Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brittany Shaw's Music Video

When I heard that my so very cute niece Brittany Shaw was going to be in a music video I was thinking Courtney Cox-Arquette and Bruce Springsteen.

If you don't know Courtney was 24 when Bruce pulled her on stage in the Brian De Palma directed "Dancing in The Dark" music video, her first big break that would led to roles with Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey and later playing Monica on the highly succesful "Friends" that turned her into an international superstar.

On the other extreme I was worried that she'd be the next (giving away my age here) Tawny Kitaen in the 1987 "Whitesnake" music video "Is this Love".

So as you might have guessed Brittany is a struggling actor in Hollywood, and she is so excited to be in her first music video. But I'm afraid this is the most HORRID music video you'll ever see. She's great and the song is just awful ... but she needs the exposure, so please check her out on YouTube!

I hate to sound like Simon Cowell, but this song is so awful that the only good thing is that it runs less than 3 mins. Thank God we have mute on our computers.

Brittany's has added some really good small parts to her resume' .... Monk, General Hospital, Entourage, Pirates of the Caribbean and Walk the Line. So I am convinced she has what is takes to be the next Courtney Cox it's just a matter of getting her that elusive "big break".

You can also check out Brittnay Shaw on IMDB

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