Friday, February 15, 2008

9th Circuit Solicitor Arrested

The Post and Courier is reporting that a rookie 9th Circuit solicitor hired last June by Scarlett Wilson was arrested Friday and is accused of pointing a gun during an apparent road rage incident on the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge.


Assistant Solicitor Gray Ervin has been charged with pointing a firearm at another motorist, in what is being reported as a violent act of "road rage". Post and Courier Coverage: "Assistant Solicitor Arrested"

The week that began with the kickoff of Scarlett Wilson’s primary campaign also saw a 10 minute "Not Guilty" verdict in the murder trial of Reginald Ricardo Hamilton.

Hamilton was charged with murder and attempted armed robbery after being pegged as the triggerman in the January 2006 murder of rookie taxicab driver Nelcena "Muffin" Jenkins.

Another Wilson hire Assistant Solicitor Bryan Alfaro stated that unfortunately the state's case had "several high hurdles to overcome".

Mainly the testimony of co-defend Oliver William Hicks who had been offered a yet unclear plea deal in exchange for his testimony.

Post and Courier Coverage: "Jury Swiftyly Aquits Killing Suspect Trial".

The Hamilton case is one of several pushed through since the first of the year in what Ms. Wilson has described as “aggressive docketing” in order to clear the back log of cases.

This is part of what can only be described as an interesting eight months for Ms. Wilson, eight months that also include sending two teenaged first time offenders to a level 3 prison for robbing a Subway sandwich shop with a BB gun. Ms. Wilson has denied that the prosecution of the two young men was politically motivated and stated the she was “only trying to be fair”.

Wilson also denied that politics had anything to do with her firing of deputy solicitor Blair Jennings back in September despite the fact that it was widely known that he would challenge her for the office in May of 2008.

Post and Courier Coverage: “Berkeley’s Top Prosecutor Jennings Ousted”.

Alfaro who blew the Hamilton case is Blair Jennings replacement. Jennings who served as prosecutor for Berkley County for 7 years and had successfully prosecuted over 60 homicide cases before being fired by Wilson.

Back in December Wilson’s press secretary, Frank O. Hunt was discovered by the Post and Courier to be the online poster using the name “Afternoondelight” who made no secret of his disdain for criminals.

From the Post and Courier: In one posting, "afternoon- delight" questioned the credibility of a girl who reportedly had been sexually victimized by an adult at school and suggested that the girl "made the whole thing up" in hopes of getting the married man all to herself. "Conniving little tramp," he wrote".

In another post that day, "afternoondelight" weighed in on the hunt for suspects in a North Charleston killing. "Let's just hope that when they are confronted by police they pull their weapons and have to be shot dead."

His response to a story about a man charged with fondling a child: "Strip him down to nothing, baste his privates with gravy and put him in a cage with pit bulls.

Wilson stated she was unaware her press secretary was using his office computer to post the rants and raves though she didn’t see anything wrong with someone voicing their opinion.

Post and Courier Coverage: "Online Comments No Delight"

Earlier this year Solicitor Wilson said she would not file charges against Joseph Harriott, 25 who killed his roommate Brian Sessoms, 24, who was unarmed and shot with a handgun in the chest, stomach and elbow after he climbed back into the home through a second-story window during an argument.

Post and Courier Coverage: "Shooting Ruled Self Defense "

While Scarlett Wilson is out trying to get elected it's a "Law and Order Amateur Hour" at the 9th circuit Solicitors Office.

What is going on?

There is no way the Hamilton case should have gone to trial, the two juveniles who were tried as adults is unconscionable, a shooting that is swept under the rug, the firing of a fellow solicitor, the incompetent handling of cases in an “aggressive” hurry up docket approach and then there’s Frank O. Hunt Ms. Wilson's press secretary who posted racisit derogatory comments from his office computer on the Post and Courier web site until he quietly resigned during the Christmas holiday and now a hand selected assistant prosecutor hired by Wilson is taking aim at Charleston’s citizens on the Ravenel Bridge.

What next?

In a city that is wrought with crime our own solicitor is out of control while employing thugs like Gray Ervin and Frank O. Hunt and in my opinion Charleston deserves better!


On Monday Ms. Wilson blamed prior Deputy Solicitor Blair Jennings for the missteps that lead to the Hamilton acquittal even though she fired him five months before the trial began. It just gets more bizarre every day.

Post and Courier Coverage: "Aquittal Heightens Political Duel"


Anonymous said...

that is too bad scarlet wilson seemed like a good choice now she looks like the worst!

Anonymous said...

WTF! I don't live in Chucktown but I read about the crime and how the cops have their hands tied because of the local DA. Man that's crazy!

Anonymous said...

Help change the law to keep Teens out of the Adult Prison population.

Be sure to consider signing the petition to provide fair and just punishment so that at sentencing end they can come back to our communities with worthwhile causes vs. the lifestyle they were subjected to and learned from from being thrown into prison with hardened criminals 24/7!

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It seems that a lot of people also missed this verdict because it was not publicized much.

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Solicitor said...

Hi I've reading your blogs everyday,it keeps me updated on whats happening to scarlet.Hope she can have her peace.