Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Odds and Ends

Easter Sunday - The days of dressing up for Easter Sunday service might be lost on many but not in the South. In Charleston, they will take Easter fashion to a whole new level in front of St. Michael's Church when the Charleston Hat Ladies take a Easter morning stroll down meeting street, just after 11:00.

Note that I said just after 11:00, for in Charleston nothing starts "right on time" visitors are often confused and sometimes just plain up set that things in Charleston have a habit of being just a little slow. Church Bells of St. Michael's ring about 2 minutes after the hour, while over at St Phillips they ring about 5 minutes late.

Billy Payne - Boston police sergeant Billy Payne was found dead in the middle of an intersection just off Newberry Street this morning. Homicide detectives are concerned that this is another in a series of attacks targeting Boston's finest.

"Clearly we are faced with some similarities" stated a Boston Police spokesperson. Both Payne and Micheal O'Dell who was found shot to death in December were assigned to the same precinct. Both officers were in uniform at the time of their murders but were off duty. Their badges and the Boston Police department patches had been torn or cut off their uniforms apparently by the assailant. Neither officer fired their service weapon, leading investigators to suspect they knew their attackers.

Butler takes on Duke - In what will become the standard for College Basketball's dream match up Powerhouse Duke will be challenged for the NCAA crown tomorrow evening by Unknown Butler.

If you missed Michigan vs Butler you missed a great game. If you missed Duke vs West Virgina you missed a lot of 3 point shots from Duke. The Blue Devils were dropping bombs from everywhere. Unless Butler can stop the long range shots Coach K will have another NCAA Title.

CMPD - Chief Monroe had his hands full this week, a presidential visit pulled CMPD officers in to staff intersections, many who had expected the day off. To make matters worse Monroe made a presentation ceremony at the Time Warner Cable Box Friday night mandatory. If you ask Cedar tired cops at the expense of the Chief's ego is not a good thing.

Also this past week, Homicide rolled out the door with the reality television show "The First 48"

The following email from CMPD Captain Zinkann:

I am happy to announce that The First 48 is here and will be responding to all homicides beginning today. We have provided them with CMPD identification and access cards. I want all of us to remember that we not only represent every member of the organization and the community but every employee that worked in the department before us. If any issues or concerns arise please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks, Paul

Good news "The First 48" got their first chance to film CMPD in action with a shooting death in a west Charlotte neighborhood early Saturday morning. Tony Ellison became Charlotte's 12th homicide victim and Chief Monroe rushed to the scene in order to make himself available for the television crew.

You can almost hear Chief Monroe screaming over the CMPD radio trying to find the murder scene and cursing Homicide detectives for letting "The First 48" film crew to start filming without him being on scene.


ThaQueenCity said...

Well, of course HE was there! THAT is the ONLY reason The First 48 is here is for Monroe to get his mug on TV! As usual Monroe is all about Monroe!

Who knows, MAYBE Charlotte will benefit from this and some other "deserving" city will see him and offer him a job???? We can ONLY PRAY this will happen!

Anonymous said...

It's the 'PAUL AND RODNEY' show!!

Could Zincon be any further up Rodney's bum? Boy, if he doesn't make Major this time around, it will not be for lack of trying!! It is really embarrassing to watch, so I have heard....glad I don't have to see it!

Somehow I don't think this will turn out exactly as rodney hopes it will.

There will be lots of publicity, but I don't think it will be exactly the kind he wants.

The whole show seems ghoulish to me.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you got that right, in fact I'm sure RoMo didn't want anyone near the crime scene until he got there.

Webster is a media whore except when you want the truth, then he's too busy fighting crime.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY, he starts coming to ALL the homicide scenes like he had promised several years ago. With rare exception, you never saw RoMo on any homicide scene unless it was during business hours...despite his adamant promise to be at every, single one. I guess now he has to ensure that he's there at every one to meet the cameras and let America know what an outstanding public servant he is.

Anonymous said...

Duke Puke! I know we could use another win, but I'm up for letting the under"dog" win!

Webster, I don't know how we got stuck with this clown runnning the largest part of our city's budget. I know Cedar would agree that we need to take the money end of the department away from the chief.

Take his check book and credit cards away and at least put an end to that madness!

ThaQueenCity said...

Well, TWO murders in less than 48 hours and FINALLY our Chief is at one!

SO SAD to see him USE these murders to boost his ego!

BUT if we all say prayers then maybe he will make some of his great blunders on camera! Then the whole world can see what a scam and liar he really is!

Oh wait, THEN he might not get any any good offers and leave our fair city!


Anonymous said...

What a joke from day one from his phony degree to fooling the public into thinking he actually reassigned a 100 officers back to the streets. If the truth be told, I bet less than 15 additional officers actually went to the streets. The others were already there or already in place in patrol. The deputy chiefs know that is the truth! And for Zinkann, he is not only drinking the kool aide, he is helping Medlock mix it and pass it out. From my sources, RoMo rarely went to the murder scenes. Most of the time you couldn't even get him on the phone to tell him about it. And it continues...........

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that certain people at CMPD have asked certain members of a certain TV crew that is here if they could "find out" (hack into) the real identities of people posting anonymously on Cedar Posts....

I sure hope this is just a rumor.

If anyone at CMPD has asked ANYONE to do something like this, that would be beyond corrupt, it would be criminal.

ThaQueenCity said...

TO Anon April 5, 2010 3:09 PM:

Well, let me help them out then:

BGBlake here :-) and my opinion is:

Q: Do I think Monroe should be investigated?
Q: Should he be fired
Q: Do I like Rodney Monroe?
A: NO, (and shame on me because I originally supported his hiring)

BUT because of his own actions (and sometimes lack of) my opinion has totally changed!

He is a liar, he has NO ethics or morals and has bankrupted CMPD to "play" cops and robbers! HE is a complete disaster!

He lied about his degree, he definitely lied about Marcus Jackson, he lied about how they are now reporting Crime Stats.

He has tried to prevent his employees from practicing their FIRST Amendment rights... by threatening them with polygraphs if they "talk" or speak to the media (he really must have soemthing to hide when you go to that length!), ignored a huge survey where his own employees state he is biased and practicing reverse discrimmination. Forged and/or illegally altered by copy/print CIAA Parking passes, and has unethically accepted MANY gifts.

There is just way too much to post here!

OK, you got me Monroe! Here I am, watcha gonna do? Harrass me, have me pulled over everytime I drive? Can't lock me up for the past, did that time! 27 months clean. Because of some GREAT CMPD officers am I law abiding citizen today! BUT that was BEFORE YOU so please do not attempt to take credit!

FEAR no man but God, and HE definitely ain't GOD! (only in his whacked out mind)

You may be able to silence your officers but you can't silence us all! I mean ya could but that would be illegal, aw chit....hey Cedar if you don't hear from for a day or two CALL THE POLICE! ROFLMAO!

(dang it, I guess I just broke my new "be nice" policy AGAIN!)

Anonymous said...

It is officially "official", Ray/Ray is leaving the end of the month.

What will rodney do without his Bagman and Buffer? Will he replace Ray/Ray? Will they make the same outrageous salary? Curious minds want to know!

Will he now finally announce the "promotions" so people can get back to doing their jobs instead of the heavy campaigning to be promoted?

Who will be his right hand "person" that will carry out all of his nefarious commands? Will it be Foster? Will "Brownie" Zincann be his new "major" domo?

Will Ricky Robbins slide sideways into this job? Instead of staying where he is in the job that rodney CREATED for him, with his nice new salary and take home car that used to be rodney's?

The possibilities are endless, and we wait with bated breath!

But this is the way rodney likes it, from what I have heard about him, he loves to keep dangling that carrot to keep people kissing his butt....he loves that control over peoples lives.

Good bye, and from what I hear, good riddance, Ray/Ray. And don't kid yourself, NO ONE, NO ONE is sorry to see you go, except Rodney.

(I guess we might be seeing more of him sooner rather than later when the civil lawsuits hit re:Marcus Jackson!)