Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiger Woods and Buick Part Ways

Sad news for the dozen or so people who love Tiger Woods and drive Buicks; Tiger and Buick are calling it quits after 9 years of marriage.

Like the Micheal Jackson - Lisa Marie Presley marriage; it was odd, fake, gross and completely unbelievable.

I know plenty of golfers and not one of them drive a Buick. My dad drove a Buick Electra 225 back in the early 1970's. Dad's Buick was a boat of a car, and it was known then as a Cadillac wanna be, like the P O N T I A C whose initials spelled out a ethic flavored joke, real money bought real cars and Buick wasn't one of them even back in the day.

Even harder to believe that the richest athlete in the world would choose to drive a car favored mostly by no one unless he wasn't getting paid millions to do so?

Seems no one believed the pitch, because no one was buying Buicks.

The AP reports: "There were 445,611 Buicks sold in 1999, the year Woods signed on to become the company's pitchman. Last year, Buick sold just 185,791 vehicles, and this year is going to be much worse."

Of course, Woods can't be blamed for bad design, poor gas mileage or any of a hundred reasons people give these days for not buying American cars. All he tried to do was sell them.

Woods no doubt was the highest paid worker at Buick, so the firing will save the company 7 million dollars next year.

The official line of course is that Woods is leaving to spend more time with his family and to follow other interests.

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