Saturday, March 3, 2012

WCNC's Dianne Gallagher Looks Inside CMPD's New Multi Million Dollar Uptown Command Center


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like a couple of million to me. Let's face we taxpayers are the biggest suckas this brother has ever seen. He is taking us for all he can and there is no telling where all the money went.

Anonymous said...

Two Questions

1) Don't you think that it is odd that no one is sitting in the front row seats?

2) Have you ever tried to use a computer on a shallow desk like they have at some business meetings? 1.7 Million doesn't buy much desk space does it?

Looks to me like it was a big show and that no one was really doing anything. What do you bet they were all promised donuts if they looked busy for the press.

Anonymous said...

Its for Compstat. It being a "Command Center" was not even at the top of the list. The front row seats are for weekly stump the chump sessions.

This Command center replaces a milliond dollar state of the art command center on the 2nd floor, that is only about 5 years old.

Its your money and no oversight.

Anonymous said...

what was wrong with the million dollar one, according to monroe?
how is this one better?

Anonymous said...

This important Command Center is up to date and able to expand to accommodate escalating incidents or long term events. The task of servicing the needs of many goes beyond just Police & Fire. Having this CC in place will go a long way to improve how our community is taken care of. BTW, Early Saturday morning all agencies were on duty in the command center as the tornado struck northeast Charlotte. The valuable resources were coordinated and quickly called into service

Anonymous said...

7:18 that is all very nice but what happened to the command center on the second floor?

Anonymous said...

Rob or Brian or Harold or whatever PR person answered at 7:18,

as usual, you didn't answer the question at all:

What was deficient about the old one?
What improvements are there?

"Having this CC in place will go a long way to improve how our community is taken care of"

usual PR nothingness to try to justify a ton of missing money.

and what's wrong with the second floor command center?

Anonymous said...

Seems like a massive and unwarranted waste of financial resources. If people are seated in the font row they can't see the screens and it looks way tight. Imagine how this place will look during a real "event" like speed street.

Monroe has promoted so many idiots with absolutely no leadership skills that this to bound to create a perfect storm scenario where everything goes wrong at once.

Thank God the boots on the street still have some control over how they respond.

I can hear it now Monroe screaming to SHOOT the protesters and the guys on the street says sorry chief you are breaking up. Chief hello chief?

Anonymous said...

let's hope.

but why aren't you doing that now, with bad orders in the office? why not ignore orders to underreport crime and do your jobs the right way, like you want to?
And don't stay quiet about it.
If everyone speaks up, it won't continue.

wasn't there a step stool in the second floor so webster could see?