Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seven Year Old Displays Severed Head But That Isn't As Shocking As The Back Story

You may have seen the gruesome and disturbing photo of young boy displaying the severed head of an Syrian soldier.

Photo Credit: Khaled Sharrouf via Twitter

The image showing the seven-year-old son of  Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf holding up the severed head of a Syrian soldier with the caption "That's my boy" has sparked outrage around the world.

Sharrouf, 33, is a convicted terrorist who left Australia using his brother’s passport last year with his Australian born wife and three children last year to wage jihad.

But the kid with the head isn't as shocking as the Australian court system. In 2007 Sharrouf was among nine Muslim men accused of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction and plotting terrorist attacks in Sydney and Melbourne.

He pleaded guilty to the charges is 2009 and (get this) was sentenced to four years in prison, as well as being banned from leaving the country. That's right kidos, just four years! Australia is less of an ally and more like an enabler when it comes to dealing with these barbarians.

Soon after being released from prison he used his brother’s passport to leave Australia with his wife and three sons to fight in Syria and Iraq.

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