Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 Shootings 3 Days 3 Murders

Its back to business as CMPD officers deal with 3 shootings and 3 homicides in as many days.

Early Sunday a CMPD officer has shot and wounded, Monday two men were shot and killed on North Tryon Street and this morning CMPD officals confirm another shooting and apparent murder in West Charlotte.


Anonymous said...

Come on, the city is getting better...lol.

Anonymous said...

Found at Charlotte's "Welcome and Tourist Center"

"Bullets to fit any and all models on sale today" If you do not own a weapon directions to Hyatt's Gun Shop inside....

Thank you for visiting Charlotte. We hope you enjoy your stay."

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how the very first part of any statement concerning a homicide is, "this was not a random murder" as in they knew each other. Do you think that consoles the family of the dead person?
Is that statement supposed to make "us" feel better?
It could be almost a racist way of looking at it.....like it's all right if "they" are just killing one another.
It's just a stupid thing to say....
And if you are collateral damage caught in the crossfire of people that "knew each other", it matters little!