Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Intercept Reporters Dressed As Ninjas While Covering Ferguson Riots

File this under crazy shit. No doubt you've heard that some of the protesters arrested last night during the continued Ferguson riots have come from as far away as New York.

Well, that would be these two guys dressed like amateur ninjas wearing all black. Later indentified as Ryan Deveraux on the payroll of "The Intercept" and Lukas Hermeier reporter for the German newspaper De Bild, The-Intercept" is an on line publication launched in February 2014 by First Look Media, the news organization created and funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar

Hermeier (Left) and Deveraux (Right) Photo: David Carson/St Louis Post Dispatch/Polaris
Deveraux Explaining how to turn off his recorder Photo: David Carson/St Louis Post Dispatch/Polaris
They are I suppose, "journalists" (albeit fringe journalists aka hacktivists) but after being shot with bean bags and/or rubber bullets, hit with Mace and tear gas they got a nice 12 hour stay at the St Louis County Hilton, maybe they'll rethink their operational tactics.

I guess it's a living.

CP contacted both the Intercept and then Ryan Deveraux via Twitter asking about the All Black apparel, but received back only crickets. I'd guess the if they had t-shirts that said PRESS they might have spent the night at Motel 6 rather than jail. But that wouldn't be much of a story, now would it.  


Anonymous said...

So what is wrong with reporters being dressed in all black?

Anonymous said...

I think we should just do away with all law enforcement. Tell all the cops to go home, let the people police themselves. If someone needs help they can dial 1-800-CRACKHEAD and see how much help they get.

Anonymous said...

If they were dressed in all black they were up to no good, just looking for a confrontation.