Wednesday, October 24, 2007

South Carolina Frog Strangler

Welcome the fog, that comes on little cat feet. This of course is followed by a good old fashioned South Carolina frog strangler. It’s coming down Cats, Dogs and Gatorade today! Rain that comes in sheets, and becomes wind whipped on an incoming tide means only one thing on the Charleston Peninsula, Lockwood Drive and the Cross Town Connector will be flooded by this afternoon.

The Ashley River spills over her banks like a two year old’s sippy cup without a lid. Heavy rain in Summerville flows to the Ashley, comes down towards Charleston, splashes along the banks until it meets the incoming tide and then simply backs up on the streets seeming to defy gravity. It just goes everywhere and anywhere it wants.

I’ve had to wade to my SUV before; sometimes during heavy rains the parking lot is fairly dry others it’s nearly a foot under water. Today is one of those wade to the car days.


There’s not a lot you can do about it, the rain. Charleston is flat and at sea level no amount of complaining to Mayor Riley will do any good. To hear the doomsayers of global warming tell it, Charleston will be completely underwater before long, say by the year 2150. So we got bigger troubles ahead.

Please notice my look of concern.

OK I’m not concerned at all, in fact I’m really enjoying the rain. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good steady rain and as long as the boat floats I’m going to enjoy the moment.

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