Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Clown Car That Is Charlotte City Council Plans To Ban Single Family Homes

Charlotte City Council members want to eliminate single family residential zoning in the name of diversity and equity. 

In short they want to transform 84% of neighborhoods in the city by allowing multi family housing to be built anywhere. Not right next to your R-3 neighborhood but rather right next door to your R-3 zoned home.

Imagine living on Vernon Drive just off Providence Road. Its a nice little neighborhood with a winding tree lined street. The elderly couple next door decide to move to a retirement home and put their property up for sale. Less that a month later the two story colonial is gone and over the next few months you realize much to your horror the builder is constructing a three story monster, not a McMansion but rather a three unit triplex. So instead of a nice old couple you get three families with 2.9 kids each, never mind that your property was once zoned R-3. 

The plan, called the Unified Development Ordinance would eliminate, forever single-family-only zoning and allow duplexes and triplexes to be built in current single-family home neighborhoods. 

Fourplexes would also be allowed where single-family detached dwellings are permitted if there's an affordable housing aspect to them.

In other words add section 8 housing and you get a bonus family! 

Its called "density saturation" a way to build up the tax base in a city that can no longer expand her city limits via annexation. The cost is the quality of life we once enjoyed.

All because according to Braxton Winston “Single-family zoning is a policy of segregation" adding "I will not support racist ideology and philosophies." 

According to WFAE: During the debate over Charlotte’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan, Winston has been the most outspoken council member in favor of eliminating single-family-only zoning. Winston has said on social media, in response to residents, that the zoning is a “tool of segregation” and that people trying to keep it are “advocating for segregation.” 

Winston went all in calling Charlotte racist.

These clowns on Charlotte City Council are all in favor of signing off on the plan this month. With little or no discussion because they think it will encourage more affordable housing.

Never mind that the bottle necks Charlotte City Council has already created with rezoning on Providence Road at Sharon Amity, Strawberry Hill, Arboretum and Waverly. What used to take 15 mins to travel from the Union County line to Uptown is now a 30 minute trip during COVID and its only going to get worse.

Now these same Bozos want to put multi family housing in your neighborhood.

The sad truth is Charlotte is on its way to becoming Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, or Atlanta. This is not a years progression rather overnight. White flight has been occurring for sometime and the momentum has now accelerated. The wedge of prosperity has narrowed extensively over the last decade. What once was an area of South Blvd to Albemarle Road in the 1990's has been reduced to Park Road to Randolph/Sardis Roads. 

Our city, run by liberals has installed the most racist City County Government in the history of North Carolina. There is a total lack of diversity within leadership roles and the Unified Development Ordinance is simply the result of that leadership.

Enjoy Charlotte!


Anonymous said...

I say stack the city deep with Section 8. Every neighborhood! I have already moved out of the county because I saw it coming many years ago. I wasn't going to bet my property value on another Boulevard Homes being constructed next door to my home. Once the property taxes hit the crapper and businesses shutter this shit hole of a city will go the way of Detroit very quickly.

Anonymous said...

This is a sure way to get a new council and city manager.

Anonymous said...

Selling and moving to SC, at least I know my taxes are not going to tent city.

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund!

Anonymous said...

Boulder Colorado had a moratorium on single family homes for about 10 years. It was lifted about 2 years ago. Single family homes within the city limits doubled in price within several years. 1000-1200 square foot homes built in the 60s were going for 500 K by 2017. Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Cedar is right these CLTCC members are clowns, they are so out of touch it just amazing with COVID and shut downs that this is their agenda. They are committed to turning all of Charlotte into North Lake or Beatties Ford. No surprise Charlotte's AOC Dimple Ajmera supports this madness but Ed Driggs and Tariq Bokhari who are obviously in builders pockets are all in for banning single family neighborhoods.

Julie Eiselt is solely funded by developers and property management companies as is Egleston. Only Braxton Winston is against this madness but that's because he wants to live in Eastover.

Anonymous said...

Braxton went to a very prestigious high school and college (Davidson), yet he's a camera man at the Hornets game. He must be getting paid by someone such as Soros to continue to his mission to destroy any value left in Charloot. Has he ever bought a house in Charloot , or anywhere? To blame the resistance on racism is just plain lazy, thouhgtless, and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Braxton is named after a Confederate general. He needs to change his name or be a racist!

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte City Council Accomplishments 2020-2021

Refused to condemn BLM Riots painted a BLM street mural instead.

Talked Up "Defunding The Police" to the point where recruiting has become impossible.

Approved "Transgender Bathroom Protections".

Shut down Uptown Businesses for a year forcing many to close permanently.

Refused to address the growing "Homeless Encampment".

Refused to support the Mecklenburg County Health Department Action to Close Homeless Camp.

Proposed a huge sales tax burden on Charlotte residents.

Made Subsidized Housing a priority while stopping basic city services.

Refused to speak about soaring homicide rate or juvenile crime.

Created a eyesore of a trolley system to nowhere.

Voted to remove historical names from city streets that may or may not be racist.

Very quietly eliminated single family housing zoning without so much as a vote.

Gave themselves a raise and extended their terms to three years.

Wrote a blank check to Panthers Owners for a MLS team without any input from citizens.

And they are just getting started!

Anonymous said...

The term “affordable housing” always makes me grin. My house is affordable. When you factor in my job, the extra money I make with a side business (I choose to work extra for extra money, I don’t have to), my education that make both of those things happen, my reasonable number of kids (2), my lack of an arrest record, my lack of drug problem, my stable marriage, my reasonable “older” vehicle, my reasonable clothes, my savings plan, my retirement plan, I cook at home, and the list of good/reasonable decisions goes on and on and on.... my home, and my life, are definitely pretty affordable. Cost me about 400k. Paid off. Has been for years. But these are not predominately the same traits/decisions of the people that will be going in to these homes they are proposing. These are not “affordable” homes. these are “poor life choices” homes. I’m sure the word “systemic” could be used to argue that idea, but we could go round and round about how a lot of decision making goes in to “systemic” response and results.

Anonymous said...

8:30 ^^^. Spot on man. You said what everyone on here is afraid to say, lest they be cancelled. Let’s not even make it a race thing, there are lazy worthless people in every ethnic class. However I can’t wait until the city puts on another one of those “diversity” classes. Where they try to make you feel guilty for being white. I predict my smooth shaven testicles are going to drop a couple inches and I’m going to let loose with what I’ve wanted to say for 20 years. There is one group of folks that make up 13% of the population but make up 70% + of our prison population. This same group of folks also are the recipients of most government assistance. 65% of their households are fatherless. I can’t seem to remember this ethic group though. I wanna say it’s Asian or maybe Italian... can’t remember.. anyway it’s not important. The important thing is we all remember that there is lack of affordable housing and we all need to spend our tax money to provide for those who refuse to take personal responsibility for their own actions.

Anonymous said...

Its only going to get worse Cedar the "City Staff" who came up with this idea are all Black and Transplants so go figure. These are the same people who want to "cancel" Marshall Park and raise sales taxes so they can replicate that shit holes they grew up in.

Look at how crime and section 8 house has crept up on Quail Hollow it is the Charlotte Country Club of the future.

Anonymous said...

FIRE. Financial Independence Retire Early. Nerd speak for so many things that need to be taught EARLY to school age kids in order to fix the “housing crisis.” Building “affordable housing” and diversifying/“ruining” our current neighborhoods is a fun idea to fix this perceived problem in the short term, but the long term solution is a change in education, a change in habits, and a complete shift in the financial values (and other values) of our children today. There would probably be a lot of head nodding and applause about that from folks who truly DO NOT understand what I’m saying, and do not have the fortitude or drive to accomplish what I’m talking about. FIRE. Look it up. City council can pat themselves on the back all day long once they get this little zoning change in place, but when they are old and grey, talking about their accomplishments, this topic will still be a damaged issue, unless the root of the problem is addressed. Education. Diversity education is awesome, but that’s already in place. For the foreseeable future, our kids (and adults) won’t be able to use the restroom without being educated about diversity and inclusion. Financial education, values education, and education about the decisions we make, and the outcomes they produce is something we also need to push, HARD, to fix housing. Black, white, brown, yellow, purple. All colors and makes of people can move in to the “expensive” neighborhoods with the good schools if that’s what they want, but that opportunity starts with education from almost the day they are able to start paying attention to just what the heck is going on around them and what their roll models are doing. You don’t have to be a well off adult to teach your kid that there is something better either, so no crying about generational problems, and lack of opportunity. They are BEGGING people to come to the library still, and the internet can be used for so much more besides just porn, Facebook and tick tock. It is FULL of wonderful information. Education, value system, and execution of a long term plan. THAT is what should be talked about, but it’s not what wins votes and it’s too long term of a solution to get multiple councils to sign on to continue the fight, and too long term a solution to have your name tied to it at the “end” when it’s successful (which there is no end on this issue, this is generation to generation to generation of education). No racism here, no income’ism here. No “ism’s” at all actually. Just facts as I see them. Braxton’s lowest common denominator comment about racism is just not true either. It’s almost insulting also, because there are plenty of people he would probably describe as a “minority” that can afford/do afford the neighborhoods he and others say need to be rezoned and ruined by this crazy and damaging idea. Hard work, education, commitment to a long term strategic plan, a reasonable value system, savings savings savings and investment investment investment. That’s what gets you in to these neighborhoods and in to a home. Not city council lowering the bar for developers to build less than quality homes, cramming too many people on one lot, in a neighborhood of people who have worked their whole life to try and be a good citizen and tax payer.

Anonymous said...

No white promotions above the rank of Captain at CMPD or CFD in 2 years no surprise there.

Anonymous said...

Well when you hire a police chief who has no college degree above others who do then the downfall is inevitable!

Anonymous said...

Fuck all of you on here talking about our decisions to better Charlotte by creating additional places to live for all people.

What I want to know is how the Metro 5 are doing these days? Did they land on their feet?

Anonymous said...

The Metro 5... how much did that cost the city again?? Forget about incentive checks for a while.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte will love this. They have a long history of cowtowing to anything the developer wants. Builders make more on townhouses and quadplexes than they do McMansions. Yankees moving in love those things too. It's a win/win for most of Charlotte, but it doesn't create one single affordable housing solution at all.

Anonymous said...

Braxton Winston his daddy is so, I mean mama is so proud of him! Everything is racist never mind that every senior staff position in the city or county is held by an African sans the token white person who doesn't even get cc'd on the emails. Ask around and on the DL people will tell you the truth.