Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tiger's Grand Slam Peeled Away

On Sunday afternoon Tiger Woods threw away the 2008 Masters much the same way he tossed a banana peel on the 17th fairway, Saturday.

I know how could anyone litter at the Masters? Unheard of you say? But Saturday afternoon the world watched as Tiger Woods peeled a banana, and tossed the skin behind him as he marched up the 17th fairway. His caddie, Steve Williams, dutifully picked it up. Talk about an ego!

And all would have been forgotten had Tiger won with a stunning come from behind victory. But Tiger's temper and ego was again his worst enemy. Good golf comes with skill, but great golf comes with temperance.


Tiger's skill was dead on during the front nine, but hopes faded as he made putting error after putting error. Tiger’s Friday and Saturday club slamming and cursing shocked fans and officials alike, who dared not speak to the past Masters Champion for fear of making matters worst.

As Tiger and his game face when from smile to sour, fans began talk of tossing bananas on the fairway. But Master's fans are still most respectful in all of sports and littering at Augusta, golf’s sacred and hallowed grounds would be considered an unforgivable sin at least to mere mortal golfers.

Perhaps it was the leader board full of youngsters, of whom Tiger was once one himself, that derailed Tiger’s run at his fifth green jacket.

There are certainly more majors in Tiger's future. The US Open at Torrey Pines will be one of Tiger's best, but Augusta takes skill, fortitude, and patience without all three you only have to slip on a banana peel to end your Sunday as a spectator at the awards ceremony.

And I can't help imagine what a fairway full of banana peels will look like at the US Open in June, where fans are not always respectful, should Tiger’s temper get the best of him again.

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