Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tall Ship "Adventure" Arrives in Charleston

The Post and Courier is reporting the arrival of the ketch rigged Adventure.

Adventure is a 53-foot historic replica of an 18th century colonial trading vessel designed by the late William Baker. She will replace the replica that sank in 2004 at the Charlestowne River landing.

Adventure is built almost entirely out of oak, from her massive, double-sawn frames to her planking. She is rigged as a ketch, and will carry square sails on her main mast.

On Saturday October 25, 2008 Adventure departed the City Marina heading for her permanent home at Charlestowne River Landing.

You can check out all the action at the Charleston City Marina via their web cam:

Charleston City Marina Live


Anonymous said...

Hmmmph. I walked down to see it and all the docks have signs restricting access to owners and guests. Are they new? Seems I used to be able to walk all over there.

Rea Road Neighborhood Coalition said...


The signs are there to keep the riff raff down. But as long as you behave yourself no one is going to toss you off the docks during the day.

Follow the rules, no smoking, no boarding boats, keep gawking on the down low, and above all else be friendly.