Monday, March 8, 2010

Mecklenburg BOCC D'oh!

You might think the trouble with the Mecklenburg BOCC is limited to corruption within the ABC and DSS and Harry Jones covering up troubles with the Giving Tree Program while lacking the most basic of management ability, guess again.

Sure you might add the CIAA ticket scandal looks pretty bad considering, that comissioner Bill James says: "Free CIAA tickets are just the tip of the iceburg in Mecklenburg County, because there are a whole bunch of freebee's greater than the $50 limit that are available" to the BOCC.

But to get the complete picture of just how bad the Meck BOCC is you need to consider stupid.

As blogger Blane Windlow of Carolina Politics Online points out:

Every now and then I like to do a shout out to Vilma Leake (D) in the form of helping to expose her feeble-mindedness for all to see.

The following is an exchange from last night’s Mecklenburg County Commissioners meeting was recorded by Pundit House, a watchdog group of reporters in Charlotte. As you are reading this bear in mind that this woman helps control a billion dollar plus budget for the entire county and yet has no idea how the county operates.

“Why are they called volunteer if they don’t get paid?” Leake asked.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat the question, please,” replied an understandably confused Fire Marshal Mark Auten.

“Why are you called volunteer firefighters?” Leake asked.

“We have a number of firefighters in the county that volunteer their time to conduct this service,” Auten ventured.

“But why are you called volunteer and you’re asking for funding?” Leake pressed. “Do we have another agency that’s called firefighters under the auspices of the county?”

At which point County Manager Harry Jones tried to provide some clarification, explaining that the county’s funding helped offset VFD expenses for equipment, fuel, fire trucks and maintenance.

“Does this conflict with our own fire department?” Leake asked.

“The county does not have one,” said Commissioners Chairman Jennifer Roberts.

“We don’t have a fire department?” Leake asked.

The hard working taxpayer of Springfield, Homer Simpson couldn't have said it better:



ThaQueenCity said...

Unfortunately this "person" (being nice here) is my elected County official! OMG, what a JOKE! Even I know that Volunteer firemen are NOT paid! Good grief, Lord Help US in District 2!

Luckily Leakes WILL have competition and I WILL be OUT getting her competition VOTES! Lee Ann Patton I think is who is running against her, someone else too, but not sure who they are either. ANYONE but Leakes!

See I can be nice....

Anonymous said...

The only shock is that some people will be surprised at her stupidity. Those of us who have known for years just chalk it up to yet another embarrassment by someone elected for what they look like, not their ability to lead or govern.

Mark Pellin said...

Hey, Cedar: Just a quick heads-up that the original post came from, which launched last week in Charlotte. Thanks to you and Windlow over at Carolina Politics Online for picking up on it. Vilma continues to be God's gift to reporters, and a general embarrassment for local politics.
Mark Pellin

Anonymous said...

I 2nd that!!!

Anonymous said...

The larger problem here is that Leake's IQ is about 2 points higher than George Dunlap. I also question whether or not Leake really lives in "her district". She owns a house in Raintree. Where would you rather live?