Saturday, June 12, 2021

Another Nut With A Weapon Police Hold Their Fire

 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say a suspect is now in custody after a several hours-long standoff early Saturday morning with SWAT officers and an armed man barricaded in a house in Matthews.

Officers say they arrived at the scene on Mill Valley Court in Matthews, N.C. at 4 a.m., after receiving multiple 911 calls for shots fired.

Officers say when they arrived, the front door was open and they announced themselves in.

The suspect came down the stairs at this point, and officers say when they asked to see his hands, the suspect showed officers a firearm before discharging multiple rounds.

Officers say they moved quickly into positions of cover, established a perimeter, and called SWAT Team officers as well as negotiators to help them de-escalate the situation.

Police say after several hours of attempted negotiations, SWAT deployed non-deadly irritants into the house to disorient the suspect.

Officers say they were able to take the suspect into custody shortly before 11 a.m.

Police say the name of the suspect will be released after he is formally charged.

No officers were injured or used firearms during this incident.

Cedar's Take:

Well good the suspect was not neutralized. He should have been. Police are afraid to return fire and that's not a good precedence because the nut cases already think they can shoot at the police and nothing will happen. Now the family members will use this and last week's SWAT  response as the "way it should be". Yet every situation is different. Still the general public and your city council doesn't see it that way. 


Anonymous said...

Cedar why haven't you named the suspect yet?

Let me help his name is Wille Shootagin?

Anonymous said...

Remember that he is a "customer" now!

Anonymous said...

He is a good boy.