Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Driving Miss Daisy

Even dock dwellers need to hit the Harris Teeter from time to time and so I found myself on the James Island Connector the other day flying high above the Charleston City Marina, heading for Folly Road and grocery store bliss.

If you’re under 50 you probably didn’t notice and even if you did I’m sure you didn’t care, that Harris Teeter recently changed senior discount day from Tuesday to Thursday.

I rarely shop on Tuesday so the “are you a senior?” on the touch screen checkout was quiet a surprise. Yes, it was senior day at the HT.

I’m glad I shopped on senior day for the folks shopping at 2:30 in the afternoon are all older than me and they are also some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Which brings me to Miss Daisy; I’m sure she is at least 85 maybe more. Her bright red dress, wide Sunday hat, and white gloves glimmered in summer sun while her voice dripped southern sweetness like a cut watermelon on a summer afternoon.

Miss Daisy was driven to the grocery store not by Morgan Freeman but her brother a few years younger wearing Bermuda shorts with the required black pulled nearly to knee socks.

I offered to help load their groceries, to which they politely declined. We chatted about the heat, and if it was too hot to leave the milk in the trunk. It was and so the milk rode home up front and I settled on returning their cart along with mine to just inside the store.

The car too was a sight to behold, navy blue Cadillac at least 20 years old but in prime condition, except for the recent coating of yellow pollen.

Daisy waved and her brother nodded as their caddy turned the corner and headed off to a home that I’m certain smelled of old furniture and whose windows were covered with lace curtains. A place where tea was served everyday at exactly 4 o’clock, under a couple of porch fans that wobbled just a bit.

Some might say that our “southerness” is fading, that our southern style and way of life is being over run by folks from places like Ohio and New York.

Well I’m here to tell you the south is still alive and well at the Harris Teeter on Folly Road, that is as long as you go on Senior Discount Thursday’s.

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