Monday, March 16, 2015

Whistling Dixie Deemed Offensive At WBTV At Least It Offended Steve Crump

File this under you've got to be kidding!

Now whistling Dixie is offensive? Well, Y'all are just going to have to be offended. (Yes, most people I know stand when they play Dixie.)

I figure if Kevin Spacey can sing the entire song on House of a Cards its not a federal crime, at least not yet.

Finally the staff member was whistling the song, that is without out the lyrics (which aren't really offensive in fact)  so how could anyone except maybe Brigida Mack be offended?

From the Charlotte Observer:

Management held meetings this week in the WBTV (Channel 3) newsroom to address staff concerns about racial sensitivity.

On Wednesday morning, a photographer was heard whistling in the newsroom the folk tune “Dixie,” whose origins date to the blackface minstrel shows of the 1850s before becoming an anthem for Southern forces in the Civil War. Several African American staffers were in earshot.

On Thursday, two meetings were held with staffers and WBTV general manager Nick Simonette and news director Dennis Milligan.

“We wanted the staff to know that we don’t tolerate things in the workplace that make people uncomfortable,” Milligan said. “We encourage people to come forward. I think it was handled in an appropriate way.”

Milligan said the matter was a personnel issue and he could not comment further on whether any disciplinary action was taken. He did say that the incident was an “extremely unusual” one in the station’s newsroom.

Alexis Mitchell, president of the Charlotte Area Association of Black Journalists, a chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, issued a statement calling the situation “unfortunate.”

“I am grateful that our station’s management addressed the issue immediately,” said Mitchell, a news content specialist at WBTV who was in the newsroom when the incident occurred. She said the local chapter and the national organization would continue to monitor the station’s response.

“This is a learning lesson for all and we hope this will never occur again.”

Cedar's Take:

So there, as fact you have it, one or more of WBTV's "African American" staffers were offended by someone whistling a song that has been around for more the 150 years. A song no different than, Oklahoma or New York New York sung by Frank Sinatra but offensive to some wack job at WBTV.  

My guess is Brigida Mack but who cares? 

Cedar Update: I guessed wrong the offendee it turns out was Steve Crump. Seems he's been listening to his own stories so much he believes whitey is out to get him. Apparently he considered the whistling a taunt and apparently felt intiminadated. 

In defense of Crump he apparently said he felt "uncomfortable" and apparently not not offended. Somehow Dixie apparently made Crump think of strange fruit much like the theme music from Jaws makes me think of swimming in lake Norman.

But this is why there is a racial divide in this country. It's ok to sing "We Shall Overcome" or blast a rap song called "Cop Killler" but don't you dare whistle DIXIE! 

And the list goes on and on and on.....

Read more here:
So as fact there you have it, one or more of WBTV's "African American Staffers" were made uncomfortable by the song Dixie. 


Anonymous said...

Oh geesh...were these black African-Americans or white African-Americans? How come they never differentiate between the two. Ya know, someone can be of "African descent" and be white also! There's lots of white folks in Africa that immigrate to the U.S. and become citizens!

Anonymous said...

Now now..... Rap music that denigrates women, glorifies drug use and killing, and repeatedly uses the N word is not offensive at all. It is especially appealing when it is blaring and rattling from an old auctioned squad car!

Anonymous said...

Steve Crump is the station's token negro. He won't do any assignment that doesn't have overtones of racism. He won't interview white people and wants nothing to do with white people or people of color who associate with white people.

He is as racist as they come.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting read ...
Of special note - "... and President Lincoln included Dixie among his favorites."

The lyrics say it all folks ... * In Dixie land I'll take my stand, to live and die in Dixie. * ... we will not back down. Not in the 1800s and not now.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute fucking Moron, I'm offended everyday that I leave my house by someone's stupidity, maybe I can get them banned. Guess there's no freedom of speech for anyone who is not Black, Hispanic or any other minority.
WBTV is now on the banned list..