Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CMPD Sells Out To Reality TV

WSOC TV reports that the CMPD plans to participate in a reality show that will require them to give unprecedented access into the inner workings of CMPD homicide investigations.

The First 48, which airs on A&E, follows homicide detectives on cases across the country. Memphis, Detroit and Philadelphia are just a few of the cities that have participated in the show.

CMPD Homicide Capt. Paul Zinkann said the show approached department officials, who ultimately decided participating would be a good thing for them and for the city.

Cedar Posts thinks this is nuts. Memphis pulled out last year after city leaders felt that the show made Memphis look like an out of control city plagued by crime. The trouble is Memphis is an out of control city plagued by crime. So I guess that is way Charlotte was considered a good replacement for Memphis?

Trust me if we didn't have any murders they wouldn't be here. Charlotte leads the Carolina's in murders but why advertise it.

The real trouble is if the City gives the show the boot in a year we are going to look like we are hiding somethings. Once you start you are committed.

According to WSOC beginning in a few weeks, crews will tag along with detectives, spending nearly every waking moment with them.

You can read the entire WSOC story and watch the news report on video here and learn more about the show "The First 48" here.

All I can say is wow, another dumb Rodney Monroe idea, will somebody please shut RoMo down!

Props to Tha Queen City for pointing this out to CP.


Anonymous said...

This is wrong on so many levels I don't know where to begin....really.

Here we go, rodney's huge EGO has lead him down this path, folks.

I wonder if ray/ray will stay around to get his ugly old mug on tv?

These kinds of shows ALWAYS make the departments involved look foolish at best, and stupid at worst.

I always knew rodney's ego would bring him down....but does he have to take CMPD WITH him??

Grab some popcorn, folks, this could prove to be VERY entertaining.

And did rodney have to get the okay from ANYONE??? Couldn't ANYONE stop this idiot and his ego??

Or did someone REALLY think this is a good idea?

Man, he is truly dragging Charlotte into the depths of smarminess and trashiness and CLASSLESSNESS.

The "man" has NO class or sophistication.....NONE, and neither does his loyal "sidekick", ray/ray.....when is he leaving anyhow?

He is definitely an attention whore, wow.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the big deal. Although Gilcrest may actually have a point seeing it takes him years and years to take a murder to trial!!
I disagree with shows like this always making departments look foolish. I haven't seen the 1st 48 where I actually thought the department was a bunch if idiots, actually the opposite. I enjoyed watching JAIL when they taped in the Meck Co jail. It would be good for people to see how the homicides are investigated here.
Hey, if it doesn't work out, you can always blame Monroe!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:01
Oh, I totally agree, transparency is needed at CMPD.

This will just be another Dog and Pony show.

If you don't think people behave differently when there are cameras around, you are kidding yourself.

But Homicide enjoys the benevolence of rodney.

And yes, I assume rodney has initiated and okayed this, so if it fails, it would be his responsibility, right?

I really hope it doesn't make CMPD look foolish.

IMHO it cheapens the dept. and what it stands for.

Anonymous said...

Did they not learn ANYTHING from participating in the atrocious Gangland series about the Hidden Valley Kings? It was such a sensational piece of crap, it made the entire city look like it had gang members on every street corner. Puh-lease. I know there are gangs here and they are a problem, but I have lived here for more than 20 years and know things are not as that show portrayed. I'm sure local television stations have wanted the same kind of access to a CMPD unit. How can you grant access to this one but keep the locals away? This is just more craziness from a crazy man.

Anonymous said...

The show is going to make the department look like a bunch of retards. I can't wait to see how much things change once the crews start showing up

Anonymous said...

What would you guys expect? Didn't RoMo allow Crime 360 or some similar show to do a show on homicides in Richmond?

Anonymous said...

Blast from the past, Nowicki, geez he has been gone so long forgot how to spell his name, He told them No, because he didn't want the sheltered people of Charlotte to See What was going on and lets remember, he also said there was no gang problem in Charlotte when they were already moving in, but the Uppers Know Best, cause when they Don't, it does Roll downhill for the others to get dumped on and to clean up

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the show coming to town is the reason behind creating the ADW unit, putting Homicide on the 1st floor of the parking deck, etc?

DC transplant said...

You know when you see COPS or the first 48 you automatically think of screaming high criminal elements and when I watch those shows I think damn I am glad I don't live anywhere near there- it shows the worst of the worst the most undesireable people, areas, ect- I guess the previous Chiefs didnt want to air out Charlottes dirty laundry ..but I guess since MOMO'S not staying to long he could care less...let him get another 15 minutes of fame since thats what he wants and is known for (see past hx). City Council should be scared who the hell wants to live in a crime ridden city or bring a new buisness to a place they have to worry about getting broken into or have one of their workers robbed??? Wait a minute isnt that happening already??? Oh yeah it lets just show everyone in the US...