Monday, January 11, 2010

Fantasia Barrino Un-Real Reality Show

Charlotte gets another chance to shine in the national spotlight tonight on VH1.

The Charlotte Observer and other media sources are reporting......

Fantasia Barrino the former American Idol and single mother with an amazing voice will take her life to the world of reality television.

You might remember that Fantasia Barrino moved from High Point to Charlotte after her "Idol" victory in 2004.

But Cedar Posts doubts the Charlotte Chamber will be including Fantasia as proof that relocating to the Queen City is a good career move and an example of the best that Charlotte has to offer.

Barrino strikes a pose behind her Piper Glen home.

Her reality show began filming last summer at the south Charlotte home she owns and shares with six extended family members. The first episode of Fantasia Barrino's VH1 reality series, "Fantasia for Real," debuts at 10p.m. tonight. Episodes will air for eight weeks.

Inside her Bevington Place home in Charlotte's Piper Glen

Despite a successful autobiography, a made-for-TV movie, a Broadway role in "The Color Purple" and a platinum album, Barrino fell into money problems soon after moving Charlotte.

According to Lance Chitwood, Old St. Andrews at Piper Glen Homeowners Association president, liens were filed against her first home, in Piper Glen in south Charlotte, over unpaid homeowner association fees.

Fantasia Barrino's home on Seton House Lane in Piper Glen

Then creditors filed suit for debts of more than $240,000.00 owed on several Mercedes. Her second Piper Glen home, with reported sales price of more than $1.2 million, and formerly owned by L.L. Cool Jay, was threatened with foreclosure over unpaid property taxes in 2009.

Fantasia Barrino's Bevington Place home in Piper Glen

In the first episode of the VH1 series, "Fantasia For Real," Barrino, 25 acknowledges having her extended family of six living with her can be a financial burden, and moves to get things back on track.

A check of property record indicate that Barrino still owns both Piper Glen homes, but that the Bevington Place home uses a Sherman Oaks California address.

In the series, which began taping in June, she confronts her brother, Joseph "Teeny" Barrino, for overspending and demolishing the interior of the home's pool house to put in a recording studio. At the same time, she tries to revive her career with a new song, "Move on Me."

Barrino said in an interview that her financial problems stemmed from poor management after she hit the spotlight.

Barrino says she regrets not being more involved with the direction of her career after her win on "Idol." But the bad press about debts and struggles with money have taught her valuable lessons about show business, and given her some harsh life experience.

Sadly a check of Mecklenburg tax records shows Fantasia lives a pipe dream and is again delinquent on her property taxes. Owing more than $14,000.00. With a family of blood suckers, massive weight gain and a flop song "move on me" she's headed for rock bottom.

Fantasia poses for a more classic look


Anonymous said...

Cedar that is really not fair.

So what if she porked out, so she's got a little booty action going on.

And how many other people in Charlotte haven't paid the tax man?

Posting those pics of her is really mean.

So get a life instead of making fun of other people, and I bet you look no better in a speedo!

Anonymous said...

Personally reality shows are the most disgusting thing on TV, not only are they boring, but they mostly depict people at their worse. Why does ANYONE bother to watch them? It only sends out bad messages and the wrong influence on our already struggling youth.

Anonymous said...

People love a "train wreck" it costs the networks next to nothing to make a reality show.

Amazing what people will do for free.

Trouble with FB is she's not "hot" and not trashy enough to compete with Jersey Shore.

So she either needs to shoot someone to start preaching the bible.

Unless she does something crazy no one will watch.

What do you be she goes nuts on a couple of family members.

Anonymous said...

Cedar those are some really nasty photos. You blog is too classey to have that trash posted.

Anonymous said...

She's one nasty looking woman!

Anonymous said...

Girl, there is a time and place to wear a bikini and your time is up! Good luck getting back on top. Kick the leeches to the curb and save yourself!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To 7:57,
Are you serious? No one made her pose for those pics. Im sure Cedar recognizes the fact he doesnt look good in a speedo...hence no pics of him in a speedo. She fully undertook the notion that those pics would end up somewhere. I think its frickin hilarious. Good job Cedar you struck a nerve on this poster.

Anonymous said...

I saw the show. VH1 is running the Monday episode over and over again.

It is sad, Fantasia has no talent and she looks like a lottery winner who has been spending all of her money on beer and pot.

Sad indeed.