Thursday, September 18, 2014

485 Fake Tree - The Mystery Widens (File This Under I Told You So)

More than a year ago, Cedar Posts noted the totally out of place cell phone tower disguised as a pine tree. A tree that was better suited to the Northwest than South Charlotte, that just didn't make sense.

Photo Credit: Cedar Posts

Turns out I wasn't the only one interested in the odd tower and placement on CMS property. Now the info trail has become rather interesting with the posting of a YouTube video from the blog Info Wars.

Trouble is that while it ups the steaks it raises more questions than gives answers.

The thinking is this tower isn't your normal cell phone tower, rather one operated by "Big Brother" to spy on you. According to records searched by Info Wars the tower is not leased to AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile. And the tower owner refuses to say who is operating the tower.

NSA? CIA? FBI? Rodney Monroe? Well apparently someone is using the tower these things aren't cheap. If it is indeed an "intercept tower" reading your text messages, tracking your movements, listening to your dirty talk with your girlfriend, why is it on CMS property and why is it so damn ugly and obvious.

Hat Tip to Jeff Taylor for pointing CP to the video.


Anonymous said...

Cedar any helicopters flying over your house? Better put your tinfoil hat back on!

Anonymous said...

Oh geesh give it a rest. The company that owns it pays CMS a hefty yearly lease for the property and then sells the signal to all of the carriers. Go look off of Quail Hollow/Sharon Rd. Same company.

But I'm sure RoMo somehow has his hand in it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever signed off on that tower not matter what the reason should be hung from the stupid thing. It really is the dumbest idea ever.

2:46 I really doubt that CMS gets anything near hefty.

Anonymous said...

Must be there to count CMPD officer arrests. Its good that somebody is paying attention. Main stream media? Hello? Are you awake? I guess this Chief gets a pass. So what is it so far this year, 11, 12, 13 officers arrested, DUI, domestic violence? How about uses of force? When morale is in the toilet, UOF must be through the ceiling. And the media here does not care.

Anonymous said...

Why is no one talking about Brendan Tevlin? He and 3 others were shot by Ali Mohammed Brown in retaliation for Iraq and Syria.

Those were real hate crimes and it isn't even making national headlines. Makes no sense.

Inpurisnatura said...

There is another fake-tree-tower just like this one on Margaret Wallace Road at Dunfries Road. As a matter of fact it is an ever poorer example of a tree. When it first went up about 5 years ago, it had about 7 rows of tree branches (less than half the amount of branches as those on the "tree" on 485) but since that time they've added a few branches. I'm not sure why -- perhaps they think this half-arsed attempt makes the "tree" more believable.

I live on Dunfries Rd. very close to the "tree" and I find it impossible to believe that this could be a communication tower for cellular use. After that tree "grew" there, our cellular service from home is almost non-existent whereas we previously had no trouble with it.

*shrug* I think it's a piss-poor attempt at disguise and even worse attempt at anything resembling usefulness.

Anonymous said...