Thursday, January 17, 2008

Confederate Flag in South Carolina

Republican Mike Huckabee today said the government should stay out of disputes over the Confederate flag in South Carolina.

I wouldn’t call this news, as the confederate battle flag lost my vote a long time ago. Not that it ever offended me, it in fact years ago I actually enjoyed seeing the old “battle flag” flying over the state house dome. To me it stood for one thing and one thing only, that the place at the end of Assembly Street in Columbia was special because this was “South” Carolina.

It’s a flag of historical importance, never mind that Pedro’s South of the Border at one time sold more confederate flags that any other business in the state.

But since the NAACP has raised a stink about the Confederate Battle Flag it seems everyone has an opinion. Last year Steve Spurrier, made an acceptance speech for a community service award in which he referred to the flag on the State House grounds as "that damn flag". I think, and so do many others that he was drunk.

You can still see it at the Carolina Cup in Camden each spring flying over tents along with a few Clemson and Carolina flags. But even the Carolina Cup is trying to reign in the flag by restricting the high to 15’. I’m sure next year they’ll be saying what kind of flag you can fly. NASCAR has the same type of restriction now, but can you imagine going to a race and not seeing a Confederate Battle Flag?

Georgia has made a lot of changes to their flag to try and keep everyone happy.

It seems to me that we should fly whatever flag we want. On Southern Comfort we from time to time fly all types of flags depending on who is aboard or where we are, Carolina or Clemson, (I prefer Carolina), we fly the 1st Flag of the Confederacy (stars and bars), the Bonnie Blue, the Confederate Battle Flag, Bahamas, Virgin Islands and the numbers 8, 3 or even when pressed 24! And we often fly the wonderful South Carolina State flag.

But, we always fly our biggest flag (5x6 Feet) the Stars and Stripes off the back of the boat, because I like it, and because it’s my country’s flag.

But when it comes to the Confederate Battle Flag frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!

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