Friday, February 26, 2010

A Street Car Named Stupid

Adding a novelty item like a trolly to Charlotte's ever expanding budget short fall is by many counts just plain insane. While City Council continues to push the trolly idea the MTC says they will not pay to operate the trolly. Seems their focus is on the Red Line going north. See Jeff Taylor at The Meck Deck

But have no fear Charlotte City Council has a plan "B" including the Trolly in the budget as Visitors and Convention or Arts. Hummmmm?????

And to make matters interesting Sue Myrick took time off from offending Muslims to push for Federal funding to build the trolly line her letter is here.

But again from the Charlotte Observer we continue to hear nothing but crickets.


Rick said...

When will the voters wake up?

Sue Myrick goes and supports this streetcar insanity and not a peep by the Republicans on Charlotte City Council who were left out to dry after voting against it?

That on top of Michael Barnes saying he wouldn't support the streetcar if it raised taxes on all of Charlotte, yet he goes and votes for it anyway on two different occasions with no plan to prevent tax increases for all of Charlotte. That's the kind of guy we want as DA?

When will The People say "enough"?

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are either well connected or you have a real good sense of what is going on behind the closed doors of Charlotte smokey back rooms.

If council were to put the Trolly are a tourist item or arts I doubt anyone would claim foul.

Might this be the answer as to why they are pressing on without MTC support?