Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Case You Missed It - Keith Larson On Rodney Monroe

WBT's Keith Larson picks up on the Cedar Posts story about Chief Monroe's driving ability. The above segment is edited from the first hour. Check out the rest of the Keith Larson show on the WBT Keith Larson page which is here.

Below is the first half of the 3rd hour which is priceless, (Daniel Ross) the guy who Chief Monroe took out with his Crown Vic calls into the Larson show. The perception of Chief Monroe by a witness is epic, look for it at 6:50.


Anonymous said...

Keith Larson Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Wtf is an "executive" degree?

And no, it would not end the controversy, he did not receive a REAL undergraduate degree, come on!

And if this is some kind of online thing, his wife is probably doing it for him.

I mean, he LIED about how he did not earn his degree, AND what it was in.
Unless he sat his fat ass in every classroom, physically was there, and took every test in a cassroom, who is ever going to believe him?

With his track record for lying??

Anonymous said...

Larson is one of the few in Charlotte's Main Stream Media who can see past all of Monroe's Bull Crap.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, I tried to listen to the "third hour" of Larson's show to hear monroe's crash victim call in, but wasn't able to jump to it. Sorry I don't have the other 2 hours to listen. Can you get a cut or link or give directions if I screwed it up?

also, agree about degree comments.

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing that.

"J-walking in a car."

then jumped out to tell his crash victim "you hit me!" wah, wah.

monroe is lucky he didn't run anyone over or cause a chain reaction crash that killed anyone.

drug and alcohol tests should have been performed and ticket issued, no question. and driving school for someone with at least 3--someone has alleged 6-- preventable accidents in his car.

and they won't release the reports.

more coverup

tell Larson the phone numbers are on the report. he can talk with them if he tries.

Anonymous said...

It’s a real shame for CMPD that its reputation has been tarnished to the point that a college professor is using Monroe as an example of poor ethics and leadership in their ethics class. For the past couple weeks, the class discussion has centered on Monroe lying about his college degree, avoiding responsibility for it, and failing to correct his problem after publically stating that he will. It’s sad that the action of one person has tarnished the reputation of what use to be a nationally recognized progressive law enforcement agency to the point of being used as an example of poor leadership, questionable ethics, and the lack of values that is being discussed publicly as a learning tool.

OnCrime said...

Yet another example of Chief Monroe's dishonest behavior... "You hit me!"???? A witness claiming he could tell the Chief 'did not look like he was going to take responsibility for the accident' when it was clearly his fault? Leland... you got this?? :)