Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CIAA Beyond The Sponsored Tournament Events a Sea Of Drugs and Payoffs

P Diddy returned to Charlotte for the CIAA Tournament weekend with his posse that apparently included a couple of CMPD Officers.

(You might recall that last year, as his show wrapped, shots were fired at the Sheraton Uptown.)

Members of CMPD's Dignitary Protection Unit as the rumor goes accompanied Diddy aka Shawn Combs to Label, Cameo and later a strip club. CMPD is saying is just never happened.

But a check of the duty roster has at least one CMPD officer who was named as being on duty.

Two others named later were also on duty.  As the story softened CMPD admitted that maybe one of the officers named was on duty last Saturday but only helped Combs through traffic.

Over the weekend CP received this photo of a white guy in a suit shadowing Combs at Label. There is apparently a video as well and CP will try to track that down.

Sean Combs aka "P Diddy" at Lable Saturday Februard 28th
Interesting, but if this is fact, who paid for the security detail?
The bigger question? How do you have a shooting and clear the scene within 45 minutes and then without making any arrests declare the scene safe for such a high profile target to stand elbow to elbow with a crowd of more than two hundred people?
Just a lot of questions? Or is there something bigger going on?

CP is hearing from more than one source, that Label told CMPD to clear the scene pronto or risk losing their off duty gig permanently. Canceling the P. Diddy show would cause the gathered crowd to riot and they couldn't refund the fans since Combs contract was cash up front for his appearance.

Hard to say how much of the rumor is fact but Combs is known to be rather Diva at times.
Meanwhile at the Oasis tent on College Street, CMPD Officers working off duty were reportedly told not to arrest patrons for simple passion and other minor offenses. Probably just as well since they would have spent 3 weeks in weed court to clear the cases.
But a CMPD law breaking free pass only works locally, so when the State ABC guys swooped into the tent, they confiscated $24,000.00 worth of untaxed alcohol.

No word of arrests or fines regarding the selling of on untaxed booze or transporting it from out of state to avoid paying taxes. But that would be a felony and should the smoking gun point to a certain CMPD individual it would be a career ender.

Someone tipped off the ABC enforcement guys and that didn't sit well with the Oasis Tent organizers who have apparently operated outside the law for years.

Finally CMPD closed off College Street so that Niki Menage could make her appearance. Which ran all of about 15 minutes.  Seems the noise ordinance wasn't enforced and the smell, smoke and noise was just too much for the Diva.


Anonymous said...

All true...and first of all the "Dignitary Protection Unit" is a joke. I've even spoken with some of the dudes that "trained" them and they wanted to know if what CMPD sent them was the best they had or why they sent the people they did...hahahahahaha! Best they have?!? Anyway, there's been some snarking about the whole alcohol seizure thing and RoMo has complained to everyone he can and pulled the race card out on that one several times. You're going to see the State AG starting a bunch of investigations into some people/entities, but a big part of that is because he's running for governor. Still, next year is going to be even better!!

Anonymous said...

I stayed faaaar far away from Charlotte during CIAA week for this very reason. I would not expose myself or my family to this display or debauchery. And to think that CMPD turned their cheek to it speaks volumes about the integrity of the department.

Anonymous said...

Is the "white face" in the crowd that douchebag "Lt" Brian Sanders?!? What a tool

Anonymous said...

More bullshit from cedarmouth.

Racist jerk.

Anonymous said...

There were no less than 6 CMPD Officers assigned to "escort" PDiddy around Charlotte.

I wouldn't be surprised if taxpayer paid for the entire operation.

Anonymous said...

If any of this is true why is it not on WSOC? or WBTV or that other station?

Why hasn't the Observer covered the ABC raid?

I'll tell you why, it is BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

8:16 guess you do not understand ABC in Mecklenburg, they would have entered removed the liquor and issued citations. The courts will decide the outcome. They do not give press releases. And ABC does not raid anyone they casually walk in and remove the illegal liquor and leave

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