Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Gordonton, North Carolina Circa 1939

Raney Currie Baynes (1891-1942) owned this country store in Gordonton, Person County, North Carolina, and is seen standing in the doorway. Note that some claim that the store was owned by Ivey Baynes, brother of Raney Currie Baynes.

If your are new to the South you might find it odd that a scene like this is still pretty easy to find. 

Eastern North Carolina, Western South Carolina, Southern Georgia, most of Alabama and damn near all of Mississippi. 

Screen doors that slap shut, boiled peanuts, pickled eggs, pigs feet and orange soda. 

Crickets and worms for sale, tall tales to be told and next year's crops to be sold. 

It's still there, just got to drive a little farther down the road. 

The orginal photo by Dorthea Lane:

The Original Caption:
Country store on dirt road. Sunday afternoon. Note the kerosene pump on the right and the gasoline pump on the left. Rough, unfinished timber posts have been used as supports for porch roof. Negro men are sitting on the porch. Brother of store owner stands in doorway. Gordonton, North Carolina.
Before computerized color process artists painted the scene in color.

The store as it looked in 2009

Reports are the building is still there just off highway 49. 

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