Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CMPD Frisbee Football Canceled, Sex is Business as Usual, and Something Big

Cedar Posts hears, something big is coming down the chute. City Council and the rank and file at CMPD have had enough.

Also Marcus Jackson lands accuser number 6 (one more to go): The latest allegation stems from a November 29th domestic violence call, a police statement said. "Jackson again allegedly used his authority as a police officer to unlawfully fondle another victim," spokesman Rob Tufano said in the statement.

And there may be more to the Hamlett Almendarez Fuel Pizza sex scandal.

And RoMo is being called out by Charlotte City Council.

Over at WCNC they are asking "In this particular case these look like fairly young officers. Are there some things they need to consider from selection? Are there some cultural issues going on within the department?"

Cedar Posts has also learned that ISS hasn't conducted background checks since June 2009.

Prior to June ISS handled, reference checks, employment and tax records, while CMPD conducted criminal and civil court record checks.

But in June Major Sheri Pearsall took the entire process in house without the knowledge of Deputy Chief Miller, but with Chief Monroe's blessing. Could it be the Chief Monroe, learned of Marcus Jackson's failed background check in June, and demanded changes due to Jackson's record of domestic violence?

The end to Frisbee Football:

Sources tell Cedar Posts that Charlotte City Council expressed alarm that CMPD officers were playing football while on the clock, have asked Clown Curt to tell RoMo to end the practice.

One council member noted that playing the field has taken on a whole new meaning since the Fuel Pizza incident, and it really wasn't a good time to be playing games.

But some CMPD officers complain that Fuel Pizza is not a reason the punish having sex while on duty, and suggest the firing of the Eastway officer was wrong, recalling two CMPD officers who were not fired after being caught having sex while on duty, after parking their patrol cars inside an old warehouse.

Of course Rodney Monroe was quick to point out that the above event happened before he became chief.

More details soon.


Anonymous said...

It was just a matter of time for the frisbee football...I mean, come on.I think everyone at CMPD deserves rest and relaxation, but you just can't do things like this on duty. There is a reason most companies, like the one I work for, have athletic endeavors, but not on the clock, we do it after hours and on weekends.

But there are, I hear, bigger fish to fry than this or the christmas party. Will City Council do ANY investigating into the BUDGET at CMPD? Where does all the money go?
How about the "new and improved" offices for command staff? Was this really a necessary expenditure in this economy? So many other things I hear about constantly.
Where is the oversight City Council and Curt Walton? How much money has been spent by CMPD THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY since rodney arrived?
Rodney has certainly been having a good time with CMPD funds!

Anonymous said...

When is he supposed to hand over the Jackson files to City Council?

Anonymous said...

Sherie Pearsal just doesn't have the experience, from all I have heard, to be a Major, much less to be THE Major over the academy. Come on, she was a Captain for less than a year. When Rodney came, he put her on the fast track as part of his "diversity" campaign.
The directives had been that you must be a Captain for AT LEAST two years before being promoted to Major.
Rodney changed the rules specifically so he could promote Sheri.....and promote her he did, over many more qualified, better experienced, longer tenured Capta ins that had been waiting MUCH longer....that promotion, which was announced at a "community meeting", set the diversity train in motion. Sherie also attended Leadership Charlotte with Rodney's wife.
Soon after she took the Academy job, the LEFT for three months to go to the FBI Academy, on rodney's recommendation. These things are all VERY PUBLIC knowledge!
Ken Miller may not have known about the change in who was doing background checks, BUT I GUARANTEE YOU RODNEY MONROE KNEW...Sherie does not make a move without "informing" rodney, from what I am told.
She is "his person" at the Academy, she owes him big time.
There is no doubt in ANYBODY's mind, and I have asked many, that it was clear that standards were being lowered at the Academy to accommodate rodney's agenda of diversity at any cost.
Leadership Path classes? Get rid of them, we don't need them, they can learn ON THE JOB. How has that worked out for you,romo?
Extra training over and above state mandated training? Forget about it, we don't need THAT.
Are you seeing a PATTERN here?

PJ said...

There has to be a way to put police officers in touch with The Observer's police beat reporter without exposing the officer to a lie-detector interrogation to see who has talked to a reporter. I have talked with an O reporter and he understands that officers are afraid to talk to him, period. The officers want the truth to get out; the reporter needs facts that he can back up before he can burn RoMo. The Chief is putting select chosen ones in positions where they can be his eyes and ears around the department. The promotion of Sheri Pearsal is just one example. Once he took the promotion process in-house (to the Chief's office) and out of the hands of an independent panel, it's clear what he plans to do - get promoted by who you know and not by what you know. He is dumbing down the CMPD. I know and have know officers -- both black and white - over 30 years-plus and I know that they are disgusted. These current and former officers worked hard to elevate the professional base of the CMPD and RoMo is dumbing down the department. Diversity is important, but he's making the process and the promotees a laughing stock among most officers (with the exception of those on the suck-up path to higher rank) of those who are being promoted. Sheri Pearsal is a prime example. We need to figure out how to get facts to the O, without exposing the officers, at the same time giving the reporter first hand information.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:25
Everything you said is FACT.

A lot of these facts are there for the asking, the O reporters just have to do a little digging. I know exactly what you are talking about, but with a little digging, some things are available for ALL.
Correct you are, romo has put his "cronies", people that owe him and are loyal to him, in EVERY position to be his stooges and report everything back to him.
He is infamous for his revenge, it takes over his life, getting back at people he feels have slighted him.. he makes "payback" his mission against individuals.
So you do understand that it would be absolutely career ending for anyone to access anything by their CMPD computers.

From everything I am told, and I hesitate to make this statement, because it just puts a target on his back, but from everything I am told, THE ONLY PERSON that can take a stand against romo is DC Kerr Putney. From what people tell me, he is the only member of command staff that has managed to keep his ethics and integrity and not become a suck up like the rest.
If he took a stand, there would be literally hundreds lined up behind him. Doing the right thing needs a leader, and he is it.

Anonymous said...

There are a few people that have left that would be in a position to tell the truth about what is going on at CMPD. I don't understand why they don't....

The question is, will City Council ALLOW these abuses of power by rodney to continue and continue and continue? Will THEY not do anything to halt the absolute ruin of CMPD?

Please tell me the reason they are holding off on actually confronting rodney with this crap is because he is black? Honestly, the people I talk to at CMPD don't care if he is pink, they just don't think he is a leader..period, and that he is taking CMPD in the total wrong direction and setting it back YEARS.
Will it take even more scandals and horrible decision making before something is FINALLY done?
Is that fair to the officers that have to go to work every day in this hostile work environment?
What are people afraid of? One thing is clear, if he were NOT black, he would be on his way out.
He should resign, but we know that isn't going to happen, not with his ego.
So it looks like it is up to others to start the rehabilitation and clean up at CMPD.
You CANNOT be an effective leader when people DO NOT RESPECT YOU, and more importantly, do not respect the direction you are taking the PD and the methods you are using to do it.

Anonymous said...

For the record....Command staff was ordered by the Chiefs office that EVERY DIVISION had to provide a team, and those divisions unable to get enough volunteers ordered officers to participate. FACT, and easy enough to confirm.

Anonymous said...

Why is City council getting upset, they set the format on how to spend and waste tax dollars money, right now they will keep the fire going since it takes the heat off them, but the heat should be on them because Someone should have been doing their tax paying job and not signing off on Romo's expeditures, try and take a look at that and the city budget as where tax dollars really go, ya Right, good luck with that.