Sunday, June 13, 2021

Latta Plantation Takes on Myopic Idiots Vi Lyes and Ryan Pitkin WBTV et al.

Nothing is more repulsive to this life long Charlotte resident than myopic idiots piling on one of Mecklenburg County's most cherished landmarks, screaming about "white privilege'" and "systemic racism" before they even understand the facts.   

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles who has yet to address the endless violence in our city, was quick to jump on the "Burn Down the Plantation Movement" started by pseudo journalist Ryan Pimpkin late last week.

Said Lyles:

In response, the Historic Latta Plantation released this statement:

 Statement Regarding ‘Kingdom Coming’ Event

 Many times I have stopped at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee Alabama to visit  the Lifting the Veil of Ignorance Monument. It is a tribute to Booker T. Washington  who founded Tuskegee University. The inscription I love the most is "he lifted the  veil of ignorance from his people and pointed the way to progress through education  and industry." The statue portrays Booker T. Washington lifting a veil of ignorance  from a frightened slave, who is crouched on a plow and anvil depicting tools of  agriculture and holding a book, which represents education. Washington sought to  bring a better life to his people through education. As Chief Plenty Coups said,  “education is your most powerful weapon. With education, you are the white man’s  equal; without education, you are his victim, and so shall remain all your lives.”  

 I, Ian Campbell, as an American man of African descent and the new site  manager at Historic Latta Plantation, will lift the veil of ignorance. Under my  leadership, the Latta staff will assist in this educational endeavor. With the little  information that we have about Latta Plantation, also known as Riverside, the stories  of those enslaved as well as freedmen will be told. This new narrative will also  include the stories of other enslaved men, women, and children on many other  plantations in the United States. It will also include the stories of those enslaved and  free before, during, and after the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican  American War, the American Civil War and Reconstruction.

 For decades Historic Latta Plantation has been focused on two time periods in  American history, the American Revolution and the Civil War. That is changing,  Latta will now focus on the period of reconstruction as well. Most people have  forgotten about this period in our American history. Most educators as well as most  of the general public skip this section and move on to the 1900’s or the civil rights  movement. Many of the racial issues that we face today are linked to slavery and  reconstruction. Just recently, for the first time in their lives, many people just  acquired knowledge of the Tulsa Race Massacre. History is not just about one-time period or one group of people. The program “Kingdom Coming” was created by  myself, with the help of others. I, Ian Campbell, Site Manager of Historic Latta  Plantation take full responsibility for its content entirely! To the masses on social  media and politicians, no apology will be given for bringing a unique program to  educate the public about former slaves becoming FREE!  

 The Confederacy will never be glorified, white supremacy will never be glorified,  plantation owners, white refugees or overseers will never be glorified. What will be  commemorated is the story of our people who overcame being snatched from their  loved ones in Mother Africa and taken to a new and strange land. To work from can  see to can’t see from birth to death. The fact that they survived and we are here and  continue to thrive and prosper will be glorified. 

 Swing Low Sweet Chariot was used to represent freedom on earth from plantation  owners. “What profit has a man from all his labor in which he toils under the sun?”  Ecclesiastes 1:3. The profits of these freedmen would go into their pockets and not the  pockets of their owners. To tell the story of these freedmen would be pointless if the  stories of others were not included. Many of you may not like this but, their lives  were intertwined, the stories of massa, the Confederate soldiers, the overseer, the  displaced white families. How would we know how the enslaved became free or  what their lives were like before freedom came? It didn’t happen with the stroke of a  pen. Federal troops came across many of these plantations to enforce federal laws and  many of the owners fled. What they couldn’t take with them they left behind, this  included many of their enslaved property. Considered offensive for today, the song  Kingdom Coming, The Year of Jubilo highlights the perceived enslaved view point.  The core point of this program was overlooked by scores of people.  

 Those formerly enslaved are now freedmen and have taken over the massa’s house, the house they toiled in seven days a week or in many cases on other  plantations even built. They are now living high on the hog, bottom rail on top massa.  They now control their own destiny, they have the right to decide on what they want  to do with their lives, not the plantation owner! This is what made the white  supremacist of the period mad, a former slave on equal footing with whites. The right  to get legally married, the right to sign a labor contract on their terms and conditions, the right to an education, also having children without fear of them being sold down the river.  

 The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, simply known as the  Freedmen’s Bureau, enforced many of these laws to the dismay of the white  population. All this was part of what was called reconstruction. History is not always  pretty, Juneteenth was chosen because it means freedom to many and it was a time to  celebrate and be joyful. With current events that are ongoing, America is still in  reconstruction. We have to know where we come from to understand where we are  going. It was painful, it still is painful, we have to honor our ancestors for the sake of  those that will be conceived.  

 However, freedom didn’t come in 1865 when General Gordon Grainger  announced General Order Number 3 in Galveston, Texas. Many enslaved people  began to steal themselves away when the abhorrent practice of slavery was brought to  the Americas. As Union troops occupied the south and plantations early in the war,  freedom came for many of the enslaved before Juneteenth, this included cities such as  New Orleans and plantations on both sides of the mighty Mississippi. Many people  complained about Historic Latta not doing anything for Juneteenth. Then when I  create a unique event to highlight our successful struggle out of slavery, there is  backlash from many who have never visited our historical site. William T. Sherman  had a dislike for the media of his day.

 I understand what he may have been going through. I by no means will let this  deter me and the vision of lifting the veil of ignorance. The event was canceled due to  security concerns for volunteers and staff. The media’s corps of yellow journalist had  a perfect opportunity to educate, however, they chose to whip the public into a frenzy,  it worked. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an  opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel. In regards  to social media, Chief Justice John Roberts said “in our age, social media can instantly  spread rumor and false information on a grand scale.”  

 It was not until after the social media frenzy that Latta received numerous emails  and phone calls about the event. I also received a phone call from Vi Lyles, the mayor  of Charlotte. As long as I have been at Historic Latta Plantation as a volunteer, then as  a part-time employee, then as the education coordinator, then as the interpretive farm  manager, then as site manager, I have never seen Vi Lyles, the Mayor of the great city  of Charlotte visit our site or any other influential and prominent government officials.  The same applies to NPR, WBTV, the Charlotte observer et al. This applies to some of  those citizens in the community that have been offended. Your opinions and concerns  

have been respectfully noted. However, after reading this, many of you will still be  offended, some will be supportive, thank you. 

 In closing, my job will be to continue to educate. Historic Latta Plantation’s  narrative will be to give a voice to our ancestors enslaved and as freedmen who were  denied a voice. We will speak for them in a compassionate, accurate, and sensitive  manner.  

Ian Campbell 

Site Manager 

Historic Latta Plantation

Ian Campbell

Campbell was defending this program that he personally created:

A program that many without knowing the creator or the content piled on to condemn. Many of these same people suggesting via Twitter that it was "time to burn down the Plantation". 

Of course some of Charlotte's classic idiots like Vilma Leake piled on as well as unexpected ones like Dianne Gallagher. 

Said the CNN correspondent re-posting the Mayor's above tweet:

"The Mayor of Charlotte, refencing this incredibly offensive event description posted (now removed) by the Latta Plantation in Huntersville for Juneteenth."

Then she added:

"It's literally so bad I thought it was fake" when I first saw the Ryan Pimpkim tweet of a screen grab. "But it was really on their site."

Apparently even the word "Plantation" is upsetting to dozens including Sada Morrison (@baccabtuscany) who tweeted "I've come to despise the word plantation and now use the word estate in place."


Anonymous said...

It’s sad we don’t have more Ian Campbells and Booker T Washington’s to teach this younger generation. Now even the blacks that run our city are allowing the woke liberal whites to dictate to us what is racist and what should offend us. Thank you Honky but no thank you. We can think for ourselves. We don’t need any white influence promulgated by your white guilt. The 1850’s is over. It’s now 2021. Not everyone and everything is racist. Now get back to work!!! Yours truly, a token negro

Anonymous said...

This man has some stones. Too bad the uptown-contribute from your check or be punished- United Way crowd will certainly make sure his funding dries up 100%.

Same crowd would also like to see that land turned into a large multi-family development, so consider their motivation a bit more than on the surface. A reparational no-deposit move in special for AfAms would be the perfect 21st century Charlotte limo liberal way of having your cake and eating it too.

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to figure out why you guys down here still have "plantations". It is a big adjustment from South Jersey. Back home, we have lots of history too, but you can't let progress stand still. In Gettysburg, they have an incredible outlet mall that was once just a side piece of the battlefield. I think it helps draw a lot more people to the battleground, knowing their wives can shop. And in Valley Forge, there's a casino, same theory. Celebrate the history with something modern. In Philly, they have the beautiful and safe Freedom Trail. There's nothing like breathing the fresh, free air while strolling through the same steps as Benjamin Franklin.

Maybe Charlotte can look north, and find some ways to rebrand this "plantation" into something more modern, less offensive.

Anonymous said...

People who are offended by the word "Plantation" are the same people who are offended by the word "Work".

The word has been in use for 100s of years, doesn't just mean negro slaves. Banana, Coffee and Tea "Plantations" around the world. Even in Africa and South America. But the chronically offended need something to be offended about.

So sure lets change Banana Plantation to Banana Estate, Coffee Plantation to Coffee Farm and Tea Plantation to Tea Growing Operation.

There that's nice right?

Goes right along with the liberals calling murderers "confused and angry young black men who are having a bad day and made unwise choices because of systemic racism.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot beautiful Trenton. Had the state preserved the whole place to honor the Battle of Trenton, we would never have had this wonderful capitol city. In the place of the battlefield, there is plenty of nice affordable housing, right in the heart of the city. of course, there's a great monument to George Washington and the battle, but progress should not be held up by history.

Anonymous said...

BLM needs to read study some history. The slaves were captured and enslaved by other affluent tribes in Africa before being sold to the Dutch. Black on Black crime, sound familiar? Prior to and during the Civil War there were freed black slaves who owned slaves. There were also black units and soldiers in the Confederate Army who volunteered. Y'all ain't WOKE enough and need to wake up some more. History is history and for better or worse you have to take the good with the bad otherwise it is one-sided!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone find it interesting that Vi Lyles goes all in on some small event that no one noticed except the cop hater Ryan from Queen City Nerve who know the guy crying about the pepper balls and flash bangs and being attacked by the pigs guy? The one sobbing on camera that he thought he was going to die?

Still the best night of 2020 watching those white boys run into walls screaming.

Vi Lyles just silent about crime but all angry about "massa" Vi you've been trying to be white for too long.

Cedar Posts said...

7:31 Amen that man does indeed have some stones. He's spent his life there and has reason to be pissed off at narrow minded politicians.

Wonder how long before City Council demands they change the name?

Anonymous said...

Cedar did you even read the program description? That is the most racist bunch of crap I've ever read. If you don't see that as racist I can't help you! I don't care if it came from a Black man or in this case a f-ing Uncle Tom or not.

Yes burn the damn place down!

Anonymous said...

I don't see racism at all in that description, I see a very unique way of telling a story. You do understand that the time period they were going to tell the story about, the black people went from literal slaves, to running the show, all in an extremely short period of time. This is the essence of learning from history. Learning about the many different perspectives from that time could teach us much. I guess they don't teach Carpetbaggers and Scallywags any longer in school. I would be extremely interested in learning what the actual life of a newly freedman was like, especially pre-Klan, when the actual kernel of what next is right in front of the post-war South.

If you see racism in this description, you see it everywhere, and you cannot be helped. Good grief, it's a small miracle this place still stands after all it has been through. Now it will be 2021 wokeness that finally tears it down for good. Your children won't miss it though, when they grow up in a world learning math is racist, and birding is racist, and camping is racist. What else did I miss last week in the new world's attempted purge?

Just tell me when we burn down the library. I love a summer bonfire.

Anonymous said...

I know Mr. Campbell. I also know the Latta Plantation is his happy place. He is a wonderful story teller, and historian.

He wrote or someone wrote that description in the voices of history. The narrow and weak minded people like Ryan Pinkin and Vi Lyles who read it as if it was 2021 are understandably confused, and that confusion made them upset.

The word "massa" inflamed their racial hate so much they lost sight of the context in which it was written.

The Black man of 1865 did not know how repressed he was. As my Grandmother didn't fully understand the inequality of segregation in the 1950's.

The word "massa" as with the word "Plantation" was not at all offensive in 1865. Just as streets named for confederate generals were not offensive. Changing history to reflect today's standards is only for the convenience of the small and narrow minded.

Same with re-writing history.

Mr. Campbell is a historian comfortable with his history and his skin color. Perhaps Vi Lyles should stop trying to be white?

Anonymous said...

You can bet Ryan is Braxton's bottom and yes I hope Frankie reads this! LOL

Ghoul said...

I think they should change the name, replace Latta with Democrat, Then make it the local welfare office.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the way Mr. Campbell basically left hand bitch slapped Vi and the media. Very refreshing coming from a man of color. He should run for Mayor....

Anonymous said...

Why would WBTV stoop to the level of a Gay Pride newspaper like Queen City Nerve anyway? I understand Vi Lyles she's clueless but WBTV is usually conservative leaning.

Anonymous said...

@9.10am....I lit his partner up on Twitter a while back....they guy claimed to love f***ing with "trolls" and said he looked forward to showing me "how it is"....before long I had him publicly posting his home address and admitting to having a trove of guns and his house and he was bragging about his bomb-making skills and detailing his preferred means of physically assaulting others....

....eventually he, his buddy Johnny Gat, and some other dickhead named "Big Boog" all blocked my on twitter --- they couldn't take anymore.

Maybe I'll toss another lure in the water ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hey you Cops are a bunch of damn racists on here. It should not bother you in the least that Ryan and Francois were are a couple. Their lifestyle is none of your concern. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Sign of 2021, a gay pride rag holds more sway over Charloot political influence than the 4 page Disturber.

World class city. Paid2party Tanya must be proud, huh?

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone hits @CLTMayor with MLM "Massa lives matter" tweet!

Anonymous said...

Sad that Charlotte doesn't want truthful history to see the light of day. I guess that's how they keep their constituents confused and oppressed. If it doesn't fit their narrative, crush it. If you tell someone that they aren't capable or will be held back enough, they will eventually believe it. That's what they do to their black constituents. Its about them getting and maintaining power over their own people. Sad and disgusting. We were all created equal. Some are born with more advantages and squander that. Others are born with nothing and are able to be whatever they want through education and hard work. People of all races and life stations have unfortunate things happen that make life harder than it should be. We are all just humans that happen to be one race or the other. Its the content of character that matters.

In other news...Interesting that this story that was hardly covered.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte City Council what a bunch of thugs giving themselves a raise while the rest of us are facing higher gas and food prices post COVID inflation and if you're salary comes from CMPD a cost of living adjustment that equals about 1/2 of a percent vs city council's 40% pay raise. Screw them!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte vote Republican or continue to fall into ruin.

Anonymous said...

These folks are offended by an American flag. Of course they are shocked by history. Except Marxist history, they turn a blind eye to that.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone ready for hyperinflation?

Anonymous said...

Vi Lyes speaking out against Latta Plantation is totally her game. She's as racist as Stella. But did you notice once she figured out the guy running the Plantation was black silence.

What a worthless C*UNT

Anonymous said...

Vi Lyes just got 51% raise last night, lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm moving to Belmont next month. Take a look at the Bonds that just passed.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of the Charlotte mayor or most council members, but I am a fan of facts, so I have to point out that the salaries were very low. I assume these are part time positions? Does anyone know how many hours per month these people are expected to serve their community?

At the previous rates it would be difficult to get qualified people interested in running for these positions. Hopefully that will change in the next election.

From the Charlotte Observer...

The mayor's salary will climb to $39,646 and her total compensation to $59,868.

— Council members will now make $32,638, with their total compensation at $52,444.

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund news?

Anonymous said...

These positions are not designed to be JOBS, but positions of service. It's as if you ask to become, then actually become an elder at your church, then seek to be paid for your service.
Trust me, "General" Braxton Winston is not worth $52k. That's the same as a ten year teacher.
That is an insult to education if there ever was one.

At at any rate, the side hustle money is well worth it. Just ask Patrick Cannon.
Which makes me wonder, will Stella have a going away party, with gift cards appreciated?

Anonymous said...

Geezus people are so nauseating. I applaud the Latta plantation dude. Thanks for trying to get all sides of history to be on display. Sorry that shit backfired on you.

Black people will be the ones that miss out here. This would be another great opportunity to talk about how shitty white people have been to black people, and showcase how much black people have persevered. Now, white people will get to ignore it some more, and black people can continue throwing a tantrum without seeming like they want the facts to be on display and eventually move forward. White people will have more ammo for why they think black people are a bunch of annoying bitches that won’t move on, and black people will continue to gnaw on some shit that happened…. It just didn’t happen to THEM. Cycle continues. Congrats black people, and “white guilt folks.” Thanks for trying Latta black guy.

Anonymous said...

1:36 I hear ya!

But these num-nutz have made a fulltime job out of a elected position that is supposed to be a service to the community not a career.

Run through the list of Mayors the good one's actually had real jobs - Harvey Gantt was an architect, Knox, Vinroot, lawyers, Belk Chairman of the Department Store.

Same with the council members Peacock Insurance, Dulin Real Estate. I won't go on but the point is these fools need to suck it up.

If they'd stop doing crazy liberal shit and just fix the damn street lights and pot holes they wouldn't need to spend hours in meetings.

Contentious social justice bull shit is going to get push back.

Why should we pay them more to push their social agenda?

They want a pay raise fine we'll let the taxpayers see about that.

I say vote the bums out of office.

Anonymous said...

Latta Plantation is not inside the city limits of Charlotte and although opinions are welcomed by all the enforcement of council actions by city council within the city would be great before talking about horrible programs outside the city. When half the asst city managers live outside the city limits and they are required to live inside the city within six months of getting the job personally opinions on organizations outside your purview should wait when you don’t enforce rules within your purview. The 2040 plan architect lives in Matthews no wonder he thinks triplexes are great everywhere as it will not effect him.

Anonymous said...

Vilma Leake is fat and stupid! Always has been and always will be! Her son was a POS!