Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cedar Posts Loose Ends and Loose Cannons

Marcus Jackson is set to appear in Mecklenburg Superior Court two weeks from today. No word as to a plea deal or other pretrial maneuvering. But stay turned.

DSS and The Giving Tree scandal is far from over, as the feds continue to look into how DSS employees spent thousands of dollars. What may be an even bigger scandal is why Mecklenburg County DSS spends millions of taxpayer dollars providing taxi cab rides when we have a struggling bus system. Read more about this at The Meck Deck.

You can't have a mixed drink without thinking about Parks Helms and the ABC Board fiasco. Still awaiting the fall out from that mess. Will the state ABC stores be privatized? Talk about a franchise opportunity. I'm lining up investors to resurrect the Park N Shop name for a chain of Charlotte liquor stores. Maybe Park N Drink or Parks N Shops?

The forecast calls for continued cloudy skies over Charlotte's Police Activities League. Cedar Posts emailed the usual suspects (Council Members) and PAL board members asking direct questions about Jeff Hood's connection to Rodney Monroe, the use of unauthorized van drivers, and the hiring of convicted drug dealers as supervisors in the PAL program. Nothing but crickets except from Council member Nancy Carter who was nice enough to say she "forwarded" my questions to Chief Monroe for a reply. I'll not hold my breath.

The Blue Angels are in Charleston Saturday April 17 and Sunday April 19, if you have never seen these guys in person you are really missing something and I can't think of a better reason to visit a true Southern City.

Burnette Nobles Golf Tournament has moved to Charlotte Links. On Monday April 19, 2010 you can play a tough Scottish Links style course for a great cause and you'll get to play golf with Chief Monroe and all of his cronies. Plus a chance to meet Cedar Posts.

Register by Monday, April 12 by e-mailing Officer Heidi Kimbell at Entry fee includes green fees, golf cart, lunch, snacks/refreshments and a gift bag for each player.

The tournament format is captain's choice "Best Ball" with two shotgun starts (7:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.). Trophies will be awarded for both shotguns, to teams placing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Tournament proceeds benefit the CMPD HOPE Foundation, which provides emergency assistance for CMPD employees in crisis, and the Burnette Nobles Memorial Fund, which provides programs and activities for disadvantaged youth and seniors and assistance for youth projects.

Cedar Posts reported a few weeks ago about CMPD's foray into reality television after Chief Monroe inked a deal with "The First 48" producers from A&E. Filming starts April 1st, (How Appropriate) andrumors have it that Chief Monroe has hired a linguistics coach. Could a dancing with the stars gig be next? The rest of the story is on WCNC News here.

And finally Curt the Clown Walton and idiot of the week Warren Turner who has a "reputation with the ladies" (not the good kind) are in the cross hairs of Charlotte's main stream media. Last night council voted to proceed with conducting an "outside investigation" of the sexual harassment allegations against Councilman Turner. Curt the Clown admits mistakes were made regarding the handling of the issue. More at the Charlotte Observer here.

Warren has a number of things he has been dealing with, most recently being shot at by Derrick Daniels while Turner was working as a probation officer. Which brings about the most important question, does Turner's behavior as councilman reflect on his ability to do his job. Certainly his conduct is unbecoming an officer. Cedar Posts suspects his probation officer job is also on the line.


JAT said...

Did you catch Curt saying he did not what to meet with Turner over the alleged harassment incident because he did not feel comfortable reprimanding a councilman?


Who said anything about a reprimand, Curt? All you had to do was ask to meet with Turner in private and lay out what you had heard from HR. Let him give his side, tell him she is pretty upset, but has not filed a formal complaint and we'll get back to you. Done.

Unless -- what Curt was told was pretty outlandish and he believed every word of it.

This is not gonna end well.

Anonymous said...

Turner should resign, but the whole thing is out of control.

Has this council done anything other than bob, weave and dodge? Anything?

Anonymous said...

Turner should resign.

Curt Walton should resign.

Rodney Monroe should resign.

Harry Jones should resign.

(Or all of the above and MORE should be fired.)

City Council should be "impeached" for lack of judgment and action, as should the County Commission.

ThaQueenCity said...

TO: March 25, 2010 11:25 AM

AMEN! The sooner the better, but I do not see it happening! This city is going to end up worse than it is now and with hundreds of law suits from employees and citizens!

THAT seems about the only way we are going to get any of them out!

Anonymous said...

WARREN TURNER, It's he the same person that demanded that the C.S.A flag be removed At Elmwood Cemetery?

Gee, revenge is sweet

Anonymous said...

Vicki Foster did not just say in an interview on tv that CMPD is OVER BUDGET.....OH YES SHE DID.

What she DIDN'T say was HOW MUCH over budget CMPD is, and WHY CMPD is over budget.

Dear God, would someone, anyone, in the media do a story on this???

Okay, so we have finally established that CMPD IS OVER BUDGET.

Now request a copy of the budget, expenditures and line items.

Rodney has spent CMPD money like it was HIS OWN.

And totally wasted so much on his frivolous pet projects, like uniforms, re-wrapping cars, redesigning offices, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I got to hand it to you Cedar you keep finding stuff to dig into. I used to think you were some crackpot nut case yelling about black helicopters, but City Council and the County Commision stuff just keeps coming.

I'll say it again DAMN!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to forward you this condescending email from Homicide. It seems like they are afraid that some "uniforms" are going to embarass them while they are in the spotlight and needed to send out this reminder. I especially like how the Captain says "WE not only represent..." "WE"?! I'm sorry. "WE" does not include Homicide. Homicide and ADW are "Romo's boys." They get take home cars (every other detective unit has had their cars taken away), special "Homicide" polo shirts and khaki pants, a new wall to separate them from the other detectives (and filming privacy), new paint, new wallpaper in interview rooms, flat screen TV's and locked doors so that no other officer can access "their" office without approval. How much did all of those renovations cost?

Why not worry about how well you will film on camera and what suit and tie you are going to wear and let us patrol officers handle the rest? I'll make sure that I don't trip on any camera cords while your reporters contaminate the crime scenes.

From: Zinkann, Paul, III
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2010

To: _CMPD everyone
Subject: The First 48

I am happy to announce that The First 48 is here and will be responding to all homicides beginning today. We have provided them with CMPD identification and access cards. I want all of us to remember that we not only represent every member of the organization and the community but every employee that worked in the department before us. If any issues or concerns arise please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks, Paul

Captain Paul J. Zinkann III

Criminal Investigations Bureau

Homicide/ADW Units

Charlotte N.C., 28202

Desk 704-336-6873