Tuesday, June 30, 2015

eBay Completes Their White Wash Of History Removes All Traces OfConfederate Flag

CP connected with a dealer and manufacturer of flags located in New York. He sells most of his Civil War memorabilia via eBay having nearly 8,000 reviews and a positive rating of 100% or at least he did until last week, when eBay removed all of his Confederate Flag items.


Dear Cedar,

EBAY has banned and removed all my Southern Civil War Flags!

6 days ago I was a respectable maker and a seller of Historic American Flags. Today I am considered a distributor of Hatred.

Before the shutdown I received over 100 orders in one day as compared to my normal 3 orders in one day. 

History, not Hatred,

EJ Kuhlmann

In business as USFlags11 in what I thought was the United States of America

CP's Take: EJ Kuhlmann has run his small business since 2001. Today he's simply a seller of old US flags. It's doubtful he'll continue to operate his hand made replica flag business without the national outlet that he enjoyed via eBay. I hope he'd find a place via one of the many website hosting services and Square which is far more cost effective than ebay.

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Anonymous said...

GOOD riddance.."History, not hatred" my @$$!