Sunday, April 18, 2021

Arrests Made In Charloot Trans Murders - False Flags Everywhere

From the local news:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police announced the arrest of two individuals in the homicides of two transgender men who were shot to death in hotel rooms less than two weeks apart.

Dontarius Long and Joel Brewer were arrested in Union County April 16, CMPD announced in a press conference later that same day.

Both men have been charged with murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Multiple agencies worked together in the arrests, including CMPD, the FBI, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the Union County Sheriff’s Office and Marshville Police Department.

Officers say no other individuals are believed to have been involved, and have not yet said if this is a hate crime.

The first homicide happened at the Quality Inn off Queen City Drive on April 4. The woman in this case was identified as 29-year-old Jaida Peterson.

The second was reported April 15 at the Sleep Inn on North Tryon Street. Police identified the woman as 28-year-old Remy Fennell.

Both victims were identified as sex workers.

“This is a pandemic in our community. This trans individuals are somebody’s children, grandchild. We should care that they’re being wiped out,” said Jermaine Nakia Lee, program director for State of Emergency.

“Certainly not taking it lightly, the first priority in our minds is to get the word out and ensure everybody in the community, in particular trans women, are staying vigilant and hyper aware and safe tonight and the nights to come,” added Matt Comer, communications director for Charlotte Pride.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, in 2020, the majority of transgender or gender non-conforming deaths were Black and LatinX transgender women.

The lack of acceptance and little to no job opportunities makes them vulnerable, says Jermaine Nakia Lee.

Sex work is often the next choice.

“People have to eat, people have to make a living. Sex work is illegal in North Carolina, but it is a way of life for people who can’t find a solid position in society,” said Jermaine Nakia Lee.

As police continue their investigations, there is hope society can turn to one of acceptance.

“If you’re allies, have this conversation outside your LGBTQ circle. Let people in your own communities know because this violence and danger is not going to end if this conversation only stays within trans or LGBTQ circles,” added Comer.

Anyone with information are urged to come forward and can call 704-432-TIPS and speak directly to a Homicide Unit detective, or leave information anonymously at 704-334-1600 or

Officers are encouraging sex workers, and especially those in the LGBTQ community, to continue to be careful.

“You gotta know who it is that you’re engaging with, especially now,” said Tufano. “This is a very vulnerable time until this person, or people, are brought in apprehended.

Cedar's Take:

The alarmist crowd quickly ran to the hate crime flags offered by CMPD. "White Supremist Racist Transphobic Killer on the loose" might as well had been the led in the Charlotte Observer. 

The reality may be that Rob Tufano's presser was nothing more that an elaborate show to draw the killers out. With wide coverage looking for suspected racists, the two killers who not surprisingly are black, apparently felt safe enough to return to the streets.

No doubt CMPD detectives knew exactly who they were looking for, and the serial killer angle was just the right spin to flush a couple of total dim bulbs out of their holes. 

But why a couple of Trany freaks from Charlotte? Maybe just easy prey known to have cash.

Maybe they figured they would not be missed.

And what about CMPD's sudden over the top tolerance of prostitution? Err "sex-work" never mind that crime, drugs and sex work bring on crime.

Welcome to Woke Charloot!


pworld said...

Honestly I never seen CMPD act so quickly and swiftly on a homicide. They light a fire up under Rob Tufano they way he scrambled to warn the media and others from the LBGTQ community. It’s interesting the community/media is providing a safe haven for these illegal activities around Charlotte. Yes it’s sad two people lost their lives but the community should not support illegal prostitution like it doesn’t bring on other typesetting illegal activities. Next subject.... I believe CMPD should reintroduce the Pledge Fund but not as a weekly deduction; once a retiree is eligible automatic $35 from every pledge members payroll should be deducted. That way a Pledge fund member can walk away with atleast 5k-7k..better than nothing and no more pools of money missing; Similar to CFD FUND. PWorld for City Council !

Anonymous said...

When you have a police department that fails to condemn prostitution, drug dealing, street racing, or enforce laws against panhandlers, trespassing, homeless camps, or even issue traffic citation for fear of offending a certain group of minorities, you no longer have a police department and might as well go ahead and defund it and shut it down.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the brothers thought they was gonna party with some fine ass ho’s but they got a little surprise instead. They thought they was getting the Vag but got the D instead. Homeboys got mad and settled the score

Anonymous said...

Sure is interesting that the time line is pretty damn obvious they knew who they were looking for and where to find them. The worst part is the man power it took to clear two tranny homo sides.

Anonymous said...

Seriously can't the cross-eyed one claim he aimed his gun at someone else?

Anonymous said...

One eye hunting rabbit, one eye hunting birds.

If 'sex work' is non-enforced, can I make an offer on the Capri and start to bring back the old days of street walking on Wilkinson?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar I thought you said you were not about to touch the tranny story?

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund?