Friday, February 26, 2010

Dumb People

Leaving Stone Crest Shopping Center after a nice dinner at City Tavern, Cedar Posts notices the rear door of the above Tahoe is open with no one in sight. The SUV is not running and there is a purse on the passenger seat. Crazy people? Abduction? Break-in? Sudden need for pizza and beer?

Much to Cedar's relief none of the above.

After calling 911 just in case, it turned out some woman who didn't speak a whole lot of English just forgot to close the rear door. Who are these people?


Anonymous said...

Answer-Our next crime victim.

Followed with the next statement; I don't know what happened.

The General said...

Cedar, It just amazes me how much stuff you run into during your traveling endeavors. Drive safely, stay awake, and pass along good luck wishes tomorrow.