Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bill James Is At It Again

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one in two black women is infected with herpes. The study found the prevalence of the herpes simplex 2 virus was twice as high in women as in men. But overall, blacks were three times more likely to be infected.

And that is all that Mecklenburg County commissioner Bill James needed to hear to starting flapping his yap by saying the problem is promiscuity in the black community.

“They think promiscuity is OK, I guess, and they don't think marriage is all that big a deal and they don't think out-of-wedlock births are a problem, so everybody just keeps rockin’ on the way they're rockin’ on,” James said.

“If half of the black women between 14 and 49, child bearing age, if they have STDs, then there is something wrong,” James continues.

James may have a point, but really does it require a once an hour tweet to his 108 followers and via a 30 second sound bite on News Channel 14? I guess so.

@meckcommish STD study invokes discussion on race and promiscuity - via @addthis

@meckcommish Genital Herpes - STD information from CDC: via @addthis Report from the CDC
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@meckcommish Reply Retweet CDC: U.S. Herpes Rates Remain High - Infectious Disease - via @addthis From Fox News

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@meckcommish Reply Retweet STD Health Disparities by Race or Ethnicity: via @addthis Cool CDC interactive stuff

And it doesn't stop there, as Charlotte's black community doesn't waste time in slamming James which is just what he wants a full blown slugfest with equally embarrassing Willie Ratchford. Details here.

Cedar's take is that Bill James is a crazy loose cannon and will say anything to get attention. Like the class clown or idiot sometimes it is just best to ignore him.

Oh Crap I've become part of his scam as well.


ThaQueenCity said...

Bill James is an IDIOT first class! BUT I have to say the #'s do support the fact that somehow this is a growing trend within the black community! Instead of focusing on James, Black leaders should be focusing on what they can do the STOP this problem!

But alas, instead most will be concerned with lining their pockets and ego's then blaming whites ... when does the bashing end and the helping begin?

I am tired of hearing about how one race is "held" back by another, yet have the same if not MORE opportunities than the other race! Then the complaining race sits around doing nothing to help themselves...

Anonymous said...

They are both fat pigs who push peoples button to get attention. Sick just plain sick.