Monday, February 2, 2015

WBTV's Eric Thomas Robo Tweets Crazy WX Warnings

Robo Tweets surprise many who thought their weather guy was real.

Truth is WBTV's Eric Thomas is using a robo tweet program that on a regular basis tweets crazy stuff. Case in point yesterday's "The National Weather Service has issued a "Child Abduction Emergency" until 11:30 AM for Cherokee-SC, Chester-SC,..."

Not really sure about what is going on, but clearly the NWS doesn't issue Child Abduction Emergency statements that expire like a severe thunderstorm warning.
Which should give you a serious case of doubt, if you are relying on twitter to give you weather updates.
No response from Eric Thomas, but since his tweeter account is just a robot why should anyone be surprised?

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Anonymous said...

Cedar, any update on airport officer saga? Will they become what cmpd sees as a real officer and get back pay? Promotions?