Monday, January 11, 2010

Cedar Posts News

Just to let y'all know I'd like to change things up a little. I've spend the last year passing along news about our Police Chief Rodney Monroe.

I think I've been fair, and I've really tried to avoid being a source of "opinion news" about the Chief. The truth is following Rodney is overwhelming, the RoMo news is endless.

As someone pointed out this morning never in the history of Charlotte has a police chief been in the press as much as RoMo. Chief Monroe is the Paris Hilton of Charlotte. There is not a day that goes by that someone in blue doens't tell me another bizarre story about Chief and lil' Chief.

There is an email regarding a former female officer and a male officer who was shot a few years back and they have just now won a lawsuit against the CMPD. It is stuff like this that the mainstream press doesn't cover. More about that later.

In the mean while I'm spinning off a new blog called "Meckburbia" with the help of some friends who follow a less than conventional path for their journalistic endeavors.

Part news, part satire, part paparazzo they are going after crazy stuff that happens around us in the land called Meckburbia.

Think "Parker Myers" from 20 plus years ago, or "The Mecklenburgers" from more recent times. Anyways once it gets up and running it should be fun.

Here's a standing request, see something wierd, got a neighbor who creeps you out, let us know. Write your own stuff, we'll post it but please no Rodney Monroe.


Anonymous said...

Cedar, I hope you are going to continue with this Blog, also.

I know you must get tired of the most popular postings being about romo.....but you know, there IS a reason for that.

People (romo) don't generate this much smoke unless there is a lot of fire. And you are one of, if not the only one, that has been willing to step up and allow people an outlet to get the word out about what is REALLY going on at CMPD!!

So let me thank you for that, and hope you continue reporting on corruption everywhere and continue to allow people that are so devastated with what is going on at CMPD to continue posting here.
And to continue to try to bring to light what is going on and has gone on with romo at the helm.

If the mainstream media is too afraid of romo to really do investigative reporting, I only hope that this one voice continues!! Thank you, Cedar, and keep up the good work here and with your new venture!!

Cedar Posts said...

We'll keep after RoMo until he either cleans up his act or takes that job in DC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Cedar....

And the chances of a snowball freezing in hell are greater than the chances romo will clean up his act!

So we can all keep our fingers crossed that he moves on to DC sooner rather than later!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the one who is obsessed with Monroe.

Anonymous said...

You are so right.

Ever since I met the man shook his hand and looked him in the eye I saw someone I didn't trust.

But I never though it would be a daily soap opera. But it is....

And so it goes.