Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Wrap Up! - Ides of March Edition

Mr. Bill - Long time WRFX radio personality Bill Summerville aka Mr. Bill was booted from his FM radio gig back in December. The facts flew wild and crazy for days but once it was all sorted out, another Charlotte radio voice was silenced.

Mr. Bill tells Cedar Posts he's landed a sweet gig on Florida's Gulf Coast and is very grateful for all the support and encouragement he's received from fans in Charlotte.

Which brings the thought that you can't keep a good man down and Chumbawamba's Tubthumping

The Great Beaver Hunt - They're killing Beavers over at Park Road Park and Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James wants to know what they are going to do with the beaver pelts.

“What are you all going to do with the pelts of the ones [beavers] you ‘take down’?” Commissioner Bill James queried of county officials. “They are worth some money.”

Responded Park and Recreation Director Jim Garges: “Yes, but this is not a fur trapping expedition. We only have a few problem animals.”

Later James was overheard asking Vilam Leake how to cook the "damn things".

Girl Scout Cookie Rip Off - As you already know Girl Scout Cookies are pure scam, a complete rip off. As if the $4.00 per box price isn't bad enough, they down sized the cookies in 2008 and recently shrunk the contents to 8 ounces. Which means a box of Do-si-dos peanut butter cookies only yield 20 cookies. They might as well shrink the box again rather than packaging air.

Cedar Posts is a baby boomer, and doesn't understand the concept of shorting the buyer, and remembers fondly the concept of a "Baker's Dozen". Ask someone under thirty what a "baker's dozen" is and they come up with some pretty wild answers including that it has something to do with 4:20. But back in the day if you bought a dozen cookies at a "real bakery" you always received a "baker's dozen" which is 13 cookies.

Texting May Have Caused Death - Charlie Butterworth a well liked 20-year Charlotte man may have crashed his SUV into a tree while sending a text message.

Cedar Posts has learned that Butterworth sent at least one text message very close to the time when his SUV struck a tree along the 4000 block of Quail View Road, near the intersection of Lindstrom Drive.

Butterworth's Toyota was traveling northwest on Quail View Road where the road makes a slight curve to the left but the vehicle continued straight and ran off the road to the right. The Toyota struck a large tree in the front yard of 5131 Lindstrom Drive.

Tire tracks show that there no attempt was made to avoid the tree which left friends and neighbors baffled as to the cause of the accident.

Police say Butterworth was unrestrained and was pronounced deceased by Medic at the scene.

Rodney Monroe Charlotte's Saviour? - The Charlotte Observer has been working on a piece about the Charlotte Police Chief for months. The story has been passed around the Observer newsroom long enough, so Cedar Posts expects that a feature article will show up in Sunday's paper if not at least by the "Ides of March".

Veteran reporter Elizabeth Leland seems to have taken over where other staff have stalled and has recently been attending events where the Chief is speaking as well as interviewing other sources. Cedar Posts suspects that she was brought in to pull the work together.

When Cedar Posts spoke with Leland earlier this week but she wasn't willing to give away what angle the story would take. But you can suspect it will have some softball questions tossed at the Chief and most of the story will land as fluff that says everyone loves Rodney Monroe.

Lelanded pointed out that the Chief has done what he was hired to do, and that crime in Charlotte is down dramatically. Whether CMPD is cooking the books or not, lower crime stats are a national phenomena and it is wrong to give Chief Monroe full credit for the recent slump in criminal adventures.

However the fact is as long as the crime numbers keep going down folks will be willing to over look Chief Monroe's shady dealing.

Cedar Posts offered Leland as well as prior Observer reporters, several observations about Chief Monroe. We'll see how it shakes out but reporters while objective also have to appease editors.

The truth is Rodney Monroe is a man of poor judgement and questionable moral character. It doesn't matter if its padding his expense account, accepting a set of golf clubs from Quail Hollow Country Club or taking a trip to DC at taxpayers expense, Chief Monroe has had multiple chances to prove he was made of the right stuff by doing the right thing yet he has consistently failed.

Case in point, if Rodney Monroe was an intelligent and honorable man he would have insisted that he be cited for an "unsafe movement" when he caused an accident two weeks ago. He didn't and he isn't and he's not.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that Bill James would ask such a question, or the Vilma Leake might know how to cook a beaver.

Funny sh*t Cedar!

Anonymous said...

RIP Charlie Butterworth. I hope someone will notice that texting while driving just doesn't work. Sure you can be lucky but like Charlie your luck will soon run out.

Anonymous said...

I hope RoMo is outed by the Observer but I doubt it. As long as the numbers look good he has a job, never mind that he doesn't give a rats ass about guys on the streets.

Anyone see a yearbook?

I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

It is so very rude of you to post the Charlie Butterworth was texting while driving and blame him for the accident. What proof do you have?

Don't you think the family has suffered enough?

Shame on you whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

MSM is scared of rodney because of the blacklash plain and simple.

I am sure the Observer will be a total softball piece.....they all are.

No one asks his lying ass the hardball questions. No one does any investigative reporting, and if they do, it is quashed before fruition.

Charlotte is paying for all of rodney's missteps.

Officers and some Command Staff are paying the price of the abysmal "leadership" of rodney, harold, katrina, doug, paul to name just a few of the duplicitous "leaders" at cmpd.

Corruption is a fait accompli at cmpd now.

Terribly sad and completely avoidable from the get go if Walton had done his homework and had any balls.

Anonymous said...

It will definitely be a fluff piece because of the almighty CIAA being here.

Which was coming here way before 'ole rodney was! But he will probably try to take credit for it! 'cause that's how he rolls!

What a disaster he has created at cmpd!

Anonymous said...

It’s a real shame for CMPD that its reputation has been tarnished to the point that a college professor is using Monroe as an example of poor ethics and leadership in their ethics class. For the past couple weeks, the class discussion has centered on Monroe lying about his college degree, avoiding responsibility for it, and failing to correct his problem after publically stating that he will. It’s sad that the action of one person has tarnished the reputation of what use to be a nationally recognized progressive law enforcement agency to the point of being used as an example of poor leadership, questionable ethics, and the lack of values that is being discussed publicly as a learning tool.

Anonymous said...

Crime is only down because of the manipulation and the outright lying about crime stats.

If anyone could get the information from Monroe that the public is entitled to, all would become clear.

But he is determined to keep that info from getting out. NUMEROUS public information requests have been turned down or ignored. And all access to crime info has been removed.

Manipulation and reclassifying and tacitly encouraging Officers to talk people out of making a report in certain Divisions continues.....with crime stats skyrocketing, the pressure is on to not be at the bottom at compstat.

Did anyone from cmpd ever explain what the SHOP program is and why it is STILL a "secret"?

Has any info on the bidding process for the DNC ever been released?

Has anyone ever asked monroe why his daughter's baby daddy has gotten preferential treatment? And why minorities have clearly been promoted above more qualified people with more experience and time on?

And why he created the fake rank of RAC to begin with?

And where all the money has gone?

And why do some people have new Chargers? And where are the missing Chargers?

And oh so many more questions regarding corruption at cmpd.

OnCrime said...

I hope she can get some real answers as to why the significant event log came down and 911 calls for service as well as the many other corrupt things I told her about. -K

Anonymous said...

"Questionable" moral character?


"Whether they are cooking the books or not"?

Good God, can you say once and for all: The BOOKS ARE COOKED!!!!

He has done NOTHING to lower crime.

He HAS totally phucked up CMPD to the point it is unrecognizable.

The character of cmpd has totally changed, and NOT for the better.

If anyone has the audacity to print in the MSM that monroe is respected or that he has in ANY way made Charlotte OR cmpd a better place, they should turn in their credentials immediately!!!

And they will be remembered as the lame ass, toothless members of the meda that cared more about kssing their superiors asses than truth in journalism!!

Anonymous said...

which college course/professor?

Anonymous said...

no other local media person seems to give a crap about ethics, truth, real crime statistics, real money information, actual preferential treatment given based on personal relationships, good officers being targeted for refusing to lie and/or other issues, etc... Journalistic ethics don't seem to be much of a consideration, either, just money.

I hold out a tiny hope that this reporter will do something different. If not, don't bother. Just add your name to the rest PR

If she has been present and actually investigated, maybe there will be some truth coming...

Anonymous said...

Back when Webster first came to Charlotte someone at CMPD sent WSOC TV a number of police reports with notes to doctor them up.

The idiot reporter called the chief and outed the guy.

Since then no one at CMPD wants to talk to the media.

Anonymous said...

RIP Charlie Butterworth

Anonymous said...

P.S. Ides of March is March 15th ;)

Anonymous said...

the beavers are adorable and it pisses me off that they are killing instead of leaving or relocating them.

Bill James should be a pelt instead of just the asshat that he is.

Anonymous said...

Harold Medlock is an idiot.

He's perfect for Monroe's numero uno Bagman!

When the truth about him comes out, many will be shocked, some, not so much!

He hasn't seen anything yet.....the DNC is NOT the CIAA.

And any comparison is ridiculous. A dry run for the DNC? Just more lame PR and a waste of resources.

He must have some good PM's.

And how much was that new Command Center?

It is amazing that someone so clueless and incompetent is responsible for this......with his loyal sidekick Paunchy Paul! What a pair!! Wonder Woman and Robin!

Anonymous said...

they estimated 170,000 people in town for CIAA. based on what?
and now suddenly money being allocated from grants, not asset forfeiture? interesting.

still waiting for release of detailed spreadsheet of hours that add up to $457,000 to pay for Occupy Charlotte expense. It will be interesting to compare to how much it costs for thouse couple dozen people to these "170,000" EXTRA people they are saying came for the week.

Anonymous said...

estimated 190,000 extra people came here

Rea Road Neighborhood Coalition said...


I was trying to be a little too creative.

"Cedar Posts expects that a feature article will show up in Sunday's paper if not at least by the "Ides of March" ....."

Everything converges on the 15th of March, even the Beavers will be stabbed in the back by then.

So an edition that notes the upcoming Ides of March vs an edition on the Ides of March.

Anonymous said...

Did they even try the fencing for the beavers? It certainly does not look that way given how quickly they began trapping and killing.

We brought them here because of the benefits they provide to water sources and for wildlife, so now that they have done their job, but still doing what beavers do (exactly what we brought them here to do) we just kill them, cause we think we dont need them anymore. That is awful.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05, typically a single vehicle accident where it hits a tree is the fault of the driver unless something is wrong mechanically with the vehicle where steering and/or brakes are lost.

I don't think it is rude to post it at all. I would think it would be better to have the correct information if he was texting while driving as opposed to a suicide. If he were texting while driving, maybe a lesson can be learned by others from his tragic death, and people will take heed and not do the same thing. So by his death, he may save others.