Thursday, July 10, 2008

Idiots Among Us

I'm often surprised and concerned that some people don't have the skill set to function in the real world.

So I'm taking a few photos of a fast approaching thunderstorm the other day and along comes Miss Clueless. To me lightning is pretty cool on the water unless God didn't give you a full deck of cards.


Yes, that just happens to be four steel baking trays this girl has balanced on her head, while she's talking on a cell phone and walking down the dock. Keep in mind the docks are surrounded by metal sailboat masts and sport fishing boats with aluminum towers and outriggers.


The marina staff have taken down the flags, thunder is echoing for miles around and people are running for cover.


And she just mindlessly chats away, continuing her walk down the dock to a charter boat at the far end of the marina. As the wind picks up she even has to struggle to keep the trays on her head but refuses to put the phone down and run for cover.

Luckily she made it to the boat before the rain came. No less than five minutes after these photos were taken the boat across the dock from me took a direct hit, knocking out radios and popping breakers.

Sure does make me wonder.....

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