Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One Officer Speaks His Mind About The Randall Kerrick Trial

Often it takes a Veteran Officer to put it all in to perspective. The author shall go unnamed but CP is pretty sure his thoughts are shared by all who stand behind the badge that represents the thin blue line.

will begin with saying that I don't know what I would have done had I been in Officer Kerrick's shoes on the night he took a man's life. 

Neither could Captain Mike Campagna! 

That pencil pushing office poug with a big brass name plate and a chair that fits the shape of his ass, would not rate a pimple on a real Police Officers ass! I never knew him to do anything other than promote himself as he has done by making such bold statements against a fellow Officer. 

This entire situation was created by an uneducated (proven) racist lump of whale crap Chief of Police who denied Officer Kerrick the right of a complete investigation. 

The minions quickly lined up behind him and now we have a real travesty of Justice!

If Officer Kerrick had in fact violated Departmental Policy why has he not been cited to Civil Service for termination? He is still on unpaid suspension and it would appear to me that as quickly as they were to charge him with a crime why did they not be as equally in a hurry to distant themselves from him by attempting to fire him. Could it be that they did not have grounds to do so as clearly they don't have grounds to pursue a man slaughter case. 

They so badly botched the handling of this matter that there has been a great conspiracy to get a conviction. The Mecklenburg District Attorney excusing himself from the case, it being dumped on the State Attorney General who is highly political, two Grand Juries, a law suit settled before the trial and who knows the closed door scrambling to conspire in this god awful mess. 

Now we have an Officer who was out there doing his job and was faced with making a split second decision facing a trial for his life, and I do mean his life as a dedicated Law Enforcement Officers life is that of the oath taken to serve and protect! 

The people who orchestrated this mess are not worthy of the position they hold and Captain Mike Campagna is an absolute disgrace to the Law Enforcement Profession! 

I need to close for now as I am headed off the Mecklenburg County Court House to show support for a real Police Officer. 

That is the least I can do!


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Yes, we were all trained with one going lethal and one going less lethal in those situations. The training changed after the Kerrick shooting-- Now if you have a subject at gunpoint- felony stop or info/circumstances that he is armed, then holster your weapon and try to draw a less lethal weapon or duke it out with the suspect, who could be much larger and/physically more powerful than you. Couple of problems: 1. At close distances, under stress, it may be impractical if not impossible to safely and securely holster your weapon AND have the time to whip out your taser/baton/OC. If he reaches you before you have completely secured your weapon you stand a chance of having it knocked out of your hand. Yes, I have lost a weapon in a fight and it was a mad scramble to see who would get it first. I happened to win that one. 2. When someone is charging at you full speed distance is crucial. CMPD training is that lethal force is justified against a subject who is charging at you with an edged weapon (knife/sword/hatchet) at a minimum distance of 21 feet. The CMPD instructors demonstrated how a suspect with a knife could, from a standing position, be on top of 99% of officers before they were able to draw their weapon and bring it to bear on the suspect. So Campagna expects Kerrick to holster is weapon safely and go either less lethal or hard hands when Farrell is with 10 feet of him, running full speed? I would love to see a courtroom demonstration of that tactic. And of course I understand that were the distance much greater, then yes you have the time to pick several other options. Kerrick did not have the luxury of time. His distance was 10 feet, not 50 yards.

Remember that the officers thought they were dealing with a home invasion suspect who had just tried to break down a citizens front door. You may not be able to visually discern a weapon in someones hands while they are running directly at you, at night, while you are yelling voice commands and backing up. Which brings up problem #3: Farrell was running directly at an officer who had a pistol leveled at him, ignoring loud voice commands. WHO charges at someone, especially a police officer, when that person is pointing a pistol at you? I contend that if Farrell had reached Kerrick, he would have tried to take his weapon-- his DNA was on Kerricks pistol so we know he tried to grab it. At 10 feet of distance, with voice commands being ignored, running full speed at Kerrick, I have to conclude that at that point: A. Farrell posed an immediate threat to Kerrick because he saw Kerricks weapon and either intended to attack Kerrick physically or take his weapon and shoot Kerrick. B. Suicide by Cop ( Ihave no evidence to support that other than Charging at an officer who is pointing a GUN at YOU) or C. There was something in Farrells system that caused his erratic behavior.

Key points: The officers mindset were (properly) they were dealing with a dangerous home invasion suspect. Farrell acted exactly like a crazed home invasion suspect would act--by ignoring commands and charging at the officers. What Farrell did NOT do was behave in the manner that a victim of a car crash would behave--By simply knocking on the citizens door, rather than trying to kick it down, by asking her to call police rather than the jibberish and yelling you heard on the 911 tape, rather than waving down the police in a non aggressive manner like the other 99% of the population would have done. Farrell acted exactly like what the officers would have expected from someone who, according to their information, have just tried to kick down the door of a home, knowing that it was occupied at 2:00am. What Farrell did NOT act like? The victim of a simple, relatively minor car accident.

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Amen and amen!

God help us from this point forward. Who knows what kind of ridiculous training they will put on us now that will most likely end up getting officers hurt or killed because instead of doing what is necessary, we will do what is politically correct and politically acceptable.

Anonymous said... you go with policy and lose your life, or go with state law and try to survive the trial???'s sickening...I fully understand what Baltimore PD is doing now....answering calls for service only...sad that Charlotte is determined to be another Baltimore...time for Putney to step up and be the Chief...or has he had too much Mun-Roe flavored kool-aid?

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August 13, 2015 at 12:53 AM,

In light of Officer Little's testimony today, it would appear that option B. Suicide by cop now has at least some of the evidence you were previously lacking. I think it is telling how much more to the investigation there was that the prosecution tried to pretend didn't exist.

Today the plot is definitely thickening. And while I previously believed there was at least reasonable doubt. I am certain that there is reasonable doubt now.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Mike couldn't ask Little about the conversation he had with Potentate Putney prior to testifying where he asked him to do what was right for his department and for his community.

I wonder what repercussions he will suffer now. Hopefully he's an FOP member also. Mike and George may be pretty busy the next year or so.

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August 13, 2015 at 5:33 PM,

That is quite interesting. Wouldn't he be doing what was right for his department and for his community by answering all questions he was asked honestly? He seemed to do that today as far as I could tell.

Anonymous said...

The conversation Little had with P. Putney before testifying....?

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The AG isn't going to waste their time in trying Officer Kerrick again. If they do, then there just as retarded as CMPD. Now it's time to take civil action against RACIST ASS Monroe and CMPD. Screw asking for my job back with them. I would just get money and look for another job in law enforcement elsewhere.

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The prosecution had no case at all against the officer. Nothing but the three P's piss poor planning. More wasted money for the court case which wasn't going anywhere. They were just spinning their wheels. Really what a thorough investigation concluded in just eighteen hours.

Anonymous said...

Here is a list is snakes within CMPD. Sgt. Ryan Jackson, Sgt. Bobby Whitley, Sgt or now Captain Hensonx the douche bag that he is. Plus Sgt. Watts or whatever her name is now. Who has served CMPD and CFD by laying in her back.