown):

George/QCU twitter (again note City of CLT crown and "Queen City" verbiage):

Since "founding" in 2016, Queen City Unity has filed a single form-990EZ (publicly available tax-document for 501(c) non-profits) for fiscal-year 2017 and requests for additional disclosure/990's, have been rebuffed or ignored. Said 2017 form-990 shows revenues of $7,838.62 & expenses of $7,802. It should be noted none of the money went to any program/entity to benefit anyone in Charlotte -- it was all gobbled up by the "QCU" organization ($1,250 for "event related expenses" (brewery party?), $400 for "mailing & postage", and $6,152 for "meeting and marketing expenses associated with starting 501c3 organization"), an organization with a single employee -- George Millares.

Post-2017 Queen City Unity has provided no additional disclosure whatsoever about donations taken in, or funds disbursed, for the benefit of "unity" in the City of Charlotte. It has however maintained a website which solicits donations 24/7/365 while trading on the good name of Charlotte (see above, and below). Where are the funds going? Possibly George's pocket? Snapshot of 2017:

[full doc can be accessed here:]

As for the Queen City Unity official website, it is notable that the website offers up no basic contact information whatsoever, only a generic email address "". There is no physical address listed, nor is there a phone number*. A search conducted on Al Gore's internets for the address listed on the 2017 form-990 produces a residence in South Charlotte. The name of the owner is obscured as it seems likely George Millares is just renting the townhome & running QCU out of the kitchen. Address info exhibited in this slide (*George's personal cell # is listed on the form-990 above): (note: this address is no longer applicable)

For several years George has been filming videos promising various programs/actions to benefit the greater Charlotte community, and has posted said videos to the QCU website. It should be noted that all of said videos are accompanied by a request for donations and an accompanying "click to donate" button is included on every page of the site. There is no evidence any of the promised programs have delivered any material benefit to anyone. There is also no evidence of QCU funds going to any program or product that benefits anyone in Charlotte. A couple years ago they did organize a few things like a brewery party, a coat drive, distributed some donated presents, picked up a few donated school supplies, etc....but these are the functions of a volunteer organization --- not a charity that is soliciting funds and promising hands-on education assistance, specific legal representation for the oppressed, "career development", "financial coaching", etc --- again, Queen City Unity (George) is soliciting "donations" 24/7/365.

At the 2:35 mark in this video George makes promises for programs QCU (note use of City of CLT crown logo) is going to deliver in 2018:

At the 1:13 mark in the video (again note use of City of CLT crown) George says "QCU will legally represent anyone in our community who has been discriminated against". There is zero evidence anything of this nature ever taking place:

QCU "Equity Program" promising various educational programs for youth in Charlotte in 2018, there is no evidence of the "Equity Program" ever being delivered upon:

QCU "Charlotte FORWARD" program promising "Career Development" and "Financial Coaching" in 2018 and the future, again no evidence of delivery of the program:

So, prior to appointing himself "Executive Director" of QCU what did George do to pay the bills? (other than the tax bills obviously) You may have guessed it, George worked at CPI Security. This is something he & the press should have disclosed prior to/during (vast majority of public still unaware) the completely bogus attempted take-down of Ken Gill & CPI Security. Confirmation of CPI employment here:

While not confirmed at this time, there are suggestions George was fired from CPI Security and his behavior sure exemplifies that of an employee scorned. Two examples here:

And here:

Regardless of the reason for his departure from CPI Security in March of 2018...since then there is no evidence of George having gainful employment --- anywhere.

So how does he pay the bills? Possibly straight from the coffers of the charity known as Queen City Unity (QCU)?

As previously mentioned the QCU website doesn't provide any contact info other than a generic email address -- no physical address, no phone number. The site does however have a "DONATE" button on every single page. Lo & behold if you do want to donate, and only if you want to donate, George will provide you with a physical mailing address (residential/home...highlighted in blue below) to which you can send him some money:

Said address is another residential dwelling in South Charlotte, owners name obscured for privacy purposes:

Said address also happens to coincide with a new LLC filed for by George Millares on 6/9/20. Sure looks like George is making every effort to monetize his new found notoriety for his own benefit while piggybacking on the shoulders of George Floyd:

Part & parcel to his bombastic/uninformed attack on CMPD, George recently made broad claims of being personally "brutalized by the police countless times": (again, 100% unsubstantiated)

On the subject, publicly available records show George has a long history of putting himself into situations which result in interaction with the official legal system (exclusive of liens) -- here:

NOTE: All case related information was derived from publicly accessible sources. It should be further noted that in most cases final details of disposition are not provided, and it is entirely possible that any and all of said charges against George may have been dismissed. That said, normal folks don't put themselves into so many situations where their names are attached to official case numbers which are subsequently entered into the official legal system. George doth protest too much...

As for the YMCA -- George is out there doing media and claiming to be a "partner" of the the YMCA aware of this? YMCA partnership claims made at 13:30 mark: []

If the YMCA ever had a true partner, it was Mr. Ken Gill....yet, in a moment of pique, the YMCA made the brainless decision to cut ties with Mr. Gill. Here is their statement where they guarantee to return the Gill Family funds which are rumored to be $3,000,000+: (inquiring minds want to know, has the money been returned?)

**The YMCA of Charlotte owes Ken Gill & family a public and unqualified apology**

TO RECAP: George Millares is an acknowledged tax-scofflaw with no visible means of support and operates a "charity" that trades on the good name of City of Charlotte, yet George provides zero disclosure on the $$ amount of "donations" collected from local citizens, nor does he disclose how said donations are spent/distributed.
What could possibly go wrong?

In the bigger picture, George purportedly runs Queen City Unity to, err, promote "unity"...but in practice all he does is constantly attack the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, as well as various businesses that in sum employ many many people in Charlotte and elsewhere.

Ken Gill has a decades long track record of success and real charitable giving -- this track record is well documented and undeniable.

As it goes to Ken Gill and his accuser George Millares, it sure appears the roles of defendant and plaintiff have been flipped in truly bizarre fashion.

The reality of it is, George's words and actions are divisive and only serve to put jobs and lives at risk --- "unity" never enters into the equation.

What is wrong with this picture?

Cedar's Take:

I don't know Mr. Millares I do know that he appears to be a pure unadulterated opportunist. I do know Ken Gill having worked with him thought the YMCA and his efforts to support CMPD.

I also know Frank Reed and Jorge Millares' recent attacks on Amelie's Bakery is fueled by nothing more than hearsay. 

To the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Knights The YMCA of Greater Charlotte you have become an enabler of the "Cancel Culture" this will come back to bite you at the worse possible moment.

To those who have "parted ways" with Ken Gill and CPI and to all those mind numb zombies who are screaming RACIST! You should read what Ken Gill said again.

"A better use of time, would be to focus on the black on black crime and the senseless killing of our young men by other young men."

People like Jorge Millares are nothing more than takers, they offer nothing to society their only goal is to destroy for the sake of destroying, because envy is their conscience, their moral compass is not broken rather, it simply never existed. In Millares' case this is clear by his criminal record, that he is unapologetic about, his goal is not change, just simply destruction and those who have joined in the lynch mob cancel culture are no better.  


Anonymous said...

And he also has a guy from the Moorish Nation "working" with him promoting unity in all areas of the Charlotte community. Wouldn't that actually go against what the Moorish nation promotes anyway??

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone give this turd a moment of their life? Have these corporate pillars of Charlotte not recognized that BLM is not about Black Lives?

Anonymous said...

Our world, especially corporate world in 2020, is so upside down, if giving to QC Unity gives woke points, they will line up to pay out. I would guess some of the downtown crowds hard earned, forced, United Way donations make their way to him. If he thinks he is a QC level grifter though, he needs to go brush up on the fabulous Gloria Pace King.
That said, I bet he throws a rager in the rented homes, easy blow, and multiple DUI crowd. Just keep that GLOW wrestler with purple hair who was screaming out front of Amelie's away. I hope CPI keeps on trucking. It is the kind of business CLT needs more of. Homegrown, not moving, building and hiring in the community, giving back to lots of places. Jorge, well, he will be back in Florida soon enough, once the man catches up to him.
Any way to build an extortion case out of all of this? I'm guessing about 3 hours of a decent attorney would bankrupt Jorge.

Anonymous said...

What’s the status of the kid 10-67 in Freedom today? He an innocent bystander or was he a gangbanger?

Anonymous said...

Total pile on Ken Gill for speaking the truth how many people killed in Charlotte this year 50? 60? how many people of color and Black Lives Matter??

Its a joke and people like Jorge from the me too crowd and then you look around and the protestors are all white? So they add brown people whoever that is and since that's only 1% of Charlotte's population they add the queers and steers and still it is bull shit.

Ask anyone who Latino and tell will tell they want no part of BLM!

Anonymous said...

It was hit to silence a witness

Anonymous said...

6:46. Sounds like snitches got more than stitches. RIP. #BLM. #NOSNITCHING

Anonymous said...

This homo is a predator and top notch grifter. Maybe the Y should sue this clown for using their name.

Heath said...

This is a great article! Jorge is a loser!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Can you post your article to Twitter or Facebook so we can share?

Heath said...

You forgot to mention his multiple DUI’s

Anonymous said...

Great article! Why is no one from the mainstream media articulating these facts? This has to get out. A stellar citizen extremely and unfairly maligned.

Anonymous said...

@10:28 Cause WSOCTV and WCNC are too busy covering stories of people painting BLM on public streets, lecturing us on our white privilege and implicit racism and how the black community has been done wrong by the police and the “system”. Everyone knows this is total BS especially in a city run by 90% black folks, in a country where we’ve had a 2-term African American president and with every single social program (WIC, Section 8, Food Stamps etc) known to man. I’m not aware of any other country that does that sort of thing. Only here in the good ol USA.

Anonymous said...

You is smaaaart....
You is kinnnnd...
And you is impotent.....

Anonymous said...

Systemic racism is alive and well at CMPD, just not in the way the BLM crowd wants u to think.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected 3:47. I too have been a victim of the all black command staff. No parade for me though. No march, no chants, just another pasty white boy gone over to G4S

Anonymous said...

get in where u fit in 5:30

Anonymous said...

Vote for George he will fit in perfectly

Anonymous said...

@5:30, get off this thread McTicklenuts. You can’t get on here and whine about CMPD when you weren’t employed there long enough for anyone to know your name.

Anonymous said...

9:09pm. That could be that captain that got fired years ago for failing to report that kidnapping. Anyone remember his name? It was some crack hoe handcuffed to a toilet.. she escaped and he was like, “yeah call 9-1-1. I’m out”. Think he went to work for G4S. Can’t remember his name but he was Caucasian

Anonymous said...

Chuck Adkins. Didn't always agree with him, but CMPD and the city did him wrong.

Anonymous said...

^^^ ok so there is one example of the long list of honky crackers that got harshly dealt with by the “chocolate city”. I’m sure there are dozens more. Take Cecil for example. If he were white would he still be employed here? Don’t tell me about white privilege cause that is bs. If you are black and work for CMPD you’ve got privilege

Anonymous said...

CMPD is a cesspool of systemic and institutionalized racism. Hiring, firing, promotions, and demotions are all driven by race.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice how we’ve had 8 bodies drop in 8 days and every one of them is black? Anyone notice how all of the arrested suspects are also black?

And finally,

Has anyone else noticed how all of the news outlets are talking about the “rise in gun violence?” Am I the only one seeing this or do I need to get checked out by the Dept shrink? I’ve never arrested a gun for anything, maybe I’ve been doing something wrong these past 19 years. Any help is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you 10:28. First of all how do you know they’re Black? Maybe they identify as Chinese. Let’s not assume the ethnicity. Your not woke. Maybe they’re white and just have a really really good tan. I mean come on. You’ve been here 19 years. Let’s not make those statements too loud. Guys like us will be the first ones to go.

Anonymous said...

10:28, you are 1 year away from being on that 10 year gravy train of doing nothing! Keep ya head up.

How do yall even walk into that place, anymore?

Anonymous said...

Lets see what happens when the unemployment checks stop next week.Any bets on how much the crime rate will raise after that shit show. Lots of larcenies for sure and suicides. Not having money and businesses closing back down will probably bring the calls for service higher. 10-91,10-90 dispatched calls out the roof. Lots of fun the next 2 weeks or so. Oh no what about not being able to buy liquor??? 10-92's then

Anonymous said...

Still saying..... blue flu..... Anyone else on board?

Anonymous said...

Jorge is just trying to be the Al Sharpton of Charlotte. You know, where you extort people and businesses with frivolous lawsuits and general BS and then tell them for $25k he will just go away. And as soon as the first one pays, the damn breaks open and he starts going around "suing" them all for nothing. I give it until the next city council elections and he will be on council.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what IA is doing to O’Lear?

Anonymous said...

New York City residents are upset about the Police not doing their job. Only a 23 percent clearance rate of Homicides. I cant believe the cops are not busting their asses. I mean the Public loves them. Screw it, I'm moving to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

4:56 O'Lear's 3 year got a hold of his gun and shot himself in the hand.

Anonymous said...

^^^. I knew that part. How bad is it with IA? They gonna hang em?

Anonymous said...

He needs to worry about being locked up right now, different County though. Bad situation but good County when it comes to gun charges, rednecks shoot each other by accident all the time. I'm glad the child was not killed.

Anonymous said...

35 more and we will hit 100, this could be a record year. BEAT 1993 Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Been out of the loop, is these black on black crimes?

Anonymous said...

Yeah... You are definitely out of the loop. These are mostly Scandanavian on Scandanavian...

Anonymous said...

^^^. Oh good.. glad to hear it. I’m so glad it’s not black on black. They’re lives matter more than everyone else’s. It’s no longer equal treatment. It’s special treatment.

Anonymous said...

I saw a unicorn today on Beatties Ford Rd.....near Lasalle St.

Anonymous said...

If you came on CMPD in the past 3 years, what is your state of mind?

Do you not watch the news? Do you not see how the city hates cops? Do you not realize the pay and benifits are crap? How do you sign up to do that shit in today's world?

Anonymous said...

1904 hr: and so what do you do? Drive a Trash truck, type on a computer all day, tell Hispanics to work for low pay? Maybe your one of those that are brain washed by the Media. Go cut so white guys yard, a lot of challenge in that. This is nothing new in our Country. Could you imagine cell-phones during the Watts riots, Miami-Dade riots, and lets not forget Rodney King riots. In the 60's people hated "Pigs" and people threw shit on Service Members because of The Vietnam War. Nah, Id rather not be a Coward and do what I think is right. Look yourself in the mirror.Then go ahead and call yourself a pussy. And by the way I saw a Leprechaun on Bradford Dr.

Anonymous said...

8:46. You’re the dummy who pulls a guy for a broken tail light and ends up shooting “Tyrone” on the side of the road. And you’ll probably spend the rest of your life saying “ I should’ve stayed home that day, it wasn’t worth it”

Anonymous said...

9:33 I have a 30 year pension from CMPD, hahaha. Keep paying your taxes on time.