Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Mecklenburg County Commissioners Will Fire Harry Jones

Have you ever thought about running for office? I don’t mean president, just some obscure local office, like …. the Mecklenburg County Commission.

It’s a part-time part-time job where you get paid for meeting on the first and third Tuesday of each month for about 3 hours. Other than that you don’t do much at all because you hired a county manager who really runs the business of the county.

But this week you get to step into the spotlight, because the man you hired, Harry Jones, has a pretty bad ego problem and has refused to address the festering mess at Mecklenburg County’s DSS.

Harry Jones explains DSS short comings are no big deal.

He’s been heavy handed with employees, cronyism runs rampant and the system of checks and balances normally associated with government is broken.

Up until this point you have laid low, hoping the whole thing will blow over and Harry will be a good boy. But it hasn’t blown over in fact this morning your phone is ringing at 6 AM because the Charlotte Observer is digging into Harry Jones like a badger who hasn’t seen a good meal in a week.

Your email is overloaded, sixty three new messages since the last time you looked, just after midnight.

You’re deleting unread messages from your Blackberry so fast that you fail to see your college freshman daughter’s email telling you she wants to spend Christmas in Cancun with her 45 year old professor.

Because of the Harry Jones fiasco you didn’t read her email telling you "He’s sooooo sweet". You know the email that continues ….. “I hope you and mom won’t mind, but if you rather I just come home for Christmas shoot me and email before noon tomorrow, otherwise its CANCUN for Christmas! WOOO WHOOO!”

Meanwhile some blogger named Cedar Posts is providing your email address to about 50 people every hour adding to the insanity of your normally obscure elected position and the emails keep coming.

At this point Harry Jones has become a dead weight around your neck, your life is in turmoil and by next week when you learn about the deleted Cancun email, you’ll decide its time for Harry Jones to go.


Let's face it contacting your county commissioners is the last thing you want to put on your Wednesday to do list.

But do you really want your local government run by a bunch of bullies? Government employees who use their influence to have Bank of America employees reprimanded? People who steal candy from small orphaned children and then laugh it off when caught on camera have no place running our county government.

So fire off an email:

Cut and past these addys:,,,,,,,,


"FIRE HARRY JONES" in the subject line.

Now! In the body of your email.

Hit Send!

It's that easy!


Anonymous said...

And to make matters even worse, his son was just arrested on Oct.30th for his second DUI, this time he was on a Moped.

No joke, this.....and it's pretty sad.

Don't know what his "punishment" was for the first one, would be interesting to see what happens with this second one.

Anonymous said...

That may have been his third DUI, not 100% sure on that.

Anonymous said...

Harry Jones has a son? I always thought he was gay?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Geez, Let's leave the homophobic and racist remarks off, please,
it just detracts from the facts and the legitimacy that it's NOT ABOUT

Anonymous said...

That's 3 DUI's since May. Got to try very hard to achieve those type results.

Rea Road Neighborhood Coalition said...

Did you notice his Freaking GOLD ASS ROLEX!


Cedar Posts said...

I don't want to be the hall monitor, so try to keep it PG.

Yes I noticed the Rolex as well, kinda makes you think.

Bob Walton was gay, that didn't bother me, as being gay has no relation to how well you do your job or account for the missing cash.

Anonymous said...

Right, Cedar, straight, gay, black, white, that is not the's all about character, integrity and most importantly, HONESTY!!!

And I don't see a lot of these going on with Harry Jones.

Anonymous said...

Have we become so Politically Correct and so afraid of being labeled "racist" or being accused of discriminating that have we have become willing to accept any kind of behavior from African Americans just because they are African Americans?

The same goes for Rodney Monroe.

When will we get past this, this being afraid of any kind of backlash?

Let's face it, it is about race in this sense, I do believe if he were white and had done these same things, it would have been over for him a long time ago.

I hope I am wrong.

But we have all heard it, "You just don't like him because he is Black", "You just want to get rid of him because you are a racist". It happens EVERY time here in Charlotte. The Black community goes on the defensive and rallies to the defense of ANY Black community leader, no matter there lack of integrity, lack of leadership, etc.

Anonymous said...


WAKE UP! They aren't going to fire Jones!

They just gave him a bonus for doing nothing, in fact they gave him a bonus for losing $165K!

That would be like Rodney Monroe getting a raise for crashing 8 police cars in a single year.

Wait! That already happened didn't it?


Anonymous said...

He just needs to do the "right" thing, the classy thing, the ETHICAL thing, and RESIGN.

If he has an iota of self respect left, he just needs to leave.

Anonymous said...

I hear Lomax is going to take early retirement.