Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Deputy Chief Ken Miller's Email Notice About Chief Monroe's Promotions

Chief Monroe is pleased to announce the following promotions and transfers, effective Wednesday, May 12th:

Major Katrina Graue promoted to Deputy Chief and assigned to Administrative Services Group;

Captain Paul Zinkann III promoted to Major and assigned to Criminal Investigations Bureau;

Captain Glen Neimeyer promoted to Major and assigned to Special Investigations Group;

Sergeant (RAC) Cecil Brisbon promoted to Captain and assigned to Watch Commander;

Officer Kenneth Scott Anderson promoted to Sergeant. Assignment is pending.

Officer Joseph Reiner promoted to Sergeant. Assignment is pending.

Major Vicki Foster transferred to Office of the Chief, Executive Officer;

Major John Diggs transferred to Community Services Bureau;

Major Timothy Danchess transferred to Field Services Group, Northwest Service Area;

Major Cameron Selvey transferred to Internal Affairs;

Captain Roderick Golding transferred to Violent Crimes Division;

Captain James Wilson transferred to South Division;

Captain Michael Campagna transferred to Vice/Gangs/Firearms Division.


Anonymous said...

So what is an "Executive Officer"?


Executive Officer = Buffer of Deniability once again for Rodney.

What a joke.

Hard to find anyone to respect on there with one exception.

Anonymous said...

That's my question: what is an executive officer? In the military, an XO is just under the CO, so is Vicki Foster second in command now? If so, that must really make the deputy chiefs feel good that they have a major in charge of them.

Guess Rodney's creating a brand new position for a friend (once again), was his way of promoting Vicki without actually promoting her because he knew all the crap he'd face if he promoted her like he wanted.

Sure hope with all this added responsibility, she'll still have time to run her realty and her security businesses. Times are hard right now, you know?

Anonymous said...

Well, they had a CIVILIAN bullying them and "bossing" them around....so it's not such a stretch.

And don't worry, rodney will have his "Inner Circle" completed soon.

He just can't be quite so obvious since all the "opinions" in the survey that went out called him on his obvious discriminatory practices. He is being a little more careful and calculating now.

As people have said before, there are two things that will get you promoted, ass kissing supreme and
ethnicity, not qualifications, not tenure.

The shame is that rodney and his IC don't spend as much time on actual police work and making CMPD a place of integrity as they do on covering their asses and "politicking".

From what I am told, the overwhelming majority at CMPD feel it will take CMPD literally years to recover, if they ever can.

I expect the rodney "defenders" to show up soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised it took so long for some type of story about the promotions!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok now that Romo's promoted another slack ars my question is what is her salary? Do the Deputy Chiefs have to go through a Major to make any decsions. Since she is his new BFF will she leave with him when he is excused? Are they taking Persall as well?


ThaQueenCity said...

Actually Anon 11:41pm there are two that are well deserved in my opinion ...but I am sure Romo promoted them so the public wouldn't try and focus on all the reverse discrimmination.....

Anonymous said...

Queen City,
You are 100% correct!

He has to throw in a few WM's now, and it's probably killing him.

He will get his other favorites in there, it's coming, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Listen, everyone knows VF is incapable of mature judgment, so it will be a sure thing that ANYTHING coming out of her mouth is coming directly from the "chief". Puppet.

And don't worry, he will promote Pearsall before he leaves....and others he favors.

Hopefully someone else will take him and he can go totally screw up their department.

When I think of what I have been told about RM, I think of a middle eastern potentate with his harem surrounding him, peeling grapes and feeding him.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:31
After reading these posts it doesn't take long to figure out that he will make the Executive Officer position a
DC position. How else will she be able to have any kind of "authority" when dealing with the other DC's?

Then take it one step further, when VF leaves, he will slide SP into that position, and there you go! Everyone gets what he has promised them!

At least he has a "plan" and a "strategy" about "sumthin"!

Anonymous said...

Why all the sideways moves? Homicide is now being run by whom?

Mike Campagna gets a move to vice, after serving out his punsihment on the 3rd shift for taking the fall over the chiefs test questions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06
Just positioning people for promotions, jockeying for positions!

When you run a department on the "rewards" system, i.e., rewarding "loyalty-butt smooching", you have to be careful you don't leave any of the smoochers out! :)

Cronyism is indeed alive and well at CMPD, about the only thing that is.

The amount of time that is wasted on this at CMPD, rodney should just require everyone to sign a "loyalty oath", it would save lots of time.

But, from what I hear, rodney and the rondels are messing with the WRONG person! One that won't go quietly!

Anonymous said...

Campagna is vice? what a joke, he is a nice guy but there are alot more qualified people in the department to be in vice including one in the duty captains' office

ThaQueenCity said...

TO: May 19, 2010 10:31 PM
If your are NOT focuing on busting and breaking up Drug Dealers and dope rings which from what I hear Romo is NOT then why not put Campagna there? Right?

Really all Romo was doing was trying to make the public feel all warm n cozy.....someone needs to let him know it didn't work.

I do not know Campagna personally but I hear he is a good cop :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31
These promotions make nothing else clear but the fact that qualifications do not matter.

Promotions under rodney are based on nothing but how well you kiss his ass and are a "yes" man/woman, and ethnicity. Everyone got that?

From everything I am told, that is the way of rodney.

Compagna is getting his REWARD for taking the fall for rodney over rodney's desire to be spoon fed the answers on a test. He may indeed be a "nice" guy, but he is definitely not qualified for this job.

The person that you are referring to that is in the Duty Captains office, what what I am told, is much more qualified for the job.

But he will never get it, he is not a YES man, he HAS integrity, and he speaks the truth. So he will languish in the duty captains office until rodney is long gone. And he will be set up for failure and made to look bad.
If, FOR ANY REASON, REAL OR PRECEIVED, you get on the wrong side of rodney, he will never treat you with respect and will use his position as "chief" to make sure you never move ahead while he is at CMPD. And that is what I hear from every last person I talk to at CMPD, so I have no reason to doubt it. And from looking at this latest round of promotions, it just becomes clearer.

He has never had an original idea himself, and does not want ANYONE around him that does. Is that not apparent to everyone at this point?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31
I've got it now!

VF's position will be made a DC position, she will stay the year or so she has until she retires, then she will get a DC's retirement...NICE!

Then he will move SP into VF's position, so he can give her a later lateral move and not cause so much of an uproar about her "inexperience"...NICE!!

Must be nice to be one of the "In Crowd", huh?

(When will the madness end?) The "rabbit hole" IS CMPD!

Anonymous said...

From looking at RoMo’s promotions, ass kissing really paid off this time. It’s good to see all that hard work paid off. What are several of these going to do when Romo leaves? Start all over? What a shame.

Anonymous said...

So what? Get a life.

Anonymous said...

It means Old White Guys with Tiny Dicks like you all who can't get laid so you hang out here.