Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CMPD Chief Monroe Served By US Marshals

A couple of sources tell Cedar Posts that Charlotte's Police Chief has been served a Federal Subpoena in the Macon Georgia Police Department investigation and how the department handled a federal grant. Keep in mind that Monroe left Macon in 2005.

That same year a Macon city councilman was at the center of a federal probe into how he funded some of his local youth programs and why he cashed grant checks at a liquor store.

Media reports from 2005 state:

Macon Police Chief Rodney Monroe confirmed the FBI has been investigating for eight months whether Charles Dudley improperly spent $2,000 in checks made out to the Unionville Improvement Association, a nonprofit organization that spearheads various community projects. Monroe declined to comment further, citing a "gag order."

But Macon is not the only possible source of subpoenas, Monroe has been named in lawsuits in Richmond and may also play a key role in the Mecklenburg County DSS investigation.

So all things considered I wouldn't get too excited about the US Marshals visiting Chief Monroe.


Anonymous said...

I hear you Cedar, but I am overjoyed with this development. The dismantle begins, and will continue later this month when RayRay is gone, and hopefully will culminate with the exposure of every man and woman in the department who sold their souls to a "thuglett" for a few morsals.

Anonymous said...

How many skeletons and how many closets does He have?????? Thanks for the information

ThaQueenCity said...

I pray this is the beginning of the end of his rein of terror!