Friday, March 26, 2010

Cedar Posts Looks at CMPD Hope Foundation

We have received several emails questioning the operation of the CMPD Hope Foundation the beneficiary of the annual Burnette Nobles Golf Tournament. Concerns arose last year after a major dust up between Tommy Burnette and CMPD organizers.

The annual tournament was originally started to support a scholarship foundation benefiting the children of CMPD officers, but direction has changed over the last couple of years and Cedar Posts is wondering why?

Also reports the record keeping at CMPD Hope is no better than the incomplete CMPD Hope website

So it may all be talk, but the guidelines for receiving assistance are pretty loose and approval is based solely on a majority vote of the board which is chaired by Major Vicki Foster.


Cedar Posts sent the following emaid to CMPD Hope Foundation Treasurer Heidi Kimbell:


Thank you for posting a comment the Cedar Posts blog.

First, all the writers, commentators and friends of Cedar Posts think the Burnette Nobels Golf Tournament is a wonderful event. We all appreciate your hard work for the event and as a CMPD officer.

We are so sorry you did not receive our first email.

Here are the questions folks have been asking:

1) Why the change from a Mecklenburg County Golf Course to a privately owned golf course?

2) How much money was raised at last year's event?

3) How are the proceeds from the tournament split between CMPD Hope Foundation and the Burnette Nobels Memorial Fund?

4) Are any CMPD employees compensated by the Burnette Nobels Memorial Fund, CMPD Hope Foundation or the Burnette Nobels Golf Tournament?

5) Are any other individuals directly compensated by either the Tournament or the Burnette Nobels Memorial Fund or the CMPD Hope Foundation?

6) Are there any conflicts of interest either real or perceived that you are aware of?

Thank you for your help and your prompt reply.

Cedar Posts

Ms. Kimbell's response was simple and straight to the point:

"We thank you for your interest in this event. However, I regret that I am unable to respond to this or any other “blog” site."

You can draw you own conclusions.


Anonymous said...

I've wondered the same thhing ever since Foster started running the whole show. Is CMPD Hope part of CMPD or is it something else.

I know some officers who have gotten checks and none that have been turned down. The thing is good if you as me, but clearly there is no oversight.

Anonymous said...

This is the CMPD Giving Tree. You wont get any answers from Rutt Mutt or his minons.

Anonymous said...

You know if Foster's name is attached to it there is something shady going on.

How can CMPD run a not for profit corporation out of CMPD headquarters and not have any accounting?

Why are people giving to a fund that has no over sight?

Unless they are a little more upfront about what they are doing with the money this will be the last year I pay for a team.

Thank you CP for pointing out another snarky operation of Char/Meck Gov/Co

Anonymous said...

Can not respond? What? If you hold a position on the board in a non profit that does not exclude you from answering questions and by not you are asking to have an audit done by the Attorney General's office if you are reported as a fraudulent non profit organization. Heidi is a wonderful person and that should be no reflection on her, her morals are sound and since she is not one of power within CMPD, she must do what she is told or risk her current position. The golf tournament is a wonderful thing, but before it was handed over to another organization to oversee, more investigation of what CMPD Hope does or doesn't do should have occurred, but it did not.

JAT said...

What it appears to have been registered with the IRS in 2009 as a 501cIII with a EIN of 260711550.

They are gonna to have to provide some details sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Cedar what I hear is much like DSS nothing there to worry about. No records no accounting no aduit just like PAL run by the same crooks that all belong to the group FORM, Friends Of Rodney Monroe.

Anonymous said...

You are on to something, stay with it! Rutt Mutt's cronies think they can get away with anything.

What do all these people have in commom?

Marcus Jackson
Warren Turner
Gloria Pace King
Harry Jones
Rodney Monroe
Vicki Foster


I'll tell you what GREED!

Anonymous said...

Look at you Cedar you are the biggest bigot you don't like the fact that CMPD has a chief that happens to be black and I guess you hate "Obama" as well.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:41
Puleeze, Friend of Rodney, go away.

Please don't try to play the "race card" in here.

Cedar is not a bigot.

Rodney's stupidity and lack of integrity have nothing to do with his race....he's just a stupid MAN.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:41

I hate Obama as well as Rodney Monroe and it has nothing to do with their race it has to do with the fact they both lie,have no morals, and are decietful ...why must you always play the race card??

DC transplant

ThaQueenCity said...

It never fails there is ALWAYS someone who will claim the “race” card! THOSE are USUALLY the BIGGEST racist! They are the ones that vote for someone JUST BECAUSE of their race… SO who is REALLY the racist here ANON 10:41PM?

Monroe has PROVEN he is a liar, a bully and has NO morals or ethics! So crawl back to your “dictator” and tell him if he were purple he would STILL be a liar, a bully, unethical, unmoral, and basically the BIGGEST idiot (ok beside Harry Jones and Curt Walton) we in Charlotte have had to deal with! OMG did you notice a “white person in this list?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog since the first story created such an uproar within Chief Monroe's office.

With Rodney Monroe Exposed you openned the curtian and lifted the vail of secrets and Monroe was pissed, he went on a week long witch hunt claiming you were a danger to his family.

I have to admit I bought the BS 100%. Now a year later I have to tell you I was fooled. I've been loyal to the chief for over a year and I've put up with his bullshit long enough.


Monroe's day is coming and I for one will be glad when people see what you are saying is true.

As one person says again and again "WAIT FOR IT"

ThaQueenCity said...

March 28, 2010 10:53 AM

If you are REALLY tired of it and you actually WORK for this idiot, then you MIGHT want to do some things on your OWN to help his exit along!

There are ways YOU can stay protected (if you are unfortunate enough to work for him) while remaining anon!

Ask Cedar, The General and a few others on this blog, I "guarantee" THEY WILL protect YOUR idenitity!

But to be rid of this narcissitic dictator it IS going to take verifiable inside info! And ya gotta have guts to stand day someone within CMPD WILL have the guts! I pray that time is SOONER than later :-)

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:41,

Really? Did you really just try to pull a cyber-jackson on Cedar?

The General said...

Thank you Queen City for the kind words and confidence.
I gave this department well over 30 years and I mean well over. I would have stayed longer but just couldnt stand working for monroe and snobby ray ray. Then on top of their arrogance , here comes our command staff splitting into groups and at each others throats every day. There were those who sucked up to these two fantasy island idiots to hopefully get another promotion under their belt and then there were those who stood by and let it all happen without a fight. I saw my own friends turn against each other and myself. Those kids I raised sacrificed their lives for me and this department but when romo and ray ray came they forgot where they came from. Many went to the other side. What a shame and a great loss. I couldnt stand to see this.
Every word that came from romo's mouth when he was challenged was a lie. His treatment and lies about the Reserve Unit was the icing on the cake for me. Many of us left, many stayed. They thought money was why they were there. Not the job we all loved.
I miss it but I will not work for a liar and a manipulator such as he. I lost many "friends" because of him. Maybe one day they will wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

Cedar you may have gone too far this time, Foster went straight to Monroe and they want to shut down the Cedar Posts blog. Watch your back Cedar!

Anonymous said...

While I agree Cedar should watch his back, Foster and Monroe live in "glass houses", and I wouldn't think they would be throwing stones at ANYONE.

And if they "use" the police department, ANY part of the police department to research ANYTHING for their own vendettas, that would be such an abuse of power I can't imagine the crapstorm that it would produce.

I am sure "people" will be compelled to testify, under oath, in the civil lawsuits that are coming from the Marcus Jackson ain't over, folks, until the Fat Lady sings!!

And it is known to many that Foster was deeply involved in the Private Security Firm that her "fiancee" seemingly operates "on his own" now.....I don't think she would like that looked into too deeply.

People that use their "positions" to try to bully, cower and threaten people, well, it never works out for them in the end.

Corrupt and inept people continue to run things, and many good people, good people like the General,leave rather than work for them.

Anonymous said...

If RuttMutt & Foster had nothing to hide, they would not fear Cedar Posts.

I challenge CMPD insiders with this famouse quote:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing."

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:04
Correct, 100% Correct.