Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Dread Wednesdays

Wednesdays - I dread Wednesdays. They remind me that life is rushing by, that I have too much to do, that Friday will soon be here and I'm not ready. Wednesday's are just odd, I'm sure at one point having a Wednesday made sense, but if we ever go to a four day workweek I'd vote to give up Wednesday.

Lindsay - As in Lindsay Lohan has filed a $100 Million Dollar lawsuit against a one year old, actress who appears in an eTrade commercial. Lohan is claiming that the child's reference to "that milkaholic Lindsay" is a slanderous statement trying to ruin Lohan's good name.

According to her mother "was left sobbing uncontrollably on Super Bowl Sunday" (weren't we all?) after watching the eTrade commercial about a ditsy, boyfriend-stealing infant also named Lindsay that she believed was created in her likeness.

Lindsay thinks the "talking," milk-a-holic baby in the ad is meant to be a joke about her. Hummmm boyfriend stealing Lindsay not girlfriend stealing which pretty much eliminated Lohan.

Further the 23-year-old one time actress claims that she is internationally known as simply "Lindsay" like Madonna or Cher. Truth is Ms. Lohan you are known by a lot of names none that are suitable for print.

Murder - Things are just a little strange in Raleigh as the Police and the family of 62-year-old State Board of Education member Kathy Taft try to make up their minds. Tuesday afternoon the family retracted a statement they released Tuesday morning confirming Taft's death.

“Kathy Taft, mother of four, grandmother of six, and with countless friends across North Carolina, passed away peacefully this morning,” the now-retracted statement from Thomas Taft, Kathy Taft's ex-husband, said.

The Raleigh police also issued a statement confirming Kathy Taft's death before retracting it.

A relative found Taft unresponsive and in a pool of blood at the house of a man she has been involved with in Raleigh Saturday morning.

Late Tuesday police released a statement saying that they are investigating Taft's death as a homicide. "State Board of Education member Kathy Taft, 62, died Tuesday from injuries she sustained during a brutal beating over the weekend."

March Madness - Something is lacking this year besides the Tar Heels. I'm thinking somehow Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN for the final four just doesn't seem very exciting.

Rodney Monroe - Cedar Posts keeps hearing about a "new" BDU (basic daily uniform) that Chief Monroe has come up with for CMPD officers to wear. The uniform will look something like that which SWAT team members wear only more durable.

The point other than spending another million dollars the city of Charlotte doesn't have I haven't a clue. I'm not even sure if this rumor is true. Just another reason why I dread Wednesdays.


Anonymous said...

Oh each officer either has/ or is getting BDU'S they have already been issued- each officer get's 1 set and after everyone has a set (top/bottoms) they will start to issue out additional and phase out the old uniforms-

ThaQueenCity said...

I like Wednesday, they let me know I only have 2 more work days before I have some MY TIME...

Linsay Lohan is a joke and if she thinks she is the ONLY person named Lindsay she is an even bigger joke! She won't win this suit!

I hate to hear anyone being murdered and from what I hear Ms. taft was pretty special...but honestly why would say someone died and then retract it? Something is NOT right with the scenario!

Our officers are gonna need the armor you showed in the pic more than new "uniforms" to stop all the bullets from all the crime we see every morning on TV...oh, yeah, crime is down, sorry I forgot...just watched another morning news where shots were fired into a home with a child on the west side AGAIN.... WHY is Monroe still around? Like I said 3 months ago, I do not see our chicken chit City Council getting off their butts and doing ANYTHING to stop all the BS going on at CMPD! Too bad because we are loosing WAY too many TRAINED officers!

Anonymous said...


While the new BDUs don't look like the photo, I think those are Koren Cops, they are much like those that MP's wear without the camo.

They are going to be hot as hell.

Anonymous said...

Monroe has no common sense and of course he didn't ask me. The current uniforms are pretty bad, the new ones are just going to make people distrust us more and are going to be really hot.

They are kind of a cross between SHP and the grey of the Nazi SS.

Anonymous said...

When is City Council going to stop the madness at CMPD?

It is clear that little Curt Walton will never do anything to endanger his precious job, so he cannot be counted on to do the right, honest, ethical thing.

This latest flagrant abuse of his power and his total fiscal stupidity, I can't even say irresponsibility because that would infer that he had an iota of responsibility, which he does not, so his fiscal stupidity is just rodney once again thumbing his nose at City Council, Curt Walton and the citizens.

Not to mention his total disregard for the Officers he is supposedly charged with leading.

He is like a child "playing" at being a Police Chief. He likes all the freebies and goodies, likes to spend his monopoly money, but his decisions are all about APPEARANCES and childish desires.

And yet this "man", that has lied repeatedly and spent OUR money like it was growing on a freaking tree, is still here?

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I'll clarify something with regards to the new battle dress uniforms (BDU). Some districts recently recieved new uniforms, with the rest slated to slowly have them phased in. I'm not sure if these are the same BDU's that Cedar was referring to. Either way, I don't know if the new uniforms are Rodney's idea or someone elses, but they are a good idea.

The new uniforms aren't BDU's in the same sense that the military uses that term. They aren't a long, thigh length blouse (I know I said blouse, but that's what the Marines call it) with cargo pockets on the chest, with tactical pants (also not the same as SWAT and Bomb Squad wear). But they do have similarities. They are made by 5.11 and have many additional pockets on the shirt, which come in very handy, as well as cargo pockets on the pants. They're worn in the same fashion as the current uniform; no different. It's not like we're going to a full tactical uniform that some feel is too impersonal and threatening...but would be an excellent idea for our night shift to wear. I think they only downside to the new uniform is that it is a bit hotter.

Now for the biggest issue...why? The reason behind this uniform (and I sincerely hope there is no way to give RoMo kudos for this) is that it is a cost saving measure. The current CMPD issued uniform costs somewhere around $90+ for the shirt and $50 for the pants. So, over $100 for one uniform set. The new 5.11 costs the department less than $30 for both shirts and pants. So, the department will eventually have each officer keep one or two sets of the current uniform for dress wear, but will begin by gettting issued two long sleeve, two short sleeve, and two pants of the new uniforms to phase out the old and save some cash. Good idea if you ask me, but like I said earlier, I just hope RoMo can't take credit for it.

Anonymous said...

Can't be rodney's idea, he has never had an original one.

While the initial cost may be cheaper, (you get what you pay for),I can't imagine that the initial outlay in this economy and with rodney crying "we've got no money" is a good idea.

It's going to cost a bundle initially and CMPD has NO MONEY, or so Rodney says.

So, good idea or not? To initiate the change of uniforms in this economy with rodney's "budget"...

Once again, it goes to JUDGMENT and his lack thereof.

And have they forgotten that Charlotte is in the SOUTH and it gets really HOT in the summer???

CedarPosts said...

Anonymous 3:23 Excellent points.

I don't know about the savings. It might be over the long term and if its RoMo's idea he should get credit for it.

I understand that many departments pay for the first uniform and after than you are on your own. Much like the Marines.

By the way if anyone has more details please speak up. Or email CP at

if s

Anonymous said...

511 stuff is awful either polywool or polyrayon hot as hell. They tried the stuff in Atlanta in 2008 darn near had 1/2 the force quit.

But they don't need to be pressed or even washed for that matter.

ThaQueenCity said...

Headlines on WSOC TV @ 5pm:

CMPD To Participate In Homicide Reality Show - They are going to particpate in The First 48 (one of my favorite shoes) BUT don't you think RuttMutt is nothing but a publicity hound?

He will do ANYTHING that gets "him" on air??? This is the most narcistic idiot I have ever had the pleasure of NOT knowing personally! (Thank you God, cuz I would definitely give him a piece of my mind!)

SO what you are saying they stand up on their own? LOL, that will be miserable for our officers!

Cedar Posts said...

TQC you have got to be kidding. For years CMPD and Council would not go along with COPS and other reality shows and for good reason.

If doesn't promote a good image or good police work.

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing the new uniform and I like it. They are more durable and the extra pockets are great. They don't "scrunch" up in all the wrong places. They are not even close to a SWAT uniform. They don't look fancy or "nice" or "public friendly", but the public doesn't have to wear them. For me they work. When it comes to the heat, they may be hot, but when you are wearing a bullet proof vest you could be in anything and it's going to be hot. So let's just stop trying to make a huge deal out of this, the old uniforms were crap and these are long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:59
Well, it looks like Rodney has finally got one of his "cronies", i.e. YOU, on Cedar Posts schilling for him.

So glad you "love" your uniform....
And wearing a vest IS hot as hell, do you really need a uniform that exacerbates that?

Just another testimony to rodney's
inability to be fiscally responsible.

How about taking some of that money he is using to continuously buy "uniforms" and redo command staff offices, and rewrap cars, well, you get the picture, how about taking some of that money are giving his Officers a RAISE?

And yes, add all his frivolous ego driven spending up and you would have MORE than enough to provide his Officers with a MUCH DESERVED raise.

Anonymous said...

8:09 am----> you are a troll. First, he said "like" not "love". At what point did he say anything positive about Monroe? He offered an opinion about the uniform, big deal.

Anonymous said...


8:09am, you can't continuously harp on Monroe on every post, whether or not that subject has anything to do with the man.

CMPD officers can't be given a raise out of money budgeted for equipment and clothing. You are arguing apples and oranges. The city decides when merit increases and cost of living raises will be given. None of which makes it Monroe's fault anymore than he is responsible for global warming.

I believe in holding a man responsible for his words and actions. So, for those things that Chief Monroe has said, or done, that people feel are inappropriate, have at it. But at least have a point that makes sense.

The current issue of uniforms suck, period. I know, I wear one. They are too thin to be warm in the winter, too dark and flimsy to be much use in the summer. I've left way too much uniform fabric on tree limbs and fence posts in the past twenty years. The change is overdue. By the way, in my opinion, 5.11 clothing is inexpensive and high quality.

8:09am, IF you are not an officer, you have no idea how hot the vest and new uniform are. IF you are an officer, how about you stop whining and get back to work and maybe you'll earn that raise.

Anonymous said...

Oh Contrare, I can harp on Monroe as much as I want, Sweetie. That's the beauty of BLOGS. If you don't like it, don't read the posts...pretty simple.

Monroe has no 'BUDGET'....there is no BUDGET for uniforms, get a grip.

And if there WERE a budget, with all the changes and purchases for uniforms, he would most likely be WAY over it.

Don't you get it? There's no accountability, no budget, he spends what he wants on WHAT HE WANTS.

Troll?? Really???

You're the troll, Buddy.

And could you just be a little more original, "stop whining and you'll get a raise"....really, that's the best you can do?

And with all the hot air emanating from rodney, I'm thinking he could be responsible for global warming.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie? Get a grip? Snappy. I don't think I could do better than that, you're the champ. Thanks for the chuckle.

I didn't say you couldn't post, I asked you to stop whining. Apparently you're incapable. That's okay, I understand.

Yes, you can harp on whatever subject you are most passionate about, and apparently it's Chief Monroe. But, just like that homeless guy in the park, holding a sign saying "the end is near" and mumbling about his shoes, I'm not inclined to take you seriously.

The beauty of blogs is that anyone can post their thoughts, or in your case, thought. Thanks for the reply, I feel somewhat better after reading your rambling rebuttal. It shows you are not an officer, but a poser. Someone who enjoys the anonymity of the internet blogs, the false feeling of superiority and the delusion that you are as important in the real world as you are here.

I suggest you add another layer of tin-foil on your head and increase your meds, the current dosage isn't working.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:21 - The beauty of Blogs is that there is no accountability. Anyone can say anything they want, whether it be true or false, offensive or downright childish. For some folks wishing to express their thoughts and personal opinions, anonimity is the only way they can muster up the courage.

Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up......

Circling the wagons, huh?

The best defense is a good offense?

Yes, in the "world of rodney", about the ONLY way you can make your feelings known about his ineptness and corruptness is through "nameless" blogs....otherwise, you are history in the "career" department.

And I see you guys are ready to defend his ineptness and corruptness, so just what does that say about you?

Talk about "whining"!

Please, doooods, I don't need a tinfoil hat to receive the "news" that you're on here specifically to defend the "rod".

You're too obvious, and you don't make me chuckle, you make me laugh right out loud.

YOUR NAMELESS comments don't intimidate or bother me much.

So, how about some names on your part, seems you don't like ANONYMOUS comments.

Puleeeze......"sticks and stones and all that crap.....too funny you are.

Anonymous said...

"Doood", you're a tool.

It isn't defending anyone else to say that you appear to be incapable of rational thought.

I have no problem with an honest criticism of anyone's words or actions. Particularly those in government office. But your rambling and blathering diatribes against Chief Monroe, in just about every article, actually takes away from any sort of realistic critique.

Now I know this will not hinder you in your incessant ramblings about "corruptness" and "ineptness" and although it makes you appear to be one step closer to receiving a state disability check, I applaud your stamina.

My point is, in case you missed it and you most likely did, you make this blog much less enjoyable, at least for me. Also, in my opinion, you reduce any real evidence and all real critique of Chief Monroe's performance because you sound like a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:13
When you are willing to post under your name, then I will take what you say seriously.

If your definition of "lunacy" is wanting to point out the glaring lack of leadership at CMPD...then we disagree on the definition of "lunacy".

This is a Blog, and you come here of your own free will. If some posts make it less "enjoyable" for you, that breaks my heart, really...stop whining, really..

And as you are definitely the type of "Dooood" that has to have the last word, post away...I'm bored with your pedantic droning.

Anonymous said...

I'm not hoping to entertain you, I'm simply stating the facts. Everyone who reads your ridiculous posts is aware of how unbalanced you sound. You are still whining, as you do in every post.

The definition of lunacy is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. And since you say the same thing, over and over and over again and think your making a point, I'd say you are right on that crazy trail.

You ascribe motivations to posters that you yourself exhibit. You have been blathering about Chief Monroe under your "anonymous" moniker for far longer than anyone else.

So, as for posting under a real name. You first.

Since I don't wish to share in your lunacy, nor bore the readers to death with the same mundane nonsense as you, feel free to respond with more alarmist and defeatist babblings.

Cedar Posts said...

Hey folks, I thought I'd take a second and suggest a couple of things.

First I don't advise anyone employeed by CMPD to post their real name on this blog or anywhere else for that matter.

Next, we all have varying levels of distress and pain we can deal with, just because one person at Steele Creek doesn't let RoMo wreck his day someone else at Eastway may have endured much much more and decided they have had enough. Don't judge what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes.

Finally, keep it civil. Name calling gets a little old and we are really want just one thing to be treated fairly, and rebuild the image of CMPD.

Anonymous said...

The point that you continuously seem to miss is it's important to keep the issues about monroe on the front burner.

And you can't seem to recognize sarcasm or irony.

Once again, if anyones posts disturb your sensibilities, simply stop reading them when they begin to infringe on your boundaries. It's just that simple.

And I am not naive enough to expect ANY results.

Alarmist and defeatist? That you use "crazy" words like that shows how nutso you are.

And I talk to many more people who feel the way I do than than feel the way you do.

So continue to use your hyperbole to put people down, it's shallow and inane.

And Cedar is right, all anyone wants is to put CMPD back together.

It's called freedom of expression.

(And I really wasn't seriously recommending anyone post under their real name....but responding to the cheap shots about people posting "anonymously".)

And you are right, I'm not an officer, but an attorney.

I will continue to post as I have been when I feel like it....but I will not engage in any more "dialogue" with you.