Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CMUD To Raise Rates Again

No real surprise here, Charlotte's Utility Department is a crazy mess of inefficiency.

An example is as close as your last water bill. Date my meter was supposedly read was October 28, 2014. That reading was for water used as far back as September 30th. The date the bill was prepared was November 11, 2014, the date yours truly received the bill November 22, 2014 and the date the bill is due? December 9, 2014. More than a month after the meter was read and more than 2 months after the last reading.

But it gets worse! I'm on auto draft so the payment is credited to my account on December 9th but in most cases it doesn't post to my account until four days later. Worse yet, people who are not on auto draft and don't pay until the day before the next bill date pay no late fee at all.

Bottom line; CMUD provides a service that isn't paid for until as much as 90 days after the toilet flushes, and that's money down the drain.

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