Monday, March 29, 2010

CMPD Sergeants Sue City for More Than $500,000.00

WCNC News is reporting the following:

Thirty-two current and former Charlotte-Mecklenburg police sergeants are suing the city for overtime pay.

The sergeants have been negotiating with the city for more than a year now.

"Finally realized we weren't getting anywhere in talking with the city. We felt like we didn't have a choice," said attorney Lou Lessene, who is representing the sergeants.

The city contends that the sergeants are supervisors and are paid a salary, which is not subject to overtime pay. But the Department of Labor says the sergeants are also eligible for hourly pay, including overtime.

Lessene filed the lawsuit Monday "to recover overtime pay and compensatory time off owed, but never paid to plaintiffs as employees of the city of Charlotte."

Now, the city must decide whether to settle or go to court.

You can read the rest of the story here


Anonymous said...

Good for them and sad they are having to do that, but the City has deep pockets using tax payers dollars. The next thing should be the officers that can't even get their deserved Merit raises to do the same. Then more City workers follow in those footsteps since they are tired of being stepped on while those higher ups get their bonuses not having to worry where their next meal is going to come from. Thanks Cedar for posting that story!

Anonymous said...

As usual the City Atty tried to make it look like the sgts were just greedy employee's looking for a handout. Thank goodness the employee's had a responsible atty, and they SHOULD get the money they earned. I don't care where they get the money, because the work has apparently already been done, and our employee's have not been compensated as law prescribes.

ThaQueenCity said...

GO CMPD Sergeants! THEY DESERVE to get paid no matter HOW much it turns out to be! The city should have done this a long time ago and QUIT wasting OUR money on a ridiculous defense! THERE IS NO DEFENSE for not paying these folks! PERIOD!