Friday, May 7, 2010

Chief Monroe Has His Hand Out Again

This time he's asking for money to give CMPD officers a pay raise. Cedar Posts is all in favor of giving CMPD's thin blue line a pay raise. But honestly do you really think the extra money end up in any officer's pocket?

According to WFAE's Lisa Miller:

"Charlotte City Manager Curt Walton...... proposed setting aside $6 million to boost salaries across city departments. Most of that money would go toward a 4.5 percent raise for police officers and firefighters.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe says the raises would be well-deserved."

"Not letting them go a second year without a raise would be the best way to let them know that we do truly appreciate their work and that their work truly matters even in tough economic times," said Monroe.

In realted news Macon Georgia Police Chief Mike Burns announced on Wednesday that the Macon PD is once again accreded by the National Commission for Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies. It has taken the Macon Police Department five years to re-gain the accreditation that the department lost under Rodney Monroe due to budget and staffing problems.

Cedar's Takeaway: It took Macon 5 years to recover from hiring Rodney Monroe, how long do you think it will take Charlotte? Or maybe the better question is how much?


ThaQueenCity said...

OK, I am TRYING to restrain myself here.....................................................................................................


Honestly the Police and Fire Fighters should get raises ever year not just in Charlotte but everywhere. The 4.5 percent raise includes the cost of living raise's,however you have to factor in that insurance premiums are going up again this year just as they did last year. So that 4.5 percent isn't anything at might just get them back to even. I understand that it's frustrating but I'd be more pissed at City Counsel who took not only their raises but bonuses...if Meck co is hurting that bad how can they justify feeding their fat faces first???

Anonymous said...

the city is just going to have to suffer with the county employees. no raise an none in the future. its not fair to give cmpd money and not the sheriff deputys an staff. we are all in this together...


12:33 AM

I should have said all public safety (which includes the Sheriffs dept)deserved raises . By no means was I or would I exclude you all. Sorry if it was interpreted that was-

ThaQueenCity said...

Nope, but they can afford the new iPads right??????

Anonymous said...

Cant they take the money from the bonus that the managers office gets and city council quit going out of town on their retreats, taking their families with them? How bout cutting all the outside attorney's they have hired? What about risk management division, or outside agents the city hired to give their report on how to re vitalize areas in Charlotte, the possibilities are endless if the Complete city budget and spending would ever be released to the public.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the City is scewing numbers. All police and fire are NOT getting 4.5% raises. Veteran officers(top of pay scale)are being offered a 2% cost-of-living, with a 5% insurance hike, and less coverage. Shameful way we taxpayers support our officers, and I care less about "these economic times." The money exists, but it goes other places.

Anonymous said...

If the public only knew how money is being spent at CMPD, it would blow them away.

From what I understand, "grant" money and "forfeiture" money are considered free money, and like everything else at CMPD, is spent totally on the authority of rodney. And who keeps an accounting of the grant and forfeiture money? Anyone??? Is there ANY oversight on this. Is 'ole rodney accountable to ANYONE for how he is spending this money, and also the general budgeted money at CMPD???

Could we see some semblance of a budget or a line item accounting for ALL MONIES GOING IN AND GOING OUT AT CMPD??? ALL MONIES, AND THAT MEANS ANY AND ALL MONEY FROM WHATEVER RESOURCES THAT IS AVAILABLE TO BE SPENT BY CMPD ON ANYTHING. Is that really an unreasonable request?

HOW ALL MONEY IS SPENT SHOULD BE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN! It should be available online.....why isn't it?
Don't the officers (and the public) have a right to know how "their" police department is spending "their" money??

When info like this is not readily available, it makes you wonder why isn't it? Are their expenditures that would be embarrassing? Especially in these economic times?

If it took Macon 5 years to recover from rodney, just imagine how long it is going to take CMPD.....if they EVER recover from the mess he continues to make.

And Anon 12:43 is correct, from everything I am told, the money DOES EXIST, but it does, indeed, go "other" places.

Anonymous said...

If you have the money, you have to hire an attorney to sue the City, for specifics they won't provide online or at the library, in the end when you win and get the documents release the City would have to pay for the attorney you hired of course paying it with tax payers money for that and the outside attorney they hired to represent them, as you can tell, I didn't have the money upfront to be able to do that

The General said...

Post the pay scale for all ranks of CMPD officers and command staff personel. You will find the upper level staff does not need a raise. Thats the same with the fire department and the sheriffs dept.
Im sure someone is upset now. But too bad.
The lower ranking officers, deputies and fire fighters are the ones who do the work and need the raise.
So dont give command staff a raise. If they cant live on what they are making now, then they need to hire me as their financial manager. Give the lower ranks a bigger raise to offset their insurance, health care, etc.
Im sorry, but CPTS and above dont need a raise at this time.
And Monore certainly, doesnt need a raise. He hasnt earned what he makes yet!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My General, you are certainly magnanimous in the abstract with someone elses "raise".

I can't see you giving up a "raise" if you were still on the job.

Yes, I am sure command staff can "live" on what they make, but if they have families, college, etc., etc., that's about all they will be doing...with the exception of rodney...oh, and ray/ray when he was here.

No one else is getting rich....

I agree, rodney hasn't earned his salary.

And more and more good people, good leaders that officers respect, will be leaving CMPD because of rodney and his "style"...and unfortunately, that sad "style" has trickled down and permeated most of command staff.

When is the public going to realize rodney and his koolade drinkers are all smoke and mirrors, flash and trash?

From all I hear, CMPD is a shadow of its former has become a "rodney joke".....and unfortunately, the joke is on the good officers that serve and strive to do a good job with very little recognition.

There are only a few real leaders left, from what I am told, at CMPD.

The rest are all about making themselves look good....they're constantly running scared when they're not sucking up.

And the SAD part is, and someone else said this on here, I don't think rodney could get a job anywhere else, so we are stuck with him and his IC for a while.

Oh, BTW, how many homicides has Charlotte had so far this year?